Benefits of Professional Car Steam Cleaning

Every car owner wants his car to look clean and tidy. It seems like an easy task while the vehicle is new, but it gets more difficult over time: dust, cracks, pet hair, unpleasant odors accumulate, spoiling the general look of the auto. The usual cleaning no longer helps to get rid of them. Professional steam cleaning comes to the rescue.

What are the benefits of this method? Let’s find out.

Key Advantages of Steam Cleaning

The car steam cleaner, when used properly, kills all germs and pathogenic bacteria in your car. The steam penetrates even the most inaccessible places — cracks and seams, removing not only dirt but also odors. At the same time, there is no risk of damaging the complex mechanism of the car, the upholstery, and electronics. The main advantages of steam washing over other methods are the following:

  • speed — this method is much faster than standard washing or chemical cleaning;
  • safety for the car itself;
  • safety for human health — steam cleaning will not cause an allergic reaction and intoxication of the body;
  • the car is ready for use immediately after cleaning: it is not necessary to wait for drying of the salon;
  • the deepest contaminants of all types are removed — greasy stains, food stains, and others;
  • the cleaning procedure helps to get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, and microscopic mites;
  • it increases the market value of the car at the time of sale. Here everything is simple: a clean car is more attractive for a potential buyer.

Finally, at the request of the owner, partial steam cleaning can be carried out. Of course, this method is less effective, but it can be useful, for example, if you spilled a drink on one seat, and the rest of the cabin is still quite clean.

Features of Cleaning with Steam

Cleaning the interior of the car with steam has its own features. This process should be carried out by experienced specialists who know what mode and temperature must be set for a particular car detail so as not to damage it. The whole procedure looks as follows:

  1. Before performing the interior cleaning, it is recommended to wash the car body so as not to bring dirt from it into the cabin;
  2. Small household waste and large particles of dirt are removed from the cabin with the help of a vacuum cleaner, which can interfere with the further cleaning process;
  3. Then begins the actual cleaning of the cabin: ceiling, doors, seats, floor, and so on. The mats are removed and cleaned separately;
  4. The surfaces are additionally treated with a steam cleaner for disinfection;
  5. The cabin is left open for drying. After drying, the mats and other items that were removed are put in their places. The whole procedure usually takes up to 5 hours.

Of course, you should perform this procedure regularly: according to the recommendations of experts — at least once a year. Good luck!


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