7 Apps That Will Help You Stay Focused and Productive as a Student

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According to psychologists, a student’s attention span often declines after the first 10 to 15 minutes. Yet, most lectures span for one hour or more. Staying focused is quite a conundrum for students.

At least, in classes, the ambiance might be in your favor. Whereas outside, there is no shortage of distractions. If you find yourself struggling to keep on your productivity cap, here are some apps that will keep you on track.

1. Todoist

The first step to being productive is to stay organized. When there are too many assignments to complete and too much reading to do, EssayPro experts recommend that a to-do-list might be the handiest tool. You can use this tool to note down any ideas, dates, or deadlines.

Todoist also allows you to add a due date or recurring due date to the notes. You can further organize these tasks into different groups and priority levels. Furthermore, these tasks are also sharable to others, making it easier for tasks to be exchanged during group projects and discussions. Todoist Karma will keep track of your progress through these tasks and integrate it with other apps such as Google Calendar as well.

2. My Study Life

While Todoist is a general productivity app, My Study Life was designed exclusively for students. This app will keep every aspect of your life organized, with rotation schedules of timetables, based on weeks or days. And yes, you can also assign the start and end dates of each academic term, and the app will shift the schedules accordingly.

There is also the to-do-list feature to add it as homework, revision, or preparation for the exam. Reminders and syncing features are helpful, so you are alerted regardless of which device you are using.

3. Evernote

Digital note-taking has several perks, but it is also difficult to keep them organized if not done right. Evernote has been dominating the note-taking field for a while. It continues to be one of the students’ favorites. The app comes with “notebooks” that you can assign to different subjects or group them into stacks. You can also add images, documents, or even audio recordings to these notes.

The best part of Evernote is that it effortlessly syncs across all devices. The tool will also automatically back up all your content into the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

4. Brain.FM

Staying productive is one thing, but keeping your focus is challenging on a whole nother level. Brain.FM was developed with the concept to drive your mind and body into the full-focus mode. The app uses a patented, science-first approach to create music that will steer you into the desired mental state of focus.

You can choose between focus, relaxation, meditation, and sleep for the app to play the most suitable music for you. You can run it on timed sessions or keep it on all day.

5. Freedom

We have discussed distractions through this article, and we all know where these distractions are coming from. The internet is both your best friend and enemy when you are trying to get work done. Enter Freedom, a website blocker app that will help you keep your focus from going astray. You can block specific websites or even the entire internet until you finish your work.

Most importantly, a Lock Mode prevents you from closing a blocked session until the time limit has been reached. If your willpower to work goes down, then Freedom has got your back.

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6. Focus@Will

While Brain.FM is effective, not everyone might be a fan of that specific music. Focus@Will runs on the same idea but has an assortment of calming music for you to select from. These personalized tracks will get you into focus mode within the first 20 minutes of listening. Each session lasts for 200 minutes, and the audio will eventually blend into your background as your brain gets acclimated to the audio.

There is also an in-built productivity tracker and timer that will show your progress while using the app.

7. Flora

Flora is a well-rounded app that can cater to both productivity and focus. It uses the Pomodoro technique for you to set study sessions. However, with a twist. Every time you successfully complete a session, a virtual tree would be planted, which grows as you progress. If you break your session, the plant will die. The thing is the Flora also offers an opt-in service where they will actually plant trees on your behalf when you complete a certain number of sessions. So you are, in fact, helping the environment as well. 

Besides, the app also comes equipped with a to-do list and an option to block any distracting sites. You can also build your habits using a habit tracker, stick on to your routines, and end up with a flourishing garden as a reward.

Now, all you have to do is choose the apps that will work the best for you, and you are on the way to a productive day!


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