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BitClout: Bet On Influencers’ Reputations


BitClout is the latest social network that’s making headlines.

BitClout is a crypto-focused social media platform that monetizes influencers’ reputations into customized coins/tokens that users can buy and sell.

It’s analogous to a stock market for online influencers.

It basically allows users to speculate on people’s success, from Kanye West to YouTube’s MrBeast.

Every profile gets its own unique creator coin. Users can convert Bitcoins into BitClout’s coins. These can be used to buy a creator’s coin.

It’s essentially the same way you buy shares of a company. When people buy the coin of a creator, the price for that coin goes up. And when people sell, the price goes down.

Is there an opportunity?

Well, being an early adopter can be risky, but it has its upside.

  • Since BitClout is a new platform, positioning yourself as an expert shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Think off-platform: Build a community of BitClout enthusiasts.
  • Once you have a community, identify their pain points and build a product or service that solves them.

That’s a good plan to become a BitClout guru. If you really know your stuff, then why not spread the knowledge!

But it’s not all fun and games.

Here are some of Bitclout’s biggest criticisms:

  • It’s unregulated: there isn’t any oversight body regulating it.
  • You can’t convert BitClout coins into money or Bitcoins.
  • While some influencers joined the hype, the platform doesn’t have any consent from celebrities to trade their reputation. They will likely face many legal battles.
  • The founder of BitClout is known similar to the creators of many cryptocurrencies.

Despite these downsides, the platform is attracting some big investors: Coinbase Ventures, Social Capital, Winklevoss Capital, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

BitClout could be the next big thing. Or, it could be the next big flop.

9 Ways To Get App Downloads With No Ad Spend


Can you get app downloads with no ad spend?


We’ll run through nine tips to get big growth with no ads or direct costs.

Put your most important keyword into the app name

Figure out your most important keyword and put it in your name. If your app has to do with time management, put that in your name. Instead of being “Snoodle” (an example app name), you can be “Snoodle – Time Management”.

When you become synonymous with what you do or a market leader (e.g., Yelp, Tinder), then you can shed the description.

Ask for reviews in your app

A user who didn’t like their experience won’t forget to leave you a bad review.

But how many happy users take the time to give you a positive one?

Track the more active users, then ask them for a review.

But also remember that being too aggressive in asking for reviews can backfire. Asking for a review every time they open the app isn’t likely to be a good idea and will annoy your users.

Translate your app into new languages

This will increase your total addressable market and help you get more users.

But also be sure to capture your target market first. Zalo became very popular by focusing on its domestic market.

Create screenshots that highlight the app’s best features and make them catchy

Visuals are very important for encouraging app downloads. Prospective users need to envision how it can be valuable to them.

Experiment with your app subtitle and description

These are what stores use for ranking. Figure out which keywords work, and which ones don’t.

Submit a request to get featured by Apple

It’s all about exposure in front of your target market.

Share your story in relevant subreddits

Find a subreddit where people are dealing with the problem your app solves. But be careful, because people don’t like self-promotion or outright marketing. Many people are basically trained to let their eyes flow right over advertising.

The way to go is to talk about your story and what inspired you.

Monitor your performance

App stores will provide some data, but if you want to go in-depth, you can use the Google Analytics version for apps.

Provide value on social media

Focus on a single platform there first and do an awesome job there. Focus on providing useful content. If people enjoy your posts, they will check out your app.


And to wrap it up, be patient.

The downside of not using paid advertising is that it will take a while before you see the results of your work. It’s similar to how SEO works for internet content businesses. But be patient and improve the app constantly.

How to Recover a Lost File For Free


Uh oh! Lost some of your files and can’t seem to find them? In most cases, you’d be lucky to retrieve your files through recycle bin, but not if you’ve mistakenly emptied the Recycle Bin, deleted your files using Shift + Del commands. There could be other reasons for file loss, such as drive formatting, corruption, malware attack, etc. Don’t fret! We’ve mentioned some easy-to-follow methods to recover lost files. However, before moving on, let’s first understand what happens when a file is deleted.

What happens when the files get deleted permanently?

Windows OS tracks the files using either MFT (Master File Table) or FAT (File Allocation Table). The MFT or FAT tells the system the starting and ending points of a file. Whenever the file is deleted or lost from your system, the OS deletes the file pointers and makes the MFT or FAT space for new data. It means that the actual data doesn’t get deleted but remains there, inaccessible, though!

How to recover lost files for free?

If you’ve accidentally deleted any of your files, the Recycle Bin is the first place you must check.

Open Recycle Bin and see if the deleted file is there. If you find the file there, right-click on it and select ‘Restore.’ The file will be restored to its original location.

However, if you can’t find the files in Recycle Bin, then you can recover lost files in Windows with the following methods:

Method 1: Restore Files using Backup

A. Use Windows Backup & Restore (Windows 7)

Backup & Restore is a backup utility of Windows that enables you to create and restore Backup files and create & restore system images. If you’ve taken Backup of your system files and folders on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis, you can get your data back. Follow the given steps:

a. Connect the storage drive to your PC.

b. Go to Control Panel and open System & Security.

c. Click Backup & Restore (Windows 7). (See Image 1)



d. Click ‘Restore my files’ or ‘Restore all users’ files.’ (See Image 2)



e. Choose the files that you want to recover from the available data. (See Image 3)



f. Select either ‘Browse for files‘ or ‘Browse for the folder.’ Click (See Image 4)



g. Select the desired location to retrieve your lost files.

B. Use File History

File History is another backup utility, which creates a backup of your files if kept turned on. If you had taken the Backup of your files using this utility, follow the given steps to recover lost files from Windows 10:

a. Open Control Panel > File History > Restore Personal Files.

b. You’ll be able to view files with their backup time. (See Image 5)



c. Choose the files and click Restore. (See Image 6)



d. Select the location where you want to save the recovered files.

[Caution: Always choose to store the recovered files in external storage media drives, such as HDD, SSD, etc.]

Use a Free Windows Data Recovery Tool

If you end up deleting files using Shift + Key or emptying the Recycle Bin, which made you lose your data permanently, you may use your backups to retrieve data. But, if you’ve lost your files and even lack the data backup, a powerful data recovery tool, such as Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition can help as the solution to recover your data. This free DIY software can recover all data types, including files, folders, documents, photos, videos, and more. It can restore data lost in case of accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, or malware attack. Follow the given steps to recover lost files for free:

a. Run Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition on the affected PC.

b. On the ‘Select What to Recover’ window, select ‘Everything’ or the type of data you want to restore and click Next. (See image 6)



c. Afterward, on the Recover from the screen, select the drive/location you wish to retrieve data and click (See image 7)



d. Once the scanning is done, the recoverable files will appear on the screen.

e. You can preview the files before retrieving them.

f. Choose the files and click Recover to save the recoverable files. (Image 8)



g. Click Browse to choose the desired location and click Start-saving.

Caution: Don’t choose the exact location from where you lost the files to store the recovered files to prevent data overwriting. Always choose an external source, such as HDD, SSD, USB Drive, etc. to save the extracted data.



Losing your important files can be overwhelming indeed. No matter how you lost your files in the first place, recovering them is all that you want. If you have taken Backup of your files using Windows built-in backup utilities, such as Backup & Restore (Windows 7) or File History, you can use them to retrieve your files easily. However, if you’ve lost files permanently and don’t even have a backup, you can opt for a powerful data recovery tool, such as Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition. This DIY data recovery tool can retrieve lost or deleted files for free in deletion, formatting, corruption, or malware attack.

5 Tips on Getting Crypto Donations through Twitch


Are you crazy about entertaining content? Are you passionate about commenting on video games and taking part in online competitions? Let us guess: you definitely use Twitch! Many users admire watching videos with bloggers streaming their gameplay of various video games. In order to encourage favorite bloggers, the fans often make donations.

Of course, if you are a guru streamer, who spends a lot of time creating video broadcasting, you want to monetize your content. We are sure that with all the hype around the growth of Bitcoin, you do want to own a couple of digital assets. Continue reading our article to discover 5 tips on receiving cryptocurrency donations on Twitch.

What is the Twitch platform?

Twitch is a streaming platform that offers you live streaming services with diverse video content. Here you can find the streamings of the games, e-sport competitions, personal online tournaments, live music broadcasts, etc. It was elaborated in 2011 by Twitch Interactive.

According to the report for March 2021, the most popular streamed games among viewers are:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Counter strike
  3. Rocket League
  4. DOTA 2
  5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
  6. Valorant
  8. Age of Empires II
  9. FIFA 21
  10. Fortnite

The amateurs are ready to spend hours watching the streaming of these games. Moreover, they are likely to pay streamers to get more content of a nice quality. Nowadays, amateurs could send donations in digital assets. How to get more?

5 tips on how to get crypto donations by using Twitch

№ 1. Donation button

The first lifehack allowing you to get a donation on Twitch is the creation and adding of a donation button to your content. If you are wondering how to elaborate and add the button on your profile, read the instructions below.

How to add your button on Twitch

  1. Create a NOWPayments account, add your crypto wallet, and get an API key to set Bitcoin as your base currency.
  2. Use a constructor here to make a link for the button. Choose the button style, then copy the button link and save the button image.
  3. To add your button on Twitch, log in to your Twitch account.
  4. Click on the icon of your profile to choose the channel from the menu.
  5. Go to “About”.
  6. Switch on the Edit Panels.
  7. Click on the ‘+’ on the big black block.
  8. Go to Add a ‘Text or Image Panel’.
  9. Name your button and add the image.
  10. Paste the link to the button.
  11. Press ‘Submit’ and here you go!

Tip № 2. Be creative

If you want to get a donation in Bitcoin, grab the attention of the users. In other words, you need to be always inventive and offer unique content unlike any other. Love what you do!

Tip № 3. Talk to your audience

You know for sure that communication is your key to success. Get in touch with Twitch users, answer their questions, and always be kind to them. Deliver them the latest news of the game and music industry, keep them up to date with everything connected to your content. As well, it’ll be a good idea to tell some jokes or funny stories about your life. Involve your community in everything you do – allow them to be your friends!

If you want to ask your viewers to donate money in crypto, just broach a subject concerning crypto. Tell them about Bitcoin and its growth, make your findings of this. Additionally, you can dwell on crypto exchanges, like CEX.IO.

Not only speak on your personality but also engage your viewers in the conversation. Ask them about their life, preferences, whether they are interested in digital assets and which kind of payments do they prefer.

Tip № 4. Always thank your donors and set custom alerts

Whatever you do in your life and whatever you get in your life, you need to be thankful for these things. No matter if your fans give you donations or not, always thank them for following your channel. Set custom alert notifications in order to show your audience the reaction and appreciation of their charity.

