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TME.NET aims to provide the exclusive and simplified news by covering various aspects of technology, Rumors and Leaks, mainly focused on the smartphones industry. Do you really want to stay updated with the latest coverage? Stay in touch with us, because we only publish data that matters to you!

We at TME.NET, want to share our knowledge regarding technology stuff, especially targeting the smartphone industry. Our team is passionate & hardworking to signify that synergy and put all the aforementioned qualities under one umbrella. Founded on January 1, 2019, by a tech enthusiastic Sukhdev Kamboj, the publication is continuously working to bring you the more and more in-depth content with a very simplistic approach. We’d love to know your thoughts to improve our services further. Thank you for giving us your important time to read this publication!

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The owner, chief editor, and passionate writer! I want to explore my thought about technology and the latest gadgets. If you are a geek freak, then you are welcomed in the tech arena. I assure you to provide techno updates on a daily basis.

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