Can You Force Stop the Slot Games Reels Online? 

Many players believe that force stopping the reels at the correct time will result in a bigger win or a lucrative bonus – play slots now. However, this is not necessarily the case. 

Does Stopping the Reels Affect the Outcome of a Spin? 

Stopping the reels at the right time can lead to a big win or a nice bonus. That is a common myth that many players believe when it comes to stopping the reels. There is absolutely no truth to this way of playing, stopping the reels at a specific moment will not affect the outcome of a spin in any way. The only way in which players have an outcome on the reel spin is if they are playing a skills-based slot game. Thanks to the RNG of a slot machine, the outcome of a slot spin is completely random. It will not be affected by anything the player or casino does. Due to the RNG, stopping the reels at a specific moment is redundant because the outcome has already been decided. 

Understand the Reels 

Players need to understand how slot machine reels work before they consider pressing the turbo option as it can help to inform their decision. 

  •     In mechanically operated slot machines, the reels were a physical part of a slot. They would turn every time a player took a turn and they could even be manipulated by players through things such as magnets.
  •     In modern slot machines, the reels no longer exist in this form. The very concept of a reel is merely an animation that is played by the slot machine every time a player hits spin.
  •     The reels don’t determine the outcome of a slot spin, the RNG does. The RNG stands for random number generator and it is a key piece of data that is used in every slot game, on and offline.
  •     The RNG works out complex equations at incredibly fast speeds when the play hits spin, so fast in fact that the outcome is determined before the reels have stopped spinning.
  •     The RNG is meant to ensure that the outcome of a slot spin is completely random, free from outside influence by either the player or casino.

Is there any Reason to Stop the Reels? 

If there is no practical reason to stop the reels, is there any reason at all to stop the reels from spinning? There actually might be one or two occasions where stopping the reels might be the wise decision. 

  1. Stopping the reels is perfect for players who wish to play a faster-paced game where the turbo mode isn’t an option. It gets the same result it would if the reels finished spinning, just a little bit faster.
  2. There is no impact to your overall game, no matter if you stop the reels from spinning or let them finish. It all comes down to whether you wish to play faster or slower. 


Stopping the reels at a certain time is a common slots myth, thanks to the RNG the outcome of a spin is already determined before the player has the chance to force stop the reels.

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