Tip № 5. Share your goal

Are you dreaming of a new headset or the latest gamepad? Share your desires with viewers. Thus, you create an emotional connection with your fans. When they know that you are collecting money for a good purpose, they would be glad to send you the donation.

What are the benefits of crypto donations?

The connection between Twitch.tv and cryptocurrency is getting stronger and stronger to facilitate donations on the streaming site. Crypto offers a wide range of benefits compared to fiat payment options, hence the rapid adoption by Twitch users. We have made up the list of benefits of accepting cryptocurrency donations on your Twitch channel.

1. Many viewers are ready to donate.

Multiple paying methods are not available in certain countries. Contrary, digital assets are accepted at multiple locations. What is more, the audience nowadays tends to fall back on donations in crypto, so you could gain more.

2. Variability of digital assets.

Fiat payments could be processed in USD, EUR, and GBP, while digital assets represent more than 50 cryptocurrencies.

3. No bank account is needed.

Users don’t need to have a bank account in order to proceed with donations. Thus, Twitch allows them to send and receive cryptocurrency with ease.

In a nutshell

Twitch is a unique platform gathering more than 15 million users from all over the world. It allows you not only to share the experiences but also to find many fans and users who share your interests. Bringing to the world amazing content, you could receive crypto donations. These five tips may prove useful.




New Technolgoies That Have Changed the World of Online Gambling


The gambling industry has seen a dramatic transformation over recent years. With the entry of online casinos into the market, players got a chance to enjoy exciting gaming experiences that only require a device and an internet connection. But that is not enough.

As technology advances, online casinos continue to adopt new technologies to enhance players’ online gambling experience. As a player, you can simply upgrade to a new gaming experience whenever you need to. New online casino technologies make it easy to access bespoke gaming experiences thanks to the following top technologies.

Mobile online casinos

One of the remarkable technologies in the world of online gambling is mobile gaming technology. These days, you can easily access casino games using your smartphone as long as you have an internet connection. Mobile casinos such as the Intertops mobile casino provide a unique and convenient gaming environment.

Some of the modern online casinos come in the form of mobile apps that you can install on your phone and play whenever you want.

Unlike before, when gambling technologies used to be so complicated that you needed a desktop or powerful laptop to play, the modern gambling technologies are advanced that you can play your favorite casino games on your phone.

Moreover, you can freely choose the mobile gaming platform compatible with your phone to enjoy high levels of satisfaction.

Furthermore, mobile casino service providers are also exploring the options of integrating the telegram app to enhance player’s anonymity for players who love to gamble with privacy. The telegram app offers a high level of privacy, and a player can use it across their preferred online casino to play while keeping their identity private. Mobile online casinos allow players to gamble on the move and get a first-hand gaming experience.

Virtual reality and augmented reality technology

VR and AR technology have also transformed the way players perceive online gambling. Online casino operators are integrating AR and VR technology in online gaming to offer a lively gaming experience to players.

Sophisticated VR and AR software and tools such as special headsets and other gaming accessories enhance the gaming interface’s graphics and imagery to provide a real-like gaming experience. Such technology gives the player a 360-degree view bringing out the look of a real live casino on the playing device.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has also proven to be a valuable technological advancement to the world of online gambling. Online casino service providers integrate artificial intelligence to give players smarter and more efficient gaming options.

For instance, artificial intelligence makes it easier to tailor the gaming experience according to a specific player’s needs, such as giving them suggestions based on the particular games they play. It has led to high-tech designs in online casinos to ensure players get the best of the digital gaming world.

Cloud gaming technology

In the earlier days, online gambling involved having to download bulky gaming software on your desktop to play casino games online. That has since changed thanks to cloud gaming technology. It makes high-resolution gaming available without having to download software or worry about storage issues.

Cloud gaming technology allows online casino service providers to include more graphics and expand their cloud storage to provide better online gaming experiences.

The live dealer technology

These days, it is possible to enjoy a live gambling experience like in a land-based casino, thanks to the live dealer technology. All you need to do is pick your best online casino, choose your favorite game and select a live dealer. For instance, when playing online blackjack with a live dealer, a dealer based in the studio deals the cards, and you get to communicate with them digitally, which makes your gaming experience more fun.

In the digital age, online gaming does not have to be boring. Live dealer games provide a real-world casino experience giving you a realistic gambling experience.

The blockchain technology

Another new entry into the world of online gambling is blockchain technology. Online casino service providers are integrating the highly secured blockchain technology to provide top-notch security and safety for online gamblers. Before, there were many cases of online punters stumbling upon gaming platforms that do not guarantee secure transactions and a safe gambling environment.

Any online casino that has adopted blockchain technology facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies to gamble to provide safe, fast, and transparent transactions. That means you can use a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin to fund or withdraw from your gambling account. It also enables online casinos to provide a personalized gambling experience by providing a wide range of payment methods.

Security technologies

These days, we see more use of fingerprint sensors and facial recognition in online gambling platforms to curb identity theft. That means gambling platforms are more secure now than ever. Technology had significantly revolutionized the way players perceive online gambling. Advanced security reduces cyber hacking, identity theft, fraud and helps build trust among the players that their information is safe.


Technology never stops advancing, so we can expect to see more technology advances in the online gambling industry. That guarantees players of better online gaming experiences, more security, and safety when gambling online.


Do Payment Methods Make a Difference When Betting Online?


When most people think of betting, they dedicate most of their time to selecting sports, leagues, odds, and free bets. Yet, banking is a crucial part of the online betting process that can dictate the quality of experience you get.

A good betting experience means quick deposits, fast withdrawals, generous bonuses, and competitive odds. It also means a reliable betting app—one that doesn’t crash during peak hours or lag during in-play betting.

All these features can be tied to the type of payment method you choose. Here’s how.

Payment Speed

Banking speed is a common problem for many punters. You choose a deposit method. But your money takes over a day to reflect into your account. Or you win money and request a cashout. But the money takes over a week to be processed.

While multiple factors influence payment speeds, your payment method is the most important one. E-wallets and cryptos, for example, support quick banking speeds—instant deposits and 1-2 days for withdrawals.

Credit and debit cards also attract quick deposits, but withdrawals can take up to five days. Wire transfer, on the other hand, is slow for both deposits and withdrawals.

In light of that information, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are the best choices for quick casino banking. In case you’re wondering, withdrawals take longer than deposits because operators take time to verify you won fairly.

Free Bets and Bonuses

Let’s face it. We all wish sportsbooks would give out more free bets. In reality, however, bookies give out bonuses sparingly. Usually, you have to fulfill multiple conditions that include using specific payment methods to receive these rewards.

Credit and debit cards qualify for bonuses in nearly every betting website. It doesn’t matter whether you use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or pre-paid cards. All you need is to find a casino with your favorite card provider and you can get a bonus.

Truth be told, casinos that accept prepaid Visa cards offer the most generous bonus sizes.While, regular websites can match your first deposit up to $100. Prepaid Visa casinos let you claim bonuses worth up to $14000.

Crucially, look beyond bonus amounts when choosing betting bonuses and promotions. Read bonus policies to determine the value you get from every reward. As a tip, look for bonuses that make it easy to withdraw winnings.

Fees and Limits

Are you a low roller or a high-stakes player? If you have a small budget, then e-wallets and some cryptocurrencies are your best option. Most digital wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Google Pay allow you to send from $1 to $1000.

Better yet, you can make small payments at close to zero fees. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about wire transfer. Depending on your bank, you must send at least $20 and incur a fixed fee.

That said, wire transfer is excellent for sending large amounts of money. You could deposit up to $100,000 while paying less than 1% of the amount in fees. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are another great option for completing large payments.

Still, on banking, fees can make a difference in the amount of money you win through online betting. When banking through some e-wallets and cards, casinos and sportsbooks don’t charge you. While using other options, you must part with 1% to 3% of your profits.

Security and Trust

Sometimes the reason to choose one payment over another has little to do with speed, fees, and limits but everything to do with security and trust. Let’s say you identify a cryptocurrency promising little to no fees, lightning-fast speeds, and huge limits.

However, it’s an unknown company with questionable security issues. Worse, it has a terrible reputation for scamming people. Would you choose it to deposit money to your favorite casino?

Another example is when a popular banking app has a reputation for selling people’s data. Sure, it might feature the latest data encryption tools. But it still collects your personal information and sells it without asking for your consent.

With both examples, you would probably not like the experience you get. This explains the need to take time before selecting a payment method. Compare multiple companies and choose a safe, secure and trustworthy company.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile betting is on the rise. Nearly every betting website keeps reminding you to install their app or try their website. You probably also want a payment method you can use across multiple devices in light of that information.

If you use an iPhone, you’ll want a banking company that works on iOS devices. Apple Pay, PayPal, and credit cards are great examples. If you use an android device, you’ll want a payment provider that works on android gadgets.

Unique Features

When you think about it, you like some payment companies because they offer something you can’t get elsewhere. Take PayPal as an example. It offers chargebacks that protect you from scam betting companies.

It also offers One Touch to help protect your data. With One Touch, you provide your banking information once. From there, PayPal helps you transact with multiple casinos without revealing your banking data.

Apple Pay is another innovative banking provider. It is secure and works with all your iOS devices through a single account. It also features multiple intuitive features and has an excellent customer service department.

Availability in your Jurisdiction

One common problem many sports punters face is realizing they can’t use specific banking providers at various betting websites. For example, Neteller is tremendously popular with online casinos in Europe. But it no longer operates in the US.

Neteller withdrew from the US market for business reasons. However, some e-wallets are unavailable because the government banned them or casinos don’t want to work with them. This is why PayPal isn’t available in every casino despite its global success.

Before you choose a payment company, therefore, ensure it’s available at your favorite casinos. Crucially, ensure you can use it for both deposits and withdrawals. Almost every casino demands that you use the same company for both deposits and withdrawals.


5 Best Internet Routers for Gaming, Streaming, and Work in 2021


With the rapid advancements in the world of online entertainment and the boom of indulgences like E-Gaming, online streaming, and expanding work activities, just as the scope of these industries grows, so do our needs and requirements.

To fuel our passion for gaming and streaming, in particular, we all need the right equipment to succeed, flourish and most of all enjoy the amazingness and mayhem at its full potential. 

Keep in mind that you need a dependable internet connection at the core to support any gaming and streaming needs. Even offline games require comprehensive packages for massive associated download and when it comes to online gaming, you need the lowest possible latency to avoid any lags. Among various providers available right now, we would highly recommend Spectrum packages

While the internet itself might be the core behind any seamless online experience, this is not the only thing that matters. Network routers are the bread and butter of connectivity and play an integral role in ensuring a pleasurable experience. In this article, we will highlight some of the best routers available in the market for various purposes.

