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The modern business environment dictates new rules for the effective work of corporations. High IT technologies penetrate the management system and increase productivity at all stages. Board Portals software is a digital tool that will lift the work processes flow of your company to a brand new level.

What are Board Portals?

The Board Portal is a digital software solution that facilitates secure digital board meetings and collaboration between boards of directors on their own devices. With this virtual boardroom tool, the directors and managers of the organization make decisions and monitor their implementation remotely from anywhere. 

The internal corporate Board document management software provides the possibility of communication, document exchange, publication of employee achievements, and company news. A distinctive feature of this program is its private access: only employees of your company can enter there.

Board Portal tools

The principle of operation of the Board meeting management portal is to expand the coverage area within the management processes and reduce the number of actual meetings of the board members. Now all meetings will be held online, thanks to that convenient and affordable software. This is the best technological solution for three stages of board meetings:

  • Pre-meeting work
  • During the Meeting work
  • Post-meeting work

In fact, the board management software makes all discussions easier and more efficient. Thanks to such technological solutions, all management processes of the organization become faster and more efficient. What software tools does the Board Portal include? Here are 6 basic options:

  • Polling procedure and voting;
  • The compiler of the agenda;
  • The compiler of the minutes of meetings;
  • Section with activity monitoring;
  • Attendance control;
  • Statistics and reports.

There are plenty of similar Board Portal software options that contribute to uninterrupted communication. Choosing the correct software for the board of directors will not only simplify the communication flow and help your board operate on an advanced basis.

Why use the Board Portal?

Today, the process of managing organizations and corporations is a much more complex mechanism than it was 10 years ago. And such a tool as the Board software is a real godsend for managers. With the help of that software, the organization’s managers conduct effective operations, controlling all the processes. All current documents and data are freely available to the company’s leaders. The management process takes place in a safe environment, thanks to the Board Portal.  

So, the general question is, why do you need a Board Portal? Here are at least five advantages of using that utility:

High level of efficiency

Board meeting management software provides more efficient processes within the cycle of meetings of the Director’s board and other work processes related to the management of the company. Thanks to this advanced software, managers of different segments no longer need to create manual tasks. It allows you to keep your time on completing tasks. From now on, all meetings with the formulation of key tasks are held in the format of electronic communication. In a word, Board Portal is the best IT solution in modern corporate realities. The Board Portal app also allows board members to work anywhere and on the go. 

Centralized format

When all decisions are made by the heads of different departments of the same organization within a single software, this leads to maximum centralization within the corporate community. Board Portal is an all-in-one utility, which means it effectively combines all the tools that directors use during the General Council meeting. With the help of just one platform (Board Portal), the company’s managers provide tasks in all directions. This minimizes the time spent on bringing tasks from the manager to the employee. Also, the centralized format of the Board Portal software allows you to control the execution of decisions already made. 


The intelligent and secure Board Portal provides access to the platform for all members of the board of directors of a certain organization. All the meetings and final decisions related to the company’s management are transparent, and any member of the Board of Directors can track the dynamics of past and present events using the Board meeting software. Control logs are also stored inside this utility, which ensures transparency of the organization’s activities. Besides, all Board Portal solutions are based on strict compliance by board members with management requirements by storing confidential data by relevant policies and guidelines.

Effective accountability

With the help of the Board Portals software, company executives expand their accountability capabilities. This is achieved by direct access to the tracking and verification of all decisions made and actions implemented. The new accountability format, which has become available thanks to the Board Portal, is always consistent and is based on agreements adopted at board meetings. 


Using Board Portal, organizations store all their corporate data in complete security and in terms of the highest confidentiality. For this, the Board Portal program provides several security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and a password policy.

How to choose the best software? 

To pick the optimal Board Portal tool, you need to consider several basic criteria it has to provide while making Board Portal comparison: 

  • Control over the actions of all users of the system;
  • Setting permissions for access to confidential documents for members of the Board of Directors;
  • An option for real-time communication;
  • A section with comments and annotations highlighting essential points;
  • Access to unlimited data storage.

The effectiveness of the company’s work in the long term depends on the correct software choice for managing the board of directors. Choose a board management software that has all the features listed above to get the most benefits.

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