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Bitcoin Entertainment at Home – Use Your Bitcoins as Bingo Spends

Bitcoin Entertainment at Home – Use Your Bitcoins as Bingo Spends

Two iconic words which have long since become household names in their own right. Bingo and Bitcoin have both had more than their fair share of the limelight for very different reasons. But in bringing them together, there’s something more that makes the collaboration even more exciting.

Now BTC investors can play bingo online using their crypto stash rather than letting their virtual coins just sit there waiting for that magic double up on the crypto markets!

Bringing Bitcoin and bingo together

Before you rush off to your favorite online bingo website to cash in, take a minute to take a good look at what’s being offered. There are tons of excellent BTC specific welcome bonus offers, which can often be higher than using domestic currencies such as dollars or sterling.

Like many other services online, sometimes there’s a little legwork to be done before jumping straight in. Much like researching techniques for calculating profit from crypto mining, finding bingo sites that actually accept Bitcoin as tender and offer a decent bonus also needs some groundwork. If you are looking for an online bingo website that offers an attractive BTC welcome bonus and plenty of regular bonuses, you also need to research the bonus terms and conditions!

Perks of using Bitcoin in bingo

As a virtual tender that launched in 2009, Bitcoin has certainly proven it has a place in the world and has now led to the creation of other virtual currencies too. Completely different to the days of cash in hand gameplay at bingo halls, paying for books of tickets is now largely rendered online. First by purchasing virtual bingo tickets using GBP, EUR, CAD, or any other accepted currency, and now to cryptocurrency. How things have changed since bingo rose into the British culture in the 70s and 80s.

When it comes to actually using Bitcoin tender on a bingo site, one of the major perks is that no personal details have to be given when depositing money into a bingo account. In effect, most Bingo with Bitcoin sites offer complete anonymity. However, most of the UK bingo sites will require that you confirm your identity due to age restriction laws under the UKGC licensing guidelines.

In this case, you still have some anonymity so far as bingo or gambling transactions do not show up on your bank statements.

Easy, Fast, and Secure BTC Deposits

When you sign up to your BTC Bingo site, in the deposit area you will have a Bitcoin wallet address. Simply go to your BTC wallet and enter the BTC wallet address for your BTC Bingo account and the amount you want to deposit. Once you process the transaction, you will need to wait a few seconds or up to a few minutes before your casino wallet updates. The wait is only small and depends on the BTC network speed at the time of the deposit.

When you want to withdraw your BTC, simply go to the cashier area and enter the public key for your BTC wallet. Where there’s an increasing concern over cyber theft and fraud, the lesser amount of personal data flying around the better. And as you are dealing with public keys for Bitcoin, it is this privacy and anonymity which has helped Bitcoin gain a foothold with bingo sites and the players’ trust.

Getting started with Bitcoin

Even for bingo players who don’t have much experience working with computers, setting up Bitcoin for gameplay is a straightforward and easy process.

Minor details in the process may change depending on the bingo site players wish to use, but the start of the process is generally unchanged.

Buying Bitcoin all begins with opening up a Bitcoin wallet, somewhere to keep your purchased Bitcoin tender. There are different types of wallets available with a cold storage wallet often recommended as it does not need an Internet connection. A hardware wallet is however the most secure option. Next visiting a Bitcoin exchange you can buy your currency then be playing bingo by brunch.


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