5 Best Internet Routers for Gaming, Streaming and Work in 2021

Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300


Hardcore gamers want the best routers to facilitate their passion. They want something with the maximum amount of throughput values for the optimal experience even if they have to spend the extra bucks. This is where Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 comes in. This beast of a machine doesn’t just look bad, but fueled by a quad-core processor and offering high-end tri-band capabilities, it can take the heaviest load and give us exactly the performance that we yearn for.

The software in this router facilitates and supports game acceleration features to prioritize select activities while also offering top-notch security features to keep you safe. Studded with a wide array of LAN ports, you can be sure that your entire LAN party is going to have a hell lot of fun with this baby around. 

Asus RT-AC86U AC2900


Whether you are looking for a device for your 4K streaming activities or you want to indulge in a frantic gaming spree, this router from Asus has easily got you covered. With a formidable MU-MIMO-enabled, you and your clients are always safe over any network transaction. For a dual-band router, this device providers excellent throughput performance and is a very safe bet against its price tag.

The router offers multiple software tweaks to enhance and prioritize network usage towards high demand activities like gaming and streaming. Add-on the parental control features for even greater value and you have a completely dependable household router. 

TP-Link AC4000


TP-Link has long made a name for themselves for providing a wide array of comprehensive mid-ranged routers. The TP-Link AC4000 is among their top gems and does absolute justice to improving the company’s standing. Extremely easy to install and offering a three-year free security support from the company, this is the perfect household router. The file transfer speeds through this device are amazing and with the ease of use with the online app, you can share your favourite content with all the members in your vicinity in a jiffy.

The only downer with this router is the range that might struggle a bit in comparison to other routers of its tier, but that feature is often overshadowed by the solid through-put value it provides. All in all, this is a very dependable device and undoubtedly among the best mid-tier routers available in the market right now. 

Linksys EA7500


Offering a max throughput value up to 1.9 Gbps, this router from Linksys is the safest bet for its money. Be it 4K streaming activities, or extensive gaming sessions, this router can easily support your cause without breaking much sweat. The balance between the performance and price factor is the biggest reason that this is on our list.

The network management app for this device lets you prioritize your network usage according to need so you don’t have to worry about getting annoyed with other users soaking up your bandwidth. If you are new to routers and want something affordable yet dependable, we would highly recommend this one.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500


The final entry in our list is from one of the largest and most premium router manufacturing companies, Netgear. Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is undoubtedly one of the strongest routers available in the market right now and is capable of handling 10Gb Ethernet connectivity options with link aggression features. the footprint of the device is relatively large with the high-performance tri-band beast but that is with a good cause since it is studded with awesome features. On the downside, this device is quite expensive, and if we were to choose between this and the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300, we would recommend going with the latter based on the price difference between the two. That being said, this is quite the best and a good fit for any gaming-hungry household. 

These are our top picks of high-performance routers for different tiers available in the market right now. Make sure that you have a good enough internet connection to support the hardware because only then can the full potential of a device be unlocked. We hope that one of these suits your need and comfortably takes you through the path of online satisfaction and glory.

6 Easy Ways to Hide Your IP Address


There are many reasonsa person may need to hide the IP address. One of the main reasons is to download material without the desire to be tracked. Another reason is restrictions in certain geographical areas and censorship. Some governments block some websites in their areas, as is common in China and the Middle East. Many people also want to hide their IP address for more privacy and avoid the misuse of their personal information. So, many people feel hiding their IP address is the best solution to this. Many people prefer playing online casinos by hiding their IP address. People want to play live casino games through reliable casino sites and if it is not accessible in some countries, they can hide their IP address and start playing the casino.

In this article, we will discuss about certain ways by which you can hide your IP address so that you are not traced back.

1. Use of VPN

Using a VPN is the safest and the best way to hide your IP address while surfing the Internet. You will have to choose a VPN provider and then choose a country which you want to show. They will do the set up accordingly and that will help you to hide your real location. A very big advantage of browsing through a VPN is the high Internet speed. Like other methods of browsing, you will not have to worry about streaming or slow browsing speed or low connectivity.

The use of a VPN is very helpful when people want to get access to content on Netflix and other platforms. These sites can detect any user if anybody wants to bypass their restrictions and hence use of VPN is the best solution in this regard. By using a good VPN website, you can easily get access to those content and also download them properly. You will be surprised to know that airline companies charge different fares on different places based on the location. If you search the fares by hiding your actual location, you will be shocked to find that the same airline is offering cheaper prices in other locations. Another big advantage of using VPN is that they are very safe and if you choose a reputed service that uses security profile and advanced encryption, you are absolutely safe.

2. Proxy

If you want to see any website which is blocked in your country, then the easiest way is to have access the site is through a proxy server. This server is basically used when you are trying to see geo-blocked content. Though there are various negative aspects of using a proxy server, many people use it for free. First of all, it is not very secure and also quite slow. They are also not very good for torrenting as they will not be able to hide all the activities from the ISP.

There are two types of proxy servers available in the market – one is paid and the other one is free. Paid servers offer many features and the free ones come up with some basic features. People who do not need them regularly, prefer to use the free ones when they need them.

3. Masking IP using Tor

If you want to stay online remaining completely anonymous and totally free of cost, one solution to use a Tor. It consists of a big network of servers who operate together voluntarily around the globe. When you start using Tor, the traffic is routed through many of these network servers and gets encrypted many times, thus making it impossible for anybody to trace back your IP address.

Since it has to go through various encryptions, it has made the process very slow. Thus using Tor is not a preferred solution when you are streaming or downloading any content.  Developers advise not to use Tor for torrenting. They always advise using Tor in combination with a VPN to get the desired results. Some VPN network has its own set of features where the user is automatically connected to their Tor network.

4. Use of Public Wi-Fi

An IP address is always assigned by the Internet Service Provider. Hence if any user gets connected to the website through a different network, he gets a new one. If you want to make a fast and temporary change of your IP address, the best way is to either go to any cyber cafe or go to any place where public Wi-Fi is already available.

But one should be careful that public Wi-Fi is very much vulnerable to malware attacks, hackers, and all other types of security threats. So, you will have to be very careful while using your system in a public Wi-Fi network. Moreover, public Wi-Fi does not allow you to unblock geo-blocked content and hence it is more of a short-term solution than a long-term one.

5. Use of Mobile Network

If you are not interested in exposing your search to the threats of public Wi-Fi, you can change the IP address on a temporary basis by using the data on the mobile phone. The negative points of this system are that it can become a bit expensive if you want to download or stream a lot of content, and at the same time, it is not a permanent solution, but only a temporary one. Hence use of the mobile network is a very easy solution to get a new IP address, and that too, quite fast.

6. You can unplug the modem

Though this method may seem silly, if you unplug your modem for some time, it can help change your IP address. When you are disconnected from the ISP, the link with the present IP address is detached. You will have to keep the modem unplugged for a longer period of time and your work will be done. When it is plugged back in, you may receive a new IP address.


Ad Landscape: YouTube vs. Facebook vs. Reddit [2021]


According to a recent Pew Research Report, 81% of the US population uses YouTube. Facebook? Just 69%.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from this report – and what they mean for marketers.

What you should know:

Reddit is the fastest-growing social platform

Only 18% of adults in the US use Reddit, but it’s growing quickly. And considering their push for new features (audio), it’s a platform to watch.

Reddit’s the latest in a long list of platforms rumored to be working on their own Clubhouse-style audio rooms feature.

How it will work: Audio rooms may be included in Reddit’s “power up” program, which was announced in August 2020. Power-ups let you pay a subscription fee to gain access to premium Reddit features, like uploading HD videos and leaving GIFs in subreddit comments.

Why should you care: Live audio chat is on its way to becoming the next major content format. Discord launched Stage Channels and Spotify acquired a live audio app to make more of a push in this direction

Live audio is the current gold rush in social media. Clubhouse hopped on the trend, and now it seems like everyone (including Reddit) is trying to get a piece of it.

Facebook and Instagram are still dominant

They’re first and third, respectively, on the frequency of use metric. These platforms aren’t losing much ground.

YouTube is underutilized

The most popular social platform is also an underutilized acquisition channel.

Much of the ad world is still focused on Facebook. YouTube is still not used to its full potential.


We find the statistics about YouTube particularly interesting.

It’s proven to be an underutilized acquisition channel, but more marketers are talking about it.

There are some interesting ad options, as well: Like the option to only pay when someone watches your ad for at least 30 seconds, or clicks on it. This can improve return on ad spend by not having to worry about paying for impressions that aren’t genuine engagements.

A Fresh Restart for Dansk.casino


For Danish players, getting the latest news and guides to online gambling can be a bit of a headache. But we’ve got you covered with Dansk.casino relaunched in March 2021 by Scanteam.pro. This exciting site is now up and running better than ever before! The layout, content, and so much more have had a total overhaul. As a result, you are bound to find that everything is much easier to navigate and a lot more helpful when searching for casinos online.

An important part of this restart is to ensure usability throughout the site. This is especially important as dansk.casino aims at being one of the most comprehensive sites for Danish players. Complete with casino reviews, useful information, and more, the site is here to make sure players can find the best casinos for their needs. 

Written by top experts in the industry, the reviews cover everything from mobile compatibility to security. But that’s not all, the site also offers game reviews, bonus information, and so on.


Innovation at its best

With all this in mind, what makes dansk.casino stand out? Well, all the work involved is of the highest level. Reviews for games, casinos, and more are all written by a group of experts who are familiar with iGaming. This means that all our information is of great quality and incredibly reliable. Taking a look at even the smallest aspects of a casino site means the reviews here are nuanced. This gives readers the perfect jumping-off point to find the best online casino in Denmark.

In addition to this, the project takes a great deal of care to promote accessibility. The layout isn’t the only thing that has been updated. The way readers can access the content has been addressed too. Being able to browse dansk.casino while on the go is hugely important, and so we’ve made sure that all the mobile platforms for the site work smoothly too. So, no matter whether you’re out and about or comfortable at home, dansk.casino is now accessible across a range of portable devices, including tablets and phones. What’s more, it scales nicely to fit the smaller screen.


Getting in touch

In the age of social media, it’s also important to have a presence outside your own website. To that end, we have now created accounts on Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, all linking back to dansk.casino. Through these additional accounts, all Danish players will be informed of the latest top-quality online casinos to try out. Players no longer need to constantly check the website to see what’s new.

