9 Ways To Get App Downloads With No Ad Spend

Can you get app downloads with no ad spend?


We’ll run through nine tips to get big growth with no ads or direct costs.

Put your most important keyword into the app name

Figure out your most important keyword and put it in your name. If your app has to do with time management, put that in your name. Instead of being “Snoodle” (an example app name), you can be “Snoodle – Time Management”.

When you become synonymous with what you do or a market leader (e.g., Yelp, Tinder), then you can shed the description.

Ask for reviews in your app

A user who didn’t like their experience won’t forget to leave you a bad review.

But how many happy users take the time to give you a positive one?

Track the more active users, then ask them for a review.

But also remember that being too aggressive in asking for reviews can backfire. Asking for a review every time they open the app isn’t likely to be a good idea and will annoy your users.

Translate your app into new languages

This will increase your total addressable market and help you get more users.

But also be sure to capture your target market first. Zalo became very popular by focusing on its domestic market.

Create screenshots that highlight the app’s best features and make them catchy

Visuals are very important for encouraging app downloads. Prospective users need to envision how it can be valuable to them.

Experiment with your app subtitle and description

These are what stores use for ranking. Figure out which keywords work, and which ones don’t.

Submit a request to get featured by Apple

It’s all about exposure in front of your target market.

Share your story in relevant subreddits

Find a subreddit where people are dealing with the problem your app solves. But be careful, because people don’t like self-promotion or outright marketing. Many people are basically trained to let their eyes flow right over advertising.

The way to go is to talk about your story and what inspired you.

Monitor your performance

App stores will provide some data, but if you want to go in-depth, you can use the Google Analytics version for apps.

Provide value on social media

Focus on a single platform there first and do an awesome job there. Focus on providing useful content. If people enjoy your posts, they will check out your app.


And to wrap it up, be patient.

The downside of not using paid advertising is that it will take a while before you see the results of your work. It’s similar to how SEO works for internet content businesses. But be patient and improve the app constantly.

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