Unique Ways to Boost Your Profits Betting on an iPad App

With hundreds of different betting apps and with you having no end of choice, I would urge you to think long and hard about just which one of them to make use of if you fancy joining the millions of people who do bet on their mobile devices.

The top iPad betting apps really are going to give you a first-class sports betting experience, but if you have never bet on your iPad before then you will not be aware of just what to look out for from such an app, so make sure to visit this page for a list of iPad sports betting apps and also continue reading the following guide.

What I am going to enlighten you on in this guide are the many additional features and some other aspects of using a betting app that will ensure you get plenty of additional extras, have the best betting experience but will also lock in plenty of additional value.

Claiming Free Bets and Deposit Match Bonuses

The promotional offers that will be showered upon you once you sign up to any betting app are going to never ned, for they will all give you access to some form of bonus or free bet when you sign up and then to keep you a loyal customer, they will make available to you plenty of other ones as well.

Just make sure that you read through the terms and conditions of any free bet odds and do the same when they offer you any type of deposit match bonus, for they will be different at all betting apps and you should only ever make use of the ones that are offering you the highest possible value.

Looks Out for Early Odds and Best Odds Guarantees

You will see some unique type of promotional offers as mentioned above, some of them will however be related to actual bets you place, and therefore if you see a bookie offering you odds on sporting events that are not due to take place for many weeks or months do check out those odds.

They often offer much higher odds when you do bet long in advance and not only that some of them will offer you a best odds guarantee and when you make use of such an offer if the odds you take end up being lower than the final odds offered you get those higher odds instead.

Convinced that Sportsbooks Always Win?

As each sportsbook has in place their own built in house edge on every single betting market they offer, you will not be too surprised to learn they do make a healthy profit over the long term, sure they may lose on some betting markets they offer, but they do end up making a profit, and often a huge one each year.

That may lead some of you to have thoughts about becoming a sportsbook owner or operator yourself, and surprisingly that is not going to cost you a lot of money to be able to do, that is due to a new type of betting app that allows you to take bets from other sports bettors.

It will be a betting exchange app that you will need to download, install, and sign up to if you do want to become a bookie yourself, and once you have selected one to sign up to you can then log into that app and select any sports betting opportunity in any sporting event that you want to accept bets on.

If the betting odds you offer are appealing enough then other users of the mobile betting exchange will place their bets with you, their stakes are held in a segregated account when they place their bets and any liabilities you have should their bets win are also kept in a segregated account.

Once the result is known if the person who placed their bet with you wins, they instantly get sent their winnings, if their bet loses you get sent their stake money.


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