Players can follow dansk.casino on their favorite social media accounts and get notifications directly to their phone when something new occurs. Now the hassle of checking online is completely removed! While this is specific for the relaunch of the Danish section of this site, there’s an upgrade in place for other markets too, with the Asian market to be covered in the future as well. For those of you around the world, stay tuned as this site grows bigger and better than ever before.

Why ScanTeam.pro got involved

Dansk.casino was restarted by ScanTeam.pro  – a team of experts who collected the most valuable information about gambling. The team brought in a new design and fresh content. As with all the other projects, dansk.casino will continue growing and encompassing everything from the casinos to the games that can be played.

With this relaunch, you can be sure that all the information is of the highest quality. This is because we only review the very best casinos, covering those with licenses as a starting point. We will not list unlicensed casinos, thus we ensure that safe, secure gaming can be experienced by all. 

Content will be updated regularly with tons of useful reviews posted. And all of this is thanks to ScanTeam.pro, which has provided all the information for this project. With this exciting overhaul, Danish players now have access to quality casino information.


Guide: How to Calculate Profit from Crypto Mining?


Are you interested in mining cryptocurrencies? You could simply buy Bitcoin and start trading top to start profiting, but in case you are truly interested in mining because you want to invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term, then this guide will help you.

Nonetheless, be warned that cryptocurrency mining can be more complex and challenging than you think. It requires a substantial investment and to keep the operation running for a long time in order to make it profitable.

The Price of the Cryptocurrency Will Determine Your Profit

As simple as that. Let’s suppose that you start mining Litecoin. As long as the price of LTC stays high, then your returns will be high as well. The further it grows, the more you will earn. The same applies to BTC, ETH, and any other cryptocurrency that you can mine.

However, things go sour when the prices of the cryptocurrencies start to tank and dip, as in every bear market. For example, even the most important cryptocurrency mining companies had to reinvent themselves to survive the previous bear market cycle, according to Bitcoin.com. And this is going to happen again.

For example, you can check how Bitmain managed to survive the bear market of cryptocurrencies. And the same goes for Genesis Mining and Bitfury.

No market is bullish forever, regardless of how much positive news and events happen. There will be a major crash as in every cycle, and if you are up to mining cryptocurrencies, then you need to be ready for it. You need to make sure that you will be able to stand such a big hit, because if you have to stop your operation, then you won’t be pulling out any profit, because you have to cover the investment of your machines, electricity, software, etc.

With that in mind, let’s see how to calculate the profit from mining.

The Bitcoin Example

Let’s suppose that you buy the Antminer S9 that comes with a rate of 13.5 TH/s. It’s one of the best out there for mining Bitcoin. Each one will cost you approximately $2400 USD. You are going to set up your rig and you decide to buy 5 Antminer S9s – that’s approx. $12,000 USD.

Based on the TH/s, it’s possible to calculate your hashrate, which will determine how much bitcoin your rig will produce. We will put this in daily terms.

The current hashrate (March 15th, 2021) is 154.59 million TH/s. Now let’s simply use this formula.

Your hashrate share = machine hashrate / total network hasrate

Replacing it, it would look like this:

Your hashrate share = 13.5 TH/s / 154,590,00 TH/s

That’d put your hashrate at 0.0000000873277702% – let’s make it 0.000000087% per machine.

Now, you have 5 miners, so that’d be 0.000000435%.

Nowadays, the block reward stands at 6.25 bitcoins. That takes us to 9.25 BTC per block. And according to the calculations, we have 900 new BTC mined every day. Since your hashrate share is 0.000000435%, then you would receive a total of 0.0003915 BTC, which at the current price of $57,000, would make $22 USD approximately.

Of course, this is without taking the electricity costs into account. For a more precise calculation, we invite you to check out this calculator by CryptoCompare.com.

The calculations will vary depending on the network hashrate. However, this is enough to show you that you require several miners in order to make a substantial profit daily/weekly/monthly.

Now, let’s imagine that you keep mining during the bear market with the same rig of 5 miners. That’d take your daily profit of $22 USD down to $4-5 USD if we were to suffer a major crash of 80% like in previous cycles.

Therefore, ask yourself if you are in a real position to start mining cryptocurrencies. Because it’s a number of games, and unless you have a good capital to invest in several mining machines and you have enough resources to keep running the operation, you’re better off just buying BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, cryptocurrency mining is more complex than it seems. Our recommendation is to indulge in it if you have a large fund for investing. Furthermore, look for more profitable cryptocurrencies such as ETH, which can greatly increase your earnings.

Also, you can try trading your cryptocurrencies, to increase even more your profits. Finally, be ready for the next bear market cycle, because it will arrive eventually, and you better be ready for it to protect your investment.

Marketing 101: 8 KPIs You Should be Tracking as a Marketer


Pixabay – CC0 License

You obviously know what is important if you have been spending time researching marketing strategies and plans for your business. For your business to succeed, you need a blog, website, social media, and excellent content. However, marketers tend to forget the essential part of marketing, which is measuring results.

Important Marketing KPIs You Should be Tracking

If you don’t know anything about tracking KPIs, don’t panic. Be prepared to learn how to set objectives to measure and establish the success of your marketing campaigns. There are various lead-generating metrics that you can use to prove the success of your campaign.


Sales KPIs will always be discussed after some months, especially if you are on the sales and marketing team. It is a constant topic in the KPI world, regardless of whether you are starting to dive into the next season’s KPIs or in a rush to achieve those final goals. The sales revenue enables you to measure the progress of your business.

You will have to review data every month to determine the growth trends and estimations of your business. This will be helpful since it allows you to track your business’s overall success and on a more personal level. 

Online marketing Return on Investment (ROI)

This will need a lot of reporting and analytics. Online success is dependent on your ability to report and analyze website activity and the sources of traffic.

Also, you will need the right tools to help you measure and analyze this data. Once you have the tools, you can then improve traffic sources to create more lead traffic. You will eventually increase conversions on your website.


More leads are equal to more sales opportunities. And having more sales opportunities means you have better chances of growing your sales. Leads are significant in the sales and marketing departments. However, it is essential to keep in mind that not all leads are similar. Make sure that you are familiar with the various types.

Marketing qualified leads (MQL)

A marketing-qualified lead is a lead that is not ready to be transferred to the sales department for follow-up. However, this lead is more likely to become a customer when compared to other leads.

Sales qualified leads (SQL)

These are the leads that have been accepted as loyal customers and are worth an unswerving sale follow-up. SQLs are more ready to make a decision.

Tracking leads will allow you to know the number of leads tossed back to the marketing funnel and the ones accepted by the sales team. You will then be able to address any disconnect once you have that data.

Cost per Lead

This metric allows you to measure your marketing campaigns’ success when it comes to producing new lead sales. The CPL metric entitles a particular amount of money to every lead your campaign generates. This is especially beneficial for evaluating the effectiveness of online marketing options like Social ads and AdWords.

Customer lifetime value (LTV)

This metric looks at the amount of revenue a company can expect over the typical customer’s lifetime. In marketing, the best way to measure customer value is by reaching out to them and inquiring about what they value most. This will help you to know the areas that need improvement. Having this information will also help reduce the customer churn rate, keep them satisfied, and extend their lifetime value.

Mobile traffic

The world that we live in is increasingly becoming mobile. It is, therefore, essential to know the exact number of traffic coming from mobile devices. You will need to have the tools that will give you the ability to report on mobile conversions.

Customer retention

Customer retention measures the effectiveness of your business in retaining customers in the long term. Pay more attention to this metric to help improve the reputation of your business. Remember, engaging new customers is more costly than engaging the current clients. 

The correct customer retention metrics will allow you to know who is abandoning your products or services, what time they are churning, and most importantly, why.


There is a reason that marketing metrics exist; they give you the ability to track your growth and measure your success. Knowing and measuring the right KPIs will help you achieve results even faster. KPIs give you valuable data on the things your team is doing so that you make smart decisions, optimize your process, close more deals and go viral quickly. Choose KPIs that are practical and mirror the priorities and goals of your company.


Best Websites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free [Full Episodes]


Good TV and movies are a staple of global entertainment. Yet there’s still a lot of confusion on where you can watch TV shows online, accessing them conveniently at a reasonable price or totally free.

In this article we’ll cover some of the main questions:

  • How do you watch TV shows online (free)?
  • Moreover, how do you watch TV series online + free full episodes + without downloading?

In this article, we’ll go through the best streaming platforms to watch TV shows online free with full episodes and no downloading required.

Moreover, most of them will also allow you to watch movies as well.

If you also watch entertainment through your smartphone, then this article contains a list of the most popular websites to watch TV shows on your phone as well.


Special note on online safety and privacy

Before we go further, remember that despite the convenience of free streaming sites and the ability to watch TV shows for free, they come with a variety of risks to your safety and privacy.

Many streaming sites out there were created to capture your data and/or financial information.

The easiest way to prevent this is through a VPN.

VPN software will prevent cyberattacks and tracking by hiding your location and browser activity.

Streaming sites are often full of ads and pop-ups. You should try your best to avoid clicking on them. But many are hard to get out of and overlaid among others.

You run the risk of clicking on a stream that is actually a malicious link that can harm your device with a virus or other malware.

Even if you can get out of them, pop-ups and ads on those sites probably waste your time and become a constant nuisance.

A VPN is the best way to protect yourself from the various cybersecurity threats you may encounter on free streaming sites.

Shoring up your online cybersecurity will prevent anyone from extorting you and will also help you enjoy faster streaming. (Internet service providers won’t be able to throttle your activity.)

We’ve tested dozens of VPNs for online streaming and use NordVPN.




For a fuller list of VPN software options, we have a section at the bottom of this article.

But without further ado, let’s get into streaming options.




Best Websites to Watch Full Episodes TV Shows Online for Free

In this section, we list out the best websites to watch TV shows online for free.

Most of the listed sites deliver free content, but some offer premium services as well.

#1 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s video streaming service is gaining on Netflix’s popularity as the company has started offering original content to its subscribers.

You can download and install this app for free to watch movies and TV on your Android or iPhone device or tablet. The service lets you explore its content library for a free 30 days.

Amazon Prime Video

If you are satisfied with their content library and services, you can go for the premium subscription plan.

The good thing is that Prime Video has some exclusive shows, which you can’t find anywhere else.

Amazon charges premium fees, but in return, it offers high-quality content. So, if you are a TV series fan, you will find the exclusive content more engaging.

#2 CBS All Access (US)

With CBS All Access, you get 10,000+ episodes on demand.

