Balance of Nature: How They Generate $100+ Million in Sales

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The common belief is that e-commerce success is all about the product. But marketing peers at Balance of Nature might disagree.

What’s Balance of Nature?

Balance of Nature is a Utah-based health company that sells supplements to help you get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

What do they do differently?

This business is able to rake in $100 million by advertising on only one channel.

No, it’s not Facebook or TikTok. They only advertise through Fox News TV ads.

Their website receives 570,000 visits per month, and it has two main sources:

  • 52.6% of the traffic is direct (People typing Balance of Nature directly in the search bar).
  • 42.6% comes from organic search.

This means that people see the TV ads and either call, type in the website, or search on Google.

570k visitors just from TV ads. And this doesn’t either take into account phone calls, which is the main CTA of the TV ads they run.

Why is this interesting?

It shows that you can get success in e-commerce by focusing on your audience first.

Find out an engaged audience → Find out how to reach them → Create a product for them.

Balance of Nature found an alternative channel with a very specific audience. Then sold them a product they would respond to.

Ads on Fox News are the perfect way to reach a specific demographic.

And Balance of Nature is taking advantage of it.

What’s the bottom line?

Starting from an audience rather than a product is certainly not a new idea in marketing.

Think about Kylie Jenner launching the makeup brand.

Or all other influencers launching their own product.

The main point here is finding where a specific audience hangs out and go after them.

However, this can have some disadvantages. New competitors can smell the opportunity and join you, or there’s the risk of depending on only one platform.

But it can be a profitable strategy to start out or expand your sales.

Figure out what works and really master it. Every product has an ideal audience and there’s nothing wrong with riding that wave when you really tap into what’s clicking.


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