App Store Optimization (ASO): Your app could have more downloads if you did this

ASO, also known as app store optimization.

It’s all about increasing visibility. And if done right, you will be able to reduce acquisition costs, increase your app downloads, and improve your app’s value. (We know, big wins right?)

In this article, we’ll briefly describe how to do it.

Start with brand differentiation

We’re not talking about just adding in a few new features that will only get copied quickly by your competitors. You need to hone in on your user’s experience as a whole. How?

Focus on QOL

70% of users fall off using an app by day 30 because they don’t find it improves their QOL (quality of life).

Align your app with a foundational user problem and ensure it helps solve it.

Now, let’s talk mechanics: on-metadata vs. off-metadata.

Here are a few on-metadata things you can start working on immediately:

  • App titles and subtitles, please: It’s the first thing people see. The title should be memorable and on-brand. App titles should be under 30 characters for iOS apps and under 50 characters for Google. (Subtitles only apply to the Apple App Store.)
  • Description: This is particularly important if your app is on Google Play Store. The store pulls keywords directly from the description, so make sure it is both clear and benefit-driven.
  • Beware. Keyword stuffing will only reduce readability and is frowned upon by both Apple and Google.
  • Icons and screenshots matter: Treat app store screenshots like images on your landing page. It should demonstrate the value your user will get, describe what the app does, and be consistent with the brand style and landing page.

What about for off meta-data?

  • App downloads: Apple takes into consideration install velocity, daily growth, and first-time installs. Google also considers high velocity and first-time installs.
  • App usage and engagement: Drive this with a strong onboarding strategy. Use cohort analysis to study data from a previous new cohort user.
  • Ratings and user reviews: In short, get them. Positive reviews signal to Apple and Google that people value what you delivered. They also help you find out what’s working well and what needs improvement.

These are just some of the things you can work on to get your app seen.

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