CBS All Access has made it easier than ever to access the shows users love from America’s top network – live and on demand.

cbs all access

Catch up on fan favorites like NCIS, The Young and the Restless and Madam Secretary, stream exciting new comedies and dramas, or discover something you’ve never seen before.

Get access to CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, the Smithsonian Channel, and more.

You can get a free trial, and plans start at just $5.99 per month. Cancel anytime, so no long-term commitment necessary.

#3 Dailymotion

Dailymotion is gaining more popularity with its library of videos and movies.

You can watch interviews, movies, TV shows, local videos, news, and more. All the different categories are provided on the front page.

The app offers a lot of other features to stay organized with your entertainment. The app is free, and you can get it from all the major app stores.

Visit: https://www.dailymotion.com/

#4 Netflix

Netflix is the market leader when it comes to streaming movies and TV.

As you may be aware, Netflix is a premium streaming service. Therefore, you have to pay for a premium subscription.

It starts around $8.99 in the US and is generally based on cost-of-living depending on where you go. For example, you might expect it to be cheaper in India relative to the US/Canada.


Apart from movies and TV shows, Netflix has some exclusive content, which you can exclusively watch on this platform.

There is a free 30-day trial available for those who want to test it out and watch movies and TV for free during that period.

You can install the Netflix app from all the main app stores if you are planning to use it on a smartphone or tablet.

For Mac or PC, you just need to open its official website.

Visit: https://www.netflix.com

#5 GoMovies

GoMovies is one of the most popular free online website streaming services that provide you with the top-rated movies in one place.

GoMovies can be one of the best alternatives you can choose when it comes to free streaming.

There are multiple genres available here as well as the new films released in theaters. You can watch TV series and blockbuster movies here without needing to create an account.

Visit: https://ww.gomoviesfree.sc/

#6 YesMovies

YesMovies’s site layout is well-maintained regularly and it offers visitors plenty of good quality movies and TV shows that are updated regularly.


On the homepage, you only need to type the title of the movie or TV series you want to watch.

Then you can click the search symbol on the right side and YesMovies will search for the movies or other entertainment content that you’re looking for.

When the result is up, click on the title, and you can watch the movies or TV shows free of charge.

There are fewer ads and popups that show up on YesMovies relative to other similar types of websites.

You can also request the name of the movie if it is not yet available in its database. YesMovies will look for it and get it running if it’s available for you to watch.

Visit: https://yesmovies.zone/

#7 BMovies

If you want to watch various types of movies from different countries, then BMovies can be the best option for you.

This website provides you with movies from four different countries — Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and China. The website, as of this article’s last update, is bmovies.co.

On the first page, you can enter the keywords or the title of the movies you want to watch.

You will need to create an account here to enjoy movies with faster service. (Using a VPN is recommended.) There are several filters you can apply to BMovies so that you can get the movies you want immediately.

There is also a separate section for TV series, where you can watch TV shows for free. The collection of content is of a generally high quality.

Visit: http://bmovies.co/

#8 ShowBox

ShowBox is another popular entertainment app for Android users. The app is not officially available on the Play Store, but it has still gained massive popularity worldwide with millions of active users.

The app provides an intuitive user interface in which you will be provided with different categories with a search box.

You can search for your favorite movie or TV show by entering its name. You can also download and watch your favorite movies offline from this app with its built-in media player.

Overall, the app lets you watch many TV shows online for free and movie streaming without any additional cost.

Download: ShowBox APP

#9 SeriesLover

SeriesLover is a relatively new entertainment app on the Play Store for Android users, but the app is just as good as many more established services.

It provides a streamlined interface where you get to explore different categories to watch movies and TV Shows with full episodes.

The app supports full HD resolution. This means you can watch your movies, TV Shows, and other videos in with high-quality picture. Just make sure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection.

It’s free to use the app. And it is compatible with Android Smartphones and Tablets running on older versions of Android.

Download: Android App

#10 Vumoo

Vumoo is one of the most popular platforms in the US and UK to watch free movies and TV shows.

The website owns a huge database of TV shows and movies.

However, the site has been restricted from showing content in some specific regions like India due to copyright content.

But the website, as of this article’s last update, Vumoo.To, is working fine in its key markets (US and UK).


Vumoo enables you to watch TV shows online (and for free) with full episodes without any hassle.

However, the site lacks a lot of the most recent movies. Nonetheless, you can easily find recently released movies (e.g., ones that are a year old) in its collection.

But this is not the case with TV shows, where most of the latest TV shows are available to watch.

If you primarily or exclusively watch English language content Vumoo can be a good choice. Moreover, the user interface is very straightforward in helping you access your favorite content.

Visit: http://vumoo.to/

#11 Project Free TV

Like the name suggests, Project Free TV is where you can watch all your favorite TV shows for free.

The website has nothing related to movies and is only for TV shows of all types.


The content gets regular updates along with the addition of new episodes of TV shows.

Almost all the available TV shows can be streamed online in 720p and 1080p quality. Accordingly, you will get a premium TV experience.

It has a big database of the latest movies and TV series to watch free of charge.

While having movies in its database would be nice, you will enjoy the content if you are a fan of TV shows.

Working URL: https://projectfreetv.fun/

#12 WatchSeriesHD

WatchSeriesHD is one of the most popular TV Shows streaming websites with a lot of high-quality content to stream for free.

Many of its regular, loyal fans use the website instead of standard TV.

The website has a user-friendly interface, and you will not have any problem in finding your favorite TV Shows.

It has a beautiful maroon-white colored theme with a minimal and clutter-free content arrangement.

Also, the website provides 2-3 different streaming servers for every single episode to provide a hassle-free watching experience.

WatchSeriesHD is another great option to watch TV shows online for free.

Working URL: https://www3.watchserieshd.tv/

#13 PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix has become a popular destination to watch TV shows for free.

The site carries popular TV shows along with movies.

You can instantly watch any of the shows without having to sign up.

It is a one-click process to watch your favorite TV show. There are various categories available in the navigation section, where you can choose your favorite genre. It allows you to watch TV series in full episodes.

The site was founded in 1999 and has kept uploading content since its inception.

Currently, more than 1,500 movies have been uploaded along with several TV shows as well.

Visit: https://www.popcornflix.com/pages/discover/d/movies

#14 TinyZoneTV

TinyZoneTV is a relatively new website compared to others on this list.

But if you love to watch the latest TV shows, you can add TinyZoneTV to your list.

The website offers a decent amount of TV series collection without charging any money. Of course, you have to deal with ads, but this is the only option for this site to maintain its operations.


The user interface is of reasonable quality and fulfills its part in letting you watch TV shows online for free.

But TinyZoneTV could be more of secondary option due to the limited amount of content.

Still, you can consider TinyZoneTV if you want or need more variety.

Overall, it is a decent option to watch TV shows online on your smartphone or PC, but with a more restricted database of content.

Visit: https://tinyzonetv.to/

#15 Yidio

Yidio is the new player on the list.

It is a premier cross-platform search and discovery app to watch TV shows for Free on any of your devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The website was founded in 2008 and has continuously grown after its launch. The website claims to have more than 15 million monthly users.

The concept of the website is different than the other traditional TV sites in that it lets you watch popular sites’ content such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, HBO, etc.

Namely, the site doesn’t own content on its platform but takes to you in the right place. It works more or less than like a search engine.

According to the website, there are over one million TV shows available to watch on its database.

The website is a combination of free and paid content, whichever suits your needs and tastes best.

With its search engine facility, if you don’t know where to find your favorite content, you can consider using this service.

Visit: https://www.yidio.com/tv-shows

#16 Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another popular place to watch TV shows online for free.

It has thousands of TV shows and movies available to stream. Pluto TV supports almost all devices and there’s a separate mobile application available to stream content there as well.

It behaves similar to premium services, but some ads may be visible while accessing the content.

Overall, the site user interface is immaculate, just like other premium streaming websites.

The mobile app can be downloaded on the Amazon store, Apple store, Android Play Store, and Roku. So, it covers all the major operating systems when it comes to accessibility.

Overall, it is an excellent way to watch TV shows online for free alongside the latest movies and other streaming content.

#17 EuroPixHD

EuroPixhD is very popular among its audience in the US and UK. Most of its content is available in English, so it naturally caters to English-speaking destinations. The website offers the latest movies and TV shows, which you can watch without paying additional charges.

When it comes to content, you can watch the most recent TV shows for free in a one-click process.


There are a lot of filters available to access content easily, such as Years, Rating, Genre with its search availability.

It also uses IMDB rating for the filter, which is a good indication when it comes to the popularity of certain TV shows.

All in all, you can stream free TV shows and movies on EuroPixHD in a seamless way.

Visit: https://europixhd.io/tvshow-filter/all-tv-shows

#18 Crackle

Crackle is an online streaming service by Sony. It is a restricted region service currently available in 21 countries.

The platform was founded in 2006 and provides TV shows and movies produced and distributed by Sony Pictures, one of the largest producers and distributors of movies and TV shows in the US and other European markets.

Accordingly, it has a massive database available for TV shows.

Some of the exclusive shows are available on Crackle, which you can’t access anywhere else. The good thing is that it is free to use in specific regions.

Currently, it delivers content in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

However, it lacks some of the major TV shows.

Visit: https://www.crackle.com/

#19 ShareTV

ShareTV is another website to watch free TV shows online in a legal way.

It offers various TV shows with full episode availability. The website homepage is very clean.

There are minimal ads while watching the content, which is a plus unlike many free streaming websites.

You can choose among a massive collection of TV series and movies.

It offers a decent streaming service free of cost. You should consider this website if you love to watch free TV shows online.

Visit: https://sharetv.com/shows

More Websites to Watch Free TV Shows & Movies

The Importance of Using a VPN With Free Streaming Sites

Free streaming sites are always being taken down and shifting domains.

This can be dangerous to your online safety and security. Even if these streaming sites were safe before, it’s no guarantee that they’ll remain that way.

You don’t want to run the risk of visiting an impostor site claiming to be the original but is really just after your personal data or payment information.

It’s imperative to remain safe and shore up your cybersecurity.

How streaming sites work

Free streaming sites don’t normally host their own content.

Instead, they serve as an index that links to third parties in order to host the content you want to watch.

This brings its own set of risks, as you don’t ultimately know where you’re being directed.

Moreover, streaming sites are often riddled by intrusive ads and pop-ups. You should try your best to avoid clicking on them, though many are tricky to X out of and avoid completely.

You run the risk of clicking on a stream that is actually a malicious link that can harm your computer with a virus or other malware.

A VPN is the best way to protect yourself from the various cybersecurity risks you may face on free streaming sites.

