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Best VPN services in 2020 – Mobile, Mac and Windows PC

A VPN comes handy when it comes to protecting your privacy and online activities. We have listed top 10 best VPN providers in 2020 for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC.

Some countries or any areas all around you can block access to your dearest websites. It can be a nuisance if you don’t know what to do. After all, you want to browse websites you get your energy from. In anticipating such conditions, people often use Virtual Private Network (or VPN). People can obtain a VPN by configuring DNS through the default Control Panel and Network and Connection. You can also download VPN software and let them configure your IP addresses as you type in the URLs of the websites you want to visit.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and this technology has been in use for several decades now. Even before the publicly available Internet, VPNs were used to secure communication within vast international corporations. Today, we’re no longer talking about VPNs as overly technical solutions. Instead, VPNs have evolved to utilize numerous technologies found in their core while providing a way for regular Web users to access them.

These are subscription services available as native applications for computers, handheld devices, routers, and more. The primary goal of any VPN is to encrypt your Web traffic by letting you route your data through a secure server. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated – the underlying technology that powers VPNs is straightforward to explain, which we’ll do in the following segment of this article.

How Does VPN Works?

  • VPNs work by creating a secure tunnel for your data. Instead of having your Web data flowing openly, VPNs mask it by encrypting it, making your date ‘unreadable’ by anyone else on the Web. Let’s take a closer look at explaining this technology: To use a VPN, you need to have corresponding software installed. New VPN services bring incredibly simple and highly polished applications that can be used by just about anyone. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert at security-related technologies, as VPNs typically bring a smartphone-like user interface;
  • With the VPN running on your device, you select the desired server. You’ll usually see a long list of countries and individual cities. Double-clicking on any of them will instruct your VPN to make a secure connection.

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  • After a few seconds, you’ll be connected to the chosen VPN server. From this moment, all your Web data will flow through a secure VPN tunnel. This means that your data will be encrypted, so no one will be able to see what you do online – not even your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Websites that you visit and your ISP will know that you’re using the Web, but they won’t see what you do online.
  • Finally, it’s essential to be said that even if someone collects your sensitive data, they won’t be able to read it because of its encryption. Since most of the VPNs typically uses AES-256 encryption, this makes your data practically uncrackable even by the highest standards.

What Are The Advantages of Using a VPN?

By now, you can see that VPNs are designed to safeguard your online browsing. However, it’s interesting to note that these applications bring numerous benefits, making them imperative in today’s digital world. So, here’s what you can expect from more capable VPNs out there.

VPN Makes You Invisible Online

As you already know, VPNs rely on different levels of encryption and protocols that essentially lock your Web browsing data. Since they grant you an all-new IP address, no one will know your physical location, and they won’t be able to track you online.

VPN Unblocks New Websites

By giving you a new IP address (that can be associated with another country), you can unblock websites previously locked in your region. This can be a life-saver in countries with prominent censorship. As you know, many countries block websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. And there are also websites available in specific counties only (like Hulu in the USA and Japan). Well, VPNs unlock all those websites and plenty more.

VPN Fights Against Throttling

Many ISPs around the world throttle the speed of Web connections when accessing certain websites. In the USA, we’ve seen reports of ISPs deliberately throttling access to Netflix, for example. By using a VPN, you hide which sites you visit, which goes against ISP-imposed throttling and allowing you to use the full extent of your connection.

VPN Secures You Against Malware & Hacking

VPNs are mandatory if you often connect to the Web via public Wi-Fi hotspots. Browsing the Web from a local coffee shop or while traveling, can easily make you a target of a hacking attempt, which primarily applies to open Wi-Fi connections. VPNs add a security layer to all the data you send and receive, and they block any unauthorized access.

Top 5 Premium VPN Services in 2020

By downloading and executing VPN software, you will get a “new” IP from the country server you choose. It’s like, you connect to your favorite website through the country of your choice, even though you may not live in that country now. In this article, we’re going to look at VPNs in the latter categories.

