The Best Football-Themed Games for Xbox

If you were to name your favorite sport, is football the one that comes to mind first? Are you the type that just can’t get enough football action and follow every game, have a favorite team and players? Thankfully, football fans don’t have to put their passion aside when the game ends because you can step into the shoes of the players with any of these football-themed games for the Xbox. It’s all about extending the fun and action and no matter which of these games you play, you’re guaranteed a fabulous time.

Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe

Here’s a fun matchup that pits two highly competitive groups against each other. Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe is a new release this year and is meant to offer a fun yet fast-paced take on the classic game of football/soccer. This particular game has some unique graphics and animations that make it stand out in a crowded field. You’ll find the game controls are user-friendly, this one is fast-paced and action-packed, and it’s skill-based so it’s approachable for beginners.


What better way to get in on the latest football action than by picking up FIFA 21. The game features all of today’s hottest and most popular players, with more than 17,000 actual players and more than 700 teams. The gameplay is second-to-none and the dynamic attacking system is a new feature that is sure to have you in awe. You’ve got a couple of modes to choose from, there are customization features, you’ll have the ability to form the perfect team, play in some unbelievable and unexpected locations, and marvel at how realistic this game is.

Super Arcade Soccer 2021

While today’s games are packed full of high-tech features, impressive animations and graphics, intuitive gameplay, and fabulous features, there’s something about those classic games that still appeal to players. Super Arcade Soccer 2021 addressing that love for all things classic and then gives it a high-tech twist successfully combining the old with the new. This one has an arcade feel to it, yet is still impressive from a gameplay standpoint. This can be played by a wide array of ages and skill levels.

Plenty of Other Options Outside the Xbox

What happens if you get bored of playing on the Xbox or you need more mobile games? This might happen if you get snowed in, for example, and you have exhausted every game on your Xbox. This article has some ideas for things to do this winter, but if none of them appeal, it might be time to go online and look for a few more football-themed games you can play on your trust Xbox. Alternatively, you could try and play games that pro-footballers love to play during their free time, with many enjoying games of Fortnite, Call of Duty, and some English footballers also love playing poker.

Anytime is Football Time

Thanks to these amazing and addictive games for the Xbox, you’ll find that anytime is football time. There’s no need to wait for a match to begin, you can create your thrills and excitement when the mood strikes, any time of the day or night!

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