This is what a VPN does for you:

1. Keeps your sensitive information private

Most free streaming sites have little built-in security. Consequently, anyone with basic hacking skills is able to view your location, IP address, and activity, and potentially more.

VPNs create a secure channel with advanced encryption to prevent your private information from falling into the wrong hands.

2. Helps prevent any legal consequences

Viewing content on free streaming sites may not be legal depending on what you’re watching and where you live.

VPNs help ensure anonymity by assigning you a new IP address. This also comes with the benefit of concealing your physical location.

Your real IP address is hidden with encryption, advanced leak protections, and additional security features.

3. Blocks viruses, malware, and intrusive ads and pop-ups

Many premium VPNs enable additional security features such as blocking trackers, malware, and intrusive ads and pop-ups, which may contain harmful software.

Pop-ups also waste your time and due to the way they are often layered over content on these sites, prevent you from enjoying what you’re trying to watch. Blocking them can be incredibly useful on free streaming sites as a secondary benefit in addition to the primary security reasons for using a VPN.

4. Enables access to geo-restricted streaming content

Your government, workplace, internet service provider, or university may prevent you from accessing content on free streaming sites.

VPNs help you get around these geo-restrictions by assigning you a new IP address and can effectively adopt a new location where these blocks aren’t in place.



Top VPNs for Free Streaming Sites

These three top VPNs use powerful security technology to protect your device from any cyber threats you may encounter on streaming sites, so you can watch movies and TV shows for free without worrying about your personal security.

1. NordVPN



  • Compatible with:Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone iOS, Android TV, Linux, BlackBerry, Raspberry Pi, Chrome, Firefox, and routers
  • Works with:Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Sling TV, and many more
  • Ads, trackers, and malware are blocked by CyberSec suite
  • One NordVPN account secures six devices at the same time
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Automatic kill switch

NordVPN is currently top on our list with a great set of security features to keep you safe and improve your browsing experience.

NordVPN connects you to one of their 5,600+ high-speed servers to keep your data private and secure with AES-256 encryption and SHA-256 authentication. This is the same level of security used by many government agencies and financial institutions.

The company hosts servers in 58 countries globally, so you are guaranteed to find a nearby server location. This is important given the best connection speeds are found when connecting to a nearby server rather than one found across the globe.

It comes with a built-in ad blocker and provides malware protection. This gives you a layer of security against invasive pop-ups that you’re likely to encounter on free streaming sites.

NordVPN also contains DNS and IPv6 leak protection through its automatic kill switch. This prevents your identity and location from being shared on free streaming sites.

It also has a zero-logging policy. This means nobody can view your activity while connected to the VPN. Not even NordVPN itself can track it and no records are kept.

With NordVPN’s ad-blocking abilities and blazing-fast speeds, this VPN is a great option for any type of streaming.

Users can also get access to geo-restricted content on Netflix and other services with tough geo-blocking through its SmartPlay DNS feature.

NordVPN can also pass China’s firewall, as well as standard restrictions put into place by schools, workplaces, and other governments.

If, for whatever reason, you have trouble streaming or browsing with NordVPN for any reason, the customer service team is available 24/7 through live chat support.

NordVPN can also be tried risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee.



2. Surfshark

surfshark vpn


  • Available on:Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Apple TV, FireTV, and more
  • Works with:Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, SkyTV, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, and more
  • Dedicated torrenting profile: No (P2P is permitted on all servers)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs policy

Surfshark provides unique, exclusive features with low prices.

It is focused on providing access for many devices and different applications and services.

For households and individuals that use multiple devices – as is common – Surfshark offers the bonus of an unlimited number of simultaneous connections.

Most importantly, Surfshark provides an excellent service. It features double encryption, split tunneling, kill switch protection, and the CleanWeb security suite to block ads, pop-ups, and malware.

If you turn on BitTorrent and disconnect from the Surfshark VPN, all downloads will stop. This, of course, is positive as it shows no data leaks will occur.

When used on the sites with the most intrusive pop-ups, it worked by blocking all ads.

Multiple applications (e.g., Hulu and Spotify) can be streamed at once.

“NoBorders” mode is Surfshark’s term for its additional obfuscation settings. In higher-security countries like Iran and China, Surfshark could ultimately access the outside world, though it may take some manual configuration.

Surfshark’s network has been growing, with more than 1,000 servers in over 60 countries.

The unblocking capacity and speeds (and stability of the speeds) of these servers check out well. They provided access to the libraries of many popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more.

Surfshark’s speed is comparable to the best VPNs, like NordVPN. It had no effect on streaming, browsing, or torrenting.

It also provides something called Camouflage Mode. This works by preventing your ISP from seeing that you’re connected to a VPN. This can potentially help your connection speed by bypassing your ISP’s throttling.

Overall, we recommend Surfshark as a high-quality VPN with strong value for the price. Surfshark provides bargains with high discounts on its long-term plans.

It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Note: For those looking to use Amazon Prime Video on a mobile phone, we could not get it to work. Prime Video, however, does work on desktop (and laptop) computers.



3. VyprVPN



  • Available on:Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and more
  • Works with:Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, HBO Go, AppleTV, Nintendo, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, NAS, most smart TVs, Chromecast, and more
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Torrenting and P2P allowed on all servers
  • Kill switch
  • Data logging: Strict no-logs policy

VyprVPN comes with an audited no logging policy, an effective kill switch, successful leak protection, access to Netflix, and simple and well-designed apps.

They own over 700 servers in 64 countries. On top of that, they are all self-owned. Their server network includes over 300,000 IP addresses.

It also provides competitive pricing.

Security testing checks out highly with military-grade AES-256 encryption.

The kill switch – standard among top VPNs – will prevent your traffic from being exposed if your VPN connection drops out.

VyprVPN is one of the best in the VPN world at bypassing the most aggressive web blocks and restrictions through its Chameleon security protocol.

This includes high-censorship countries, including China, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Thailand.

Its VPN servers are never far away, so anyone from those countries should get quality speeds from them, as well.

Speeds are more than adequate to do almost anything you want online, with speed losses typically in the range of 10%-18% when connected to a nearby server.

Its Smart DNS solution also enables you to use VyprVPN with Roku, Apple TV, and gaming consoles like Nintendo and Xbox.

VyprVPN works well for streaming services blocked in your region. Netflix works well on most US servers with excellent video quality. It can also effectively unblock libraries of German, British, Japanese, and Canadian content.

It is the same for Hulu and Disney+. VyprVPN will also unblock regional-specific content on YouTube, though this is true for practically all VPNs.

Support staff is helpful and friendly and available 24/7. They also offer support in eight different languages, offering more to international users (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Turkish).

There are a couple areas where VyprVPN could improve. VPN speeds are not quite up there with NordVPN and there are no browser extensions.

VyprVPN provides a 30-day refund guarantee as is standard for the top VPN providers. This enables you to get to a feel for the service before committing. The two-year plan costs just $2.50 per month, an 80% discount over the standard plan. The one-year plan costs a very reasonable $3.75 per month.

Overall, VyprVPN is a very good VPN. It is particularly strong in a couple of the main ways people use VPNs (Netflix, Torrenting). We can gladly recommend VyprVPN to anyone looking for greater security and privacy online.



123Movies Alternatives: Bottom Line

In this article, we have included the best websites and platforms to watch TV shows online for free.

The positive thing is that most of these websites don’t have too many ads. Therefore, the user experience is relatively clean. We recommend using a VPN anyway to avoid having to see and interact with them.

However, note that some websites charge a premium subscription. Still most offer a free trial, which lets you check their services without paying any additional money.

You can then decide whether they meet your needs in terms of going forward with a paid subscription. There are decent enough options to watch TV shows for free, which we have covered in this article.

Some of the best free sites include:

  • Vumoo
  • ProjectFreeTV
  • WatchSeriesHD
  • BMovies
  • WatchFree

Other premium services you can consider include:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Sony’s Crackle

Overall, we have many options to choose from.

If you love to free online TV shows, you should consider the suggested options.

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Watch TV Shows Online Free – FAQ

Where can I watch TV shows for free online?

There are many websites available where you can watch TV Shows online free of cost. Some of the popular names are Vumoo, ProjectFreeTV, Crackle, WatchSeriesHD, Bmovies, EuroPixHD and many more we listed above.

Do I need to use VPN to watch free TV shows?

In some instances, a VPN is required to use restricted websites. Using a VPN also saves you from being hounded by annoying ads that most of the free streaming sites heavily use. Not only are they intrusive, but they could be after your personal info. VPN services are cheap (usually just a few dollars per month) and save you a lot of time avoiding ads and potentially putting your devices or personal data at risk.

Are free streaming websites legal and safe to watch TV shows?

Yes, most of the sites are legal to watch free TV shows within the public domain. But if you are accessing unlicensed content, then it may not be. It's a difficult question to answer given it depends on where you are and how you're using the content.

What are the best websites to watch TV shows free without signup?

There are various websites available to stream content without signup, including BMovies, GoMovies, ProjectFreeTV, EuroPixHD, TinyZoneTV and PopcornFlix.

What precautions should I take to access free streaming websites?

If you are going to access free streaming websites, you should strongly consider a VPN. It allows you to block ads and malware, which can harm your device, as well as ensure your privacy and offer a restriction-free experience on most of the free streaming websites where you can watch movies, TV shows, and other online entertainment content.



Disclaimer: TME.NET does not verify the legality or legitimacy of any of the services mentioned on this page. We solely do not promote, host, or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and stringently advise our readers to avoid it. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content available in the Public Domain.

Click on Your Own Links to Improve Google Rankings?


Can I click on my own site’s links in Google to improve my ranking?

In any online SEO community, asking this question will probably cement your status as one of the newcomers in the group.

The answer also happens to be no.

But while spam-clicking your own site in Google won’t provide any benefit to your SEO, that doesn’t mean click-based engagement signals don’t have value.

Below we’ll briefly break down three important click-based signals for SEO. Let’s take a look:

1) Optimize for CTR

Google uses CTR to monitor how websites are doing in search.

It’s not a big ranking factor, and it truly may not be a ranking factor at all.

But optimizing for a higher CTR will get you more traffic – and that’s the point, right?

2) Increase visitors’ dwell time

A click isn’t just a click, as anyone who focuses on things beyond traffic (i.e., engagements, revenue) will tell you.

Clicks can be weighted based on how long the user remained on the page.

Accordingly, make sure your pages accurately answer user queries to keep them hanging around.

3) Be the last click

What does that mean?

It means striving to be the last site that a user clicks on before concluding their search. After all, Google’s job is to fulfill a user’s query whatever it happens to be, whether that’s informational, transactional, or navigational.

One Google patent that states “a last click…can be considered as likely indicative of a good page.”

