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Casino Platforms & White Label Solutions: How Does It Work?

Casino Platforms & White Label Solutions: How Does It Work?

Setting up online casinos is neither easy nor straightforward. There are so many moving parts in setting up a casino platform that can be a huge drag if you’re not a wealthy corporation and or have considerable experience to act as a guide to a new casino business.

You need a reliable software provider, gambling operator, payment solution companies, and the required licenses for your casino to run. This is where white label solutions come in.

White label solutions aren’t a strange word in the business world, a white label product or service is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

White label solutions are essential processes where a client outsources another company, the white label provider, to handle the production and design of a product or service and the client then handles the branding and marketing of the said product. This article is a guide to new casinos online and how they can function in sync with white label solutions.

So why white label solutions?

The answer is pretty simple, to save time and money. Owning casinos is usually a profitable business in the long run so it will always appeal to business people. But in the short term, getting a casino up and running is quite tedious. Setting up an online gambling platform is such a delicate process that a simple misstep can tank the whole operation so unless the proprietor is already well versed in how to run a casino.

So in some cases, you find that clients:

  1. Have no idea how the online gambling industry works
  2. Are not interested in hands-on management of the casino
  3. Want to avoid the stress of acquiring and renewing gaming licenses

With white label solutions, all the client has to then focus on is the branding and advertisement of a labelless market-ready product that is supplied by the White label provider, hence the name. White labels aren’t unique to gambling platforms but they are increasingly popular as tech advancement and more sophistication among software providers has made it a lot easier to source white label solutions

How a white label solution works

First of all, as with any business that involves a second or third party, it is important to make researches on who you so that you can pick legitimate providers. In the casino industry, there are experienced developers include that can supply ready-made templates and even full bodywork of gambling platforms.

They do the back end technical nitty-gritty of setting up and maintenance of the gambling platforms including providing gaming platforms and content, player management system, bonus and promotions management system, procuring the necessary licenses, and customer service.

Some providers will also offer consultation services The front-end tasks are then left to the client. The final part is splitting the proceeds at an already determined ratio. Depending on the agreement with the white label provider software maintenance will also be carried out at intervals.

There are two kinds of white label providers. There are full White label providers who offer more in the way of customization and have the advantage of offering uniqueness to your online casinos by building integration platforms from scratch to allow you more flexibility in choosing.

Their counterparts are more generic and use platforms that often contain the content of other creators into a package. These providers like SoftSwiss, Playtech, Realtime, and many much more offer access to thousands of games, many of them already licensed. The client can then decide to remove and add to the pre-existing games.

This method is generally cheaper than using full white label providers and so more popular. All you have to do is log in to different online casinos and see the similarities in the structure of their platform.

Advantages to using White label solutions

Cost: It’s much cheaper than building your own business from the scratch. Using white label solutions helps you avoid most of the overhead costs that come with a traditional setup. The white label usually cost south of $50,000 to establish which is less than double

Licensing: You are sidestepping the issues that come with obtaining licenses and leaving it in the hand of professionals who know more about licensing and usually come with pre-licensed setups.

You will be able to judge the product of the white label provider through the eyes of a consumer. Prior gambling experience wouldn’t hurt here.

Because of the market-ready nature of a white label solution, it is much less time-consuming and less prone to teething troubles that can hinder the casino if done by the client himself.

To finish up, White label casinos are the wave in terms of establishing online casinos. Sure, if you do have the capital, knowledge, and patience then, by all means, build it how you see fit but nowadays the sophisticated white label solutions mean that even casino veterans prefer it than starting from scratch.



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