5 Free and Paid VPNs that are best for Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix is our new love as we have been streaming new shows and movies daily. As Netflix provides a vast content collection, it can entertain the subscribers for a month.

Though Netflix seems sufficient to fill your entertainment quota, there is a possibility that some of your favorite shows are not available in your region, and this is where free Netflix VPN comes into action.

Before going into the detail of the best VPNs that work with Netflix, we need to understand the need for a VPN. Let’s dive into the technicalities of streaming and know more about the role of VPNs for unlimited entertainment.

What is geo-restriction?

Streaming services use the limitation of geo-restriction to control what users are watching. As Netflix is providing its service in almost 190 countries, it has to abide by the copyright laws of each country. Licensing agreements also play a vital role in the availability of a show in a particular region.

As Netflix possesses the absolute rights to Netflix Originals, they are available on all Netflix libraries. The streaming rights of other shows and movies and granted to different streaming services, so Netflix does not have the rights to stream a show globally.

Twin Peaks and Gimme Shelter are only available on US Netflix, while Lord of the Rings is available only on Australian Netflix. These are the main reasons the US Netflix library is different from UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and South Korea.

Why is there a need for a VPN?

One of the main reasons for using a VPN is to unblock foreign Netflix libraries. The additional benefits include the prevention of data breaches, cybersecurity, and user privacy. As more and more users are subscribing to Netflix from various parts of the world, they want to access the content without geo-blocking restrictions.

Connecting to the VPN server of the desired country can help the user switch to a different IP address making it easier for them to unblock any Netflix library, and that’s why you need a VPN.

The best VPNs for Netflix

When it comes to the best VPNs for Netflix, you need to understand that not every VPN works with Netflix. Even though all VPNs claim to unblock foreign Netflix libraries, only a few can do it. If you want to select a VPN that can help you access any Netflix library, here are some of the requirements the VPN should meet.

  • High-speed connection
  • Provide apps for multiple devices
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Designated streaming servers
  • Ability to unblock major Netflix libraries

Here are the top contenders for the title of the best VPN for Netflix with these specifications in mind.


If you are looking for a VPN that works like a charm with Netflix, ExpressVPN is a perfect choice. It can help you unblock all Netflix libraries and provide a secure and fast connection. It provides the users with the safest and the most enjoyable streaming experience with high-speed connections.

The VPN is compatible with multiple devices making sure that you can enjoy Netflix on Amazon Firestick, gaming consoles, Roku, Smart TV, and smartphones.


If you are looking for the fastest streaming and connection speed, NordVPN should be your choice. With the massive selection of 5100 servers operating in 60 countries, you can connect to a server instantly. It also provides optimized servers for streaming, making sure you are getting the worth of your money.


For those who want premium VPN service on a limited budget, Surfshark is the best choice. Apart from high-speed connection, it also offers unlimited simultaneous connections protecting your privacy on unlimited devices.

Surfshark can unblock all major Netflix libraries, including the US, UK, Australia, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, France, and South Korea.


When it comes to free VPN services, ProtonVPN is one of the best choices. Even though the number of servers is limited, it works perfectly well to secure the connection. It also unblocks major Netflix libraries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The service is free, even though a paid version is also available.


OperaVPN is considered to be a proxy service and offers zero bandwidth limitation. It can unblock all major Netflix libraries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

As the VPN is set up within a browser, it is easy to use whenever you go online. There are no hidden charges, and the service is free and offers a clear privacy policy. It is compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, smart TV, gaming consoles, and amazon firestick.


We have repeatedly tested and retested the VPNs and came up with the list of the top 5 five VPNs that can make your streaming experience more enjoyable. Before finalizing your choice, check out the free trial versions so you can get the feel of the service. Select a VPN and get your hands on everything available on Netflix. Happy streaming!


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