If a page has a high bounce rate and users are “pogo-sticking” around to find the best page (bouncing out of a site they clicked into, followed by clicking on a different site, and so on) then it probably isn’t doing a good job answering the user’s query.

Of course, this can also be related to the way the search query was worded.

We’ve all experienced cases where our Google search probably didn’t give the results we wanted due to our lack of specificity.

This might include looking up unfamiliar abbreviations or searching for terms that we didn’t know or anticipate had multiple meanings. For example, if you’re trying to look up someone by the name of “Will Smith” and you’re not looking for the actor, you’ll probably be searching for a while.


Although Google may not use click-based signals as major ranking factors, optimizing for the three pillars above will help your site get more traffic.

Class 3 Slots Explained


Slots utilize a simple concept. You pull a lever, and the machine indiscriminately jumbles up symbols on a reel grid. Depending on which combination comes up, your wager amount gets multiplied, or you have to spin again in hopes of winning a prize.

The first such game came into existence sometime between 1887 and 1895. It was the brainchild of San Francisco inventor Charles Augustus Fey, who named it the Liberty Bell. He reduced the complexity featured in the Sittman and Pitt five-drum poker machine by limiting the number of reels to three and incorporating automatic payouts. In 1902, gambling machines offering money wins got banned across the US, commencing the fruit slots saga. Games that paid out rewards in sweets in the corresponding flavor to the fruit symbols landed on the grid.

Once the Vegas casino boom began, slots exploded in popularity. Money Honey was the first fully electromechanical machine created by Bally Industries, and it set the tone for a new era in gambling. Today, these games are the industry’s cash cows, accounting for more than 70% of all gaming revenues. The same holds for the digital sphere, where online slots dominate. However, when it comes to land-based venues, many people are unaware that gaming machines divide into two categories that look similar but work differently. These are class 2 and 3 reel-spinners.

What Are Class 3 Slots?

Now, class 3 machines are what most people think when they hear the word slot. These are games that use random number generators, which are algorithms that indiscriminately spit out numbers that govern which symbol combinations get formed on the reel grid. They are the games featured at top-end establishments in gambling hot spots such as Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Macau.

Each spin on these games is random. Preceding results do not affect those that follow. Meaning, slots do not provide more winning spins when several losing ones occur in a row. That said, these products incorporate math models that determine what percentage of the money wagered on their reels they will payback, and how often wins will happen. These two game specs bear the names return-to-player and variance. Though, the math models determine these characteristics over millions of reel rotations. Thus, they aren’t applicable in the short term.

Due to regulation, all class 3 machines must feature a minimum payback percentage set by a local overseeing body. For example, in Nevada, the minimum payout limit for slot machines is 75%. Online, the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the top international regulators, limits its licensees to only host reel-spinners with a return-to-player of 92% or higher. That ensures that the players stand a chance to win a prize and that the game isn’t simply there to eat away their cash. Know that it is far more common to see this payback percentage listed at online casinos than at brick-and-mortar locales.

The Difference Between Class 2 and 3 Machines

Before we get into video gaming terminals, or VLTs (class 2 machines), we should explain the US class system. It stems from the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1998, which categorizes gaming activity into three sections. The first one (class 1) is social card games, non-profit ones. Class 2 are bingo games, and class 3 is anything that falls into Vegas-style gambling, meaning table games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and yes, slot machines.

So, why was this system put in place? Well, because Native American tribes believed that bingo games were less immoral than traditional gambling. However, over time, tribal operators began creating machines that met the class 2 requirements but looked and played like regular slots.

These are video gaming terminals, which, in essence, are slots with a bingo soul. They do not use the same RNG-based algorithms as casino reel-spinners but are more of a high-speed automated version of bingo. When you hit the spin button on a VLT, you get pooled in a network with other active players, all of which have a predetermined bingo outcome.

Note that that is only the mechanism with which these machines operate. Any relationship to actual bingo is tenuous. Their façade is that of traditional slots, and they aim to emulate these games while tip-toeing around the limits of gambling legislation.

To Wrap Up

In most players’ eyes, class 3 machines are fairer than class 2 ones. They are standalone games that deliver results via distinct random number generators. Though, in general, the payback percentages of both category titles are similar.

So, there is little difference between the two. That said, given that class 3 products have a home at prestigious gaming venues, their developers go the extra mile in creating engaging games that stretch the limits of the slot format. They provide a more complex and immersive gambling experience than VLTs.

About the Author

Shelly Schiff has been working in the gambling industry since 2009, mainly on the digital side of things, employed by OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com. However, over her eleven-year career, Shelly has provided content for many other top interactive gaming websites. She knows all there is to know about slots and has in-depth knowledge of the most popular table games. Her golden retriever Garry occupies most of her leisure time. Though, when she can, she loves reading Jim Thompson-like crime novels.

Email Welcome Flow Sequences: 4-Step Approach


As an online business, email continues to be the top ROI channel and one of the key parts of your overall marketing strategy. Your email welcome flow sequences are very important for people who make their way onto your list.

The first step is setting up subscription forms on your website to capture emails. You’ll need three types of forms:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Flyouts.
  • Embedded forms.

Conditions you can use to trigger pop-ups:

  • When a visitor is exiting.
  • After 10-30 seconds of page load. 
  • After scrolling 30%-50% down the page.

The longer they dwell on the site, the more likely they’ll be interested in giving you their email. Some may even trigger the pop-up after 4 seconds of page load time, but your conversion rate will be quite low and the UX won’t be great. You may annoy your readers. 

Email Welcome Sequence

Email #1:

Send this right after the user subscribes.

Content to focus on:

  • Welcome.
  • Brand introduction.
  • Thank you.
  • Discount code, if applicable.

Email #2:

Send this 1-2 days after the first message, only to people who don’t convert on the first email.

Content to focus on:

  • Brand story.
  • Unique quality standards.
  • Benefits of shopping with your company.

Email #3:

Send it 2-3 days after the previous message. Again, only to the ones that do haven’t converted yet.

Content to focus on:

  • Social proof: Reviews, testimonials, press, brand ambassadors content, endorsements.
  • Show popular products: Highlighting your popular product may help trigger users to convert.

Email #4:

Send it 2-3 days after the previous message. Again, only to ones that do not convert.

Content to focus on:

Community aspect: Get your audience engaged, and their chance of converting will increase.

WP Engine Review | Best Web Hosting for 2021


WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service that offers a high-performance hosting environment that helps websites load faster, smoother, and securely. It streamlines the website development process by ensuring your websites are optimized and secure, without you doing much of the technical stuff. The platform offers daily backups, secure updates, a one-click staging area, automatic caching, and many more services that enable enterprise performance. 




WP Engine has unique features that most WordPress hosts don’t have, yet they are critical to the user. These features include one-click staging, Git version control, and an option to move to the latest version of PHP. Generally, WP Engine offers the most comprehensive and advanced managed WordPress hosting features.  

1. Premium WordPress Themes

WP Engine acquired StudioPress, a premium WordPress theme company. StudioPress had more than 36 premium themes, which are all owned by WP Engine and are available for their clients. To spice it up, the famous Genesis framework is freely available for all plans. Considering these themes cost around $129, WP Engine saves you a lot of money. 

There are themes for creating online portfolios, different types of blogs, e-commerce stores, agency websites, and many more to help you get started.  

2. Advanced security features

Studies show that 78 percent of the total websites hacked were WordPress sites. Securing your website is WP Engine’s top priority. They take the following measures to safeguard your site. 

  • Websites are backed up daily 
  • They release checklists and guidelines for engineers and developers  
  • WP Engine monitors and updates the firewall to block all threats 
  • They perform virus and malware scans every day 
  • All plans offer an SSL certificate 
  • All plans have access to 24/7/365 technical support for all issues regarding security 

Above all these measures, in case your site gets hacked, WP Engine will clean it for you and restore it for free. 

3. Performance

Performance can make or break a web hosting service, and WP Engine knows that. They boast a large number of performance-enhancing features including: 

  • An add-on commonly referred to as GeoTarget that optimizes your site for your specific region 
  • A page performance tool that tests your website and helps you improve page performance 
  • A free CDN (Content Delivery Network) service on all plans, which makes their hosting affordable and faster 
  • WP Engine offers 19 server locations including Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. This translates to great performance

4. Support

WP Engine has a customer support team of more than 100 WordPress experts. Each day, this team interacts with thousands of clients day and night through the live chat. Besides the live chat, they offer 24/7 phone support for all plans except for the Personal plan. For more complicated issues that cannot be resolved via phone or chat, the support team will create a support ticket for you. The company reported a 97 percent customer satisfaction score.  

5. Money-back guarantee

The company offers a generous money-back guarantee. If their services don’t please you within the first 60 days, you can cancel your account and get a refund. This offer only applies to personal, professional, and business plans only. 

6. Automatic WordPress updates

As part of the managed hosting plan, WP Engine keeps the core WordPress software of your site up-to-date to ensure your website is using the latest version of WordPress. Before updating the software, the team at WP first tests the update to ensure it is stable. Clients are also given the choice of differing the updates where they are given thirty days to test the update before its integration into the core of the software. 

7. Development and staging environment

In addition to the production environment, WP offers two more environments for helping you to set up your development environments. You can create your site in the development environment and then move it to the staging environment for testing before pushing it to the production environment when ready to go live. Moving between the environments is easy on WP Engine. 

8. Transferable sites 

If you are a developer creating WordPress sites for your clients, you can utilize the transferable environment when building the site. These transferable websites are password-protected, and cannot be publicly available until they are transferred to the client. When developing a transferable site, you can choose to start with an existing site or a fresh WordPress installation. Developers have the option of configuring plugins, themes, and other settings that help them save time each time they are creating a new site. 



WP Engine offers four pricing plans:  

  • Startup (for starting a small website), and it goes for $25 per month and $300 per year. With this plan, you get to host one site, get support for 25,000 visits per month, 50GB of bandwidth, 10GB storage, an SSL certificate, and access to a CDN 
  • Growth (for a growing business), and it goes for $95 per month and $1150 per year. Here, you can host up to ten WordPress sites, traffic support of up to 100,000, and 24/7 phone support. In addition, you can import your own SSL certificates 
  • Scale (for a higher capacity website), and it goes for $241 per month and $2900 per year. With the Scale plan, you can host up to 30 sites and get support for up to 400,000 visits per month 
  • Custom (for mission-critical sites and large businesses) 


Pros and cons

Though WP Engine is a powerful web hosting service, it might not be the best choice for everyone. Consider the following pros and cons before making your final choice. 


