Ad Landscape: YouTube vs. Facebook vs. Reddit [2021]

According to a recent Pew Research Report, 81% of the US population uses YouTube. Facebook? Just 69%.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from this report – and what they mean for marketers.

What you should know:

Reddit is the fastest-growing social platform

Only 18% of adults in the US use Reddit, but it’s growing quickly. And considering their push for new features (audio), it’s a platform to watch.

Reddit’s the latest in a long list of platforms rumored to be working on their own Clubhouse-style audio rooms feature.

How it will work: Audio rooms may be included in Reddit’s “power up” program, which was announced in August 2020. Power-ups let you pay a subscription fee to gain access to premium Reddit features, like uploading HD videos and leaving GIFs in subreddit comments.

Why should you care: Live audio chat is on its way to becoming the next major content format. Discord launched Stage Channels and Spotify acquired a live audio app to make more of a push in this direction

Live audio is the current gold rush in social media. Clubhouse hopped on the trend, and now it seems like everyone (including Reddit) is trying to get a piece of it.

Facebook and Instagram are still dominant

They’re first and third, respectively, on the frequency of use metric. These platforms aren’t losing much ground.

YouTube is underutilized

The most popular social platform is also an underutilized acquisition channel.

Much of the ad world is still focused on Facebook. YouTube is still not used to its full potential.


We find the statistics about YouTube particularly interesting.

It’s proven to be an underutilized acquisition channel, but more marketers are talking about it.

There are some interesting ad options, as well: Like the option to only pay when someone watches your ad for at least 30 seconds, or clicks on it. This can improve return on ad spend by not having to worry about paying for impressions that aren’t genuine engagements.

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