We will see how each of these VPNs have their strengths or uniqueness. So, you’re going to see how much you’ll cling for these best VPN providers in serving your needs to unblock your favorite websites:


This is the most popular VPN brand that becomes one of the top 5 best VPN ever. First of all, NordVPN has already got 5577 servers in 58 different countries, which is a lot compared to other VPN’s 5-6 different country servers. Unlike other VPNs, NordVPN doesn’t only randomly select country servers for free users.


Instead, it uses the Quick Connect algorithm to select the fastest connecting country servers around you. Another uniqueness NordVPN has that other VPN doesn’t have is the SmartPlay DNS. By using this DNS, you will be able to access and stream your favorite Netflix shows using the U.S., the U.K., Canadian, French, Japanese, or Brazilian servers.

It can also be integrated into every server at every electronic device. Being originated in Panama, NordVPN has an impeccable quality of privacy. It ensures more confidence in their users that their users won’t be vulnerable to data breaches. After all, Panama is a haven for data privacy.  As for pricing, the three years plan starts from as low as 3.49$. The good thing is that it comes with 30 days money back guaranty. So, you can cancel it anytime if not satisfied with the provided services.

Visit NordVPN


SurfShark is another good VPN provider available for almost all the platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox extensions. Another key highlight of using this service is that it allows you to connect unlimited devices simultaneously. Hence, you can secure all the devices simultaneously. Strict no-log policy assures your privacy to remain secret as the service claims not to store your data online.

SurfShark VPN

Furthermore, it comes with Camouflage Mode, making sure your ISP not to track while you are using the VPN. Overall, you will get an interception free experience with SurfShark VPN. There are some other useful security features for a seamless experience, and AES-256-GCM encryption is there to protect your personal data. Speaking to the pricing, the monthly plan starts from 11.95$, which goes up to 71.88$ for the yearly plan. If you are interested in using SurfShark, You can download it here.

BUY SurfShark


ExpressVPN can be your choice if all you seek is a high-speed VPN with practical file sizes. In connecting with the entire country servers it has, ExpressVPN uses the powerful TrustedServer technology. This technology stores data on RAM and never write back to the hard drives. TrustedServer in ExpressVPN doesn’t only minimize data risks, vulnerabilities, or misconfiguration of any kind.

ExpressVPN Privacy Protection

Instead, this one of a kind technology is also audited by PwC, one of the Big 5 audit firms in the world. So far, only ExpressVPN uses TrustedServer as additional technology. It is the reason why does ExpressVPN has become one of the best VPNs you’re going to cling for.  Speaking to the features, the ExpressVPN comes with servers set up in 94 countries worldwide in 160 locations. So, there shouldn’t be any speed issue as you might be going to connect your nearby city to boost the internet speed.

Overall, ExpressVPN is a reputed VPN brand with high-end encryption to secure your privacy. Its price starts from 12.95$/mo and goes to as low as 8.32$/mo for a yearly plan. Moreover, it comes with 30 days money guarantee for further satisfaction assurance.

Visit ExpressVPN


Ipvanish could be another good choice if you are looking to buy a premium VPN service. The company claims to have more of the 1500 active servers in 75 different locations around the globe. Similar to other premium services, it offers 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data. Zero traffic logs could be a handy feature if you want to destroy your logs simultaneously.

Moreover, we have found decent internet speeds in our testing. But the price seems to be on the higher side compared to other VPNs. The base plan starts from $10 for the first month and renews at $11.99 for the next month. You can get a significant discount with an annual plan, that costs $6.99 monthly or $77.99 on yearly basis. Overall, it is a decent option if you are looking for a paid VPN.

Visit IPVanish


CyberGhost is one of the most widely used VPNs all over the world. Popular products tend to shine, at least in their categories. So, why not it is also one of the top 5 best VPN ever in the world? The strict no-logs policy in CyberGhost’s data logging makes browsing or surfing and streaming your favorite videos safer using the provided VPN from more than 5,700 servers in 90 countries.