  • Faster loading. The servers are optimized for WordPress sites and everything is cached at the server level. With access to the CDN, pages load much faster 
  • Expert customer support. The entire support team is made up of expert WordPress developers. They offer technical support to clients in all plans 
  • Security. WP Engine has several security features that protect your site and relieves you the worry of setting up your own security or paying for extra security 
  • Reliability. With the proprietary front-end layer system, your site can handle traffic spikes without slowing down your site 
  • Numerous reviews. Being a famous site, you can easily find WP Engine reviews which can help you make up your mind about acquiring their services 


  • Expensive. WP Engine is relatively expensive compared to other hosting companies. However, the services offered are worth the extra dollars 
  • Lack of domain registration. It is common for a hosting site to offer domain registration. However, this is not the case with WP Engine. This means that a client will need to register their domain with another company, which is unpleasant for some people 
  • Restricted plugins. WP Engine restricts the installation of certain plugins on your site, probably because they duplicate or conflict with WP’ Engine’s features or have a very high server load which could slow down your site. Some of the restricted plugins include backup, caching, related post plugins, and others. 


Now that you’ve gone through the review and looked at the features, pricing, pros, and cons, you could be wondering whether WP Engine is the right web host for you.

WP Engine is an ideal choice for someone looking for a hassle-free web host for a WordPress site. For bloggers and businesses that don’t want to waste much time implementing technical details to make their site secure and faster, WP Engine is the right choice. As for developers, WP Engine’s advanced features will save you the time and effort on creating a top-notch site for your clients. 




The Animalz Method to Creating Quality Content


The Animalz Method is made of five steps, all of which just happen to start with the letter E.

We’ll go through each briefly.

1)  Examine your reader

Go beyond marketing personas. Know them like you know your friends. And for this purpose, the best way is to meet them in real life. Personalize the content whenever possible

These are some of the questions you want to ask them:

  • What’s a typical day look like for you?
  • What do you wish was different about your role?
  • What LinkedIn groups, subreddits, Facebook groups are you a part of?
  • What was the last thing you googled for work?

2) Explain your topic simply

You probably heard this many times, but it helps to write like you’re explaining your topic to a five-year-old.

Note: This doesn’t mean you should assume your reader is completely new to your topic. Rather, it’s a function to force you to write simply.

3) Engage your reader

Your headline, the body, the formatting, the layout. Everything must be done keeping the reader in mind. You want to grab their attention and keep it through the whole piece.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Find an intriguing angle.
  • Write headers that make the article easy to scan. Almost nobody reads the entire thing.
  • Write a conclusion that offers something extra beyond restating what’s already been written.
  • Break up the text with images, lists, and charts. Bullet points might also help with SEO.

4) Engineer a logical structure

Lead your reader from the beginning to the end, increasingly convincing them of your thesis. Don’t overlap your ideas and don’t leave out anything essential.

5) Earn your reader’s trust

Backup your statements with trustworthy content. Here are three ways to make your ideas trustable:

  • Explain the science, mechanism, or cause-effect relationships behind your topic.
  • Use math, statistics, and data to build credibility.
  • Stretch your reader’s imagination with new examples of something familiar.

7 Useful Types of Computer Hardware


Every computer system requires both hardware and software components for it to work. Hardware components are the physical components that a computer system needs for I/O functions and processing. Put simply, they are those tangible mechanical and electronic elements of a computer system. Let us look at those core hardware components you should have for your computer to work properly. 


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is essentially the physical heart of a computer system. The CPU is key in processing information from the various programs running on the computer. Other peripheral equipment such as auxiliary storage units and input/output devices are linked to the computer system through the CPU. 

The speed at which the CPU processes information is referred to as the clock speed and is crucial in determining the performance of a processor. In as much as the CPU is not the only processing unit of a computer, it is the central processing unit. An analogy that is commonly used for the CPU is that it is the ‘brain’ of the computer. Therefore, it is important to understand how to choose the right CPU for your computer. Being conversant with the factors to consider when deciding what CPU to go with is crucial since upgrading to a newer processor is not always easy.



A monitor is the output system of a computer. A monitor interprets and displays graphical output signals from the graphic card of the computer and displays it on the screen. This makes it possible to interact with the computer with the help of other peripherals like a keyboard or mouse.

Computer monitors technology has come a long way from the era of heavy and wide Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screens to today’s flat-panel technology that is backlit with LEDs. Computer monitor quality largely affects the quality of graphics that are displayed. For better user experience, productivity, and overall efficiency, it is important to have good quality monitors. 

Internet Accessing Device

As a whole, computers provide many features that are undoubtedly useful in our day-to-day use. That notwithstanding, the internet makes the computer more powerful and gives it more use. The internet allows access to a vast amount of handy information. It is important to have hardware that allows your computer to access the internet. A router is one such hardware that allows communication between a computer and the internet and provides a secure connection. 

Not many people would compromise a slow network these days, and that makes fast internet speeds somewhat of a necessity. Internet speed is a huge determinant of the activities you can do online and how smoothly you do them. For instance, when figuring what type of hardware you’d need for a pleasant gaming experience, it is evident that a good internet connection device is key.

Having a reliable internet accessing device gives a computer immense versatility. A connected computer is useful in human communication through social media, allows for the collaborative working of people even from different locations, and has encouraged the growth of large numbers of e-businesses.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is a computer hardware component that stores and processes the stored information. RAM is a volatile device, in that, once a computer system has been shut down, information stored in RAM is wiped out. RAM affects the performance of your computer system. The performance of a computer is dependent on how effectively the CPU and RAM work together. When the CPU has more access to the RAM, it does not need to work too hard to transfer data and this translates to a faster computer. RAM is a key element in the functioning of any computer and one should seriously consider how much RAM a computer has when selecting a computer for any purpose.

Hard disk

Hard disk records and stores information. Its distinction from the RAM is that it is a non-volatile memory. This means that information stored here does not get lost when the computer is switched off. When programs are installed or data is saved in a computer, the information is written on the hard disk. Hard disks can store billions of information by use of an electromagnet which magnetizes spots on a moving hard disk.  A hard drive houses the hard disk and it reads and writes data onto the hard disk. 


Printers are output devices that transfer information that is seen on the computer onto paper. They can be categorized based on processing speed, size, among other factors.

Keyboard & Mouse

These devices allow a user to interact with the computer. The keyboard allows for the input of letters and numbers while the mouse helps in positioning the cursor and executing program functions by clicking on it. 

Wrapping up

There are several useful hardware devices. For the best performance result, it is best to choose the correct specifications in regards to your specific needs, as well as compatibility with your computer system. Each hardware device has a different role and an effective computer system is one that has a complete set of proper, good quality hardware devices.  

9 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe when Gambling


Gambling is a recreational activity that has been around for centuries with lots of positives but also some drawbacks. Well, it is possible to have a good time and only gamble safely to avoid vices like addictions and other negative effects. In this article, we will look into 9 simple ways that you can keep yourself safe as you play.

Prioritize Safety

Before you start playing, you ought to know that security is always on the line especially in the digital space. For example, you are constantly withdrawing and depositing money to your account as you play. Remember, there are increasingly high numbers of cases of cybercriminals on the web. So, you need to ensure that sensitive information like your account details are not compromised. 

Make sure you only use secure sites to keep yourself safe. For starters, you need to check that the site you want to use has encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. A good site should assure you of top draw security features as you play!

Tip: It would be best to separate your personal and gambling banking accounts to avoid costly breaches should anything happen.

Use Secure Payment Methods

Still, on the question of security, there are several different payment options that are available to enjoy gambling these days. It is always safer to use payment methods that you are familiar with and you can fully trust.


Check for Valid Gambling Licenses

All good gambling sites need to follow some set rules and regulations depending on where they operate. The regulations ensure that they provide a safe and fair gambling space for people using the site.

A valid license will at least ascertain that the gambling site has met all the specified requirements to offer services. As a rule of thumb, use sites that have valid licenses. You can look at different reviews and other verified sources to find information about the casinos that you wish to engage with.

Be keen on the terms and conditions

Some gambling sites may have loopholes in their terms and conditions. They could use these to opt out of paying or refunding you should you have issues. It is thus important to always go over these terms to know any possible restrictions and what you should expect before you set up an account.

Assess yourself, Go Slow!

Again, excessive gambling can get in the way of your wellness. If not controlled, it can negatively affect your work, school, and other important aspects of your life. You need to take the time to reflect. Is it recreational or is it starting to be problematic?

You need to be honest in identifying signs of problematic gambling such as using gambling to cope with stress or anxiety, starting to notice financial trouble like lots of credit card debt or have strained relationships with the people close to you because of gambling. It is also beneficial to join forums that will help you learn how to keep yourself safe. This will come a long way in ensuring that gambling remains an enjoyable activity rather than something that comes in the way of quality life. 

Tip: If you feel like you are getting to the red zone, then it is best to seek help. 

Keep Proper Records

It is a good habit to keep records of your gambling outcomes. One benefit is that it helps you track your losses. Data will tell you whether you are overspending. It will also help you analyze when you win or lose the most. It is a nice way to tell if you are getting the best value for your money.

Have a Time Limit

Gambling tends to be an enjoyable kind of entertainment. There is that excitement that is associated with betting on an uncertain outcome. Be careful, though. It can be a slippery slope! The same traits that make gambling fun are the ones propelling other gamblers to spend an excessive amount of time and money gambling. It is important to set an affordable time limit as you play. The limit should be set before the gaming session where you are more likely to set a more sensible boundary.

Set a Limit on How Much You Can Spend

It is also smart to establish how much money you are willing on gambling. The general rule of thumb is that you should not spend money that you can’t afford to lose. Have a budget and keep money aside for gambling. It is also important to have a win goal; the amount of money you hope to win from a session. Once this is achieved, be disciplined enough to pull the plug. You also need to have a set limit on the amount of money you can lose in a session. These simple money management techniques will ensure is that you do not go over the edge. It is the best way to avoid going broke with gambling.

Know When to Stop!

We can’t repeat this enough. Make gambling just about a few occasional hours at a casino. Don’t use gambling as a source of income. There is a potential dark side to gambling which often comes in the form of addiction. Remember, gambling addiction could lead to both financial and personal destruction. It becomes a problem when you realize that you need to continuously bet more and more to experience the rush. You may also find that you are going to the extremes of even stealing and borrowing to feed your gambling needs.

Yes, don’t let gambling take a priority over other areas of your life. When your career and relationships get on the back burner, it is the best time to say goodbye to gambling.

Wrapping up

Gambling is fun when you know and stick to the green zone as you play. The key is to stay disciplined and always bet for fun. Play with what you can afford to lose and know when to stop!