Not to forget that the encryption process itself is solid and simple that makes CyberGhost a stable and secure VPN—one of the best VPNs you’re going to regret if you’re not using it. Some VPNs only go as far as letting you fix your VPN if anything goes wrong. The same doesn’t apply to CyberGhost. CyberGhost’s live chat is available 24/7 if you have difficulties in operating this one.

Visit CyberGhost

Free VPN Providers (not recommended for business purpose)

Above we have talked about the best VPN services for your device. But there are additional options available at free of cost with limited functionality. Essential, most of them are proxy services. If you are thinking to use these options for business purposes, we strongly recommend using the premium VPNs we have mentioned above. Here is our list of free alternative options if you want to use it for general use:


It is one of the most convenient VPNs you can use. Hola is easy to install. So as long as you have the Hola logo displayed everywhere in your Windows page (as well as clickable), you will be able to access your favorite URLs that are blocked all around your area. As a VPN, Hola takes a form of web extension.

It is available in Firefox and Chrome. Immediately enter your favorite URL when you click the Hola extension symbol. You can even download it anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. No other VPNs have simpler setups than Hola. Hola is even more superior in the free version. Other VPNs only have one set of country servers in their free versions (usually either the U.S. or the U.K. server). You can choose practically every possible country server in Hola, and you can even switch back to your home country.



Being a VPN that can disguise cookies and do decent data encryptions even since the free version, HideMyAss becomes one of the best free VPN. HideMyAss doesn’t stop in only being web extensions. You can even access HideMyAss through the official website for free. When you do this, you have the U.S. (NYC and Seattle), Germany (Frankfurt), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), the U.K. (London), and Czech Republic (Prague) as your choices of country servers. Or, you can opt for random country servers for fun.

When you’ve been all set with your URL and your choice on the country server, you can browse anonymously. At the same time, the free version only lets you be anonymized for only one browser tab—the paid version, in contrast, gives you unlimited access to private browsing.

The paid version of HideMyAss doesn’t only give you unlimited private browsing sessions. It also lets you browse freely on all of your electronic devices. It can even let you stream your favorite TV shows using the U.S. server and provides you with safe online banking systems. Not stopping there, any efforts to catch you using “unique” ISPs will be blocked to ensure your safety further as you choose the entertainment that pleases you the most.



If Netflix is your primary focus in unblocking contents that are not available in your area, then, PrivateVPN is your perfect choice. A specialized server for Netflix (as well as other channels as in Hulu, BBC, iPlayer, and many other more) is available to stream your favorite episodes that are exclusive for certain countries from the 59 countries.

Coupled with the High-Quality Network (or HQN) it purchases directly from the ISP, PrivateVPN provides the users with impressive download and upload speed for streaming and enjoying every part of entertainment you can.



Kaspersky has known to provide decent antivirus software with a 1-year guarantee. Now, it is also providing safe and secures private browsing experiences using the Kaspersky VPN. “Safe to do 4S”: Surf, socialize, stream, and shop—this is a sum of Kaspersky’s uniqueness compared to other VPNs. In other words, by surfing, socializing, streaming, and shopping with Kaspersky, you can be sure that this is the VPN that handles the job in a balanced manner.

Having a maximum data allowance of 200 MB per day (or 300 MB if you are logged in your My Kaspersky account) in the free version, this one has already provided you with everything you’ll ever need in unblocking contents you’d always want to unblock. If this is not enough, then, the Premium Protection or the paid version of Kaspersky VPN doesn’t have any maximum data allowance limits. Priced on around $30 per year with special discounted price offers and options to subscribe monthly or annually.


Final Verdict

Some VPNs come at an affordable price. Some others have the extra security and encryption systems that other VPNs don’t have. There are many other VPNs with each of their uniqueness according to your needs. Finally, good luck in always clinging for your best possible VPN!


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