Common Tricks Casino Marketers Use

Casino operators strive in every possible way to ensure the growth of their business. Like every other business, they employ and make use of marketers. The responsibility of marketers is to drive customers to engage in gambling activities on the platform. This aim they achieve by setting up strategies and tricks capable of attracting gamblers.

An estimated 21% of the world population, 1.6 billion approximately gamble in one form or the other as of 2021. Likewise, over 4.2 billion people gamble at least once a year. The numbers show increasing participation in gambling, but many casinos are also springing up to meet the needs of players. Hence, the need for marketers to put their brands up there in the face of fierce competition is inevitable.

As such, casinos must step up their games if they must survive in the gambling space. The responsibility of marketers in the picture is to suggest ideas for staying ahead of competitors in the game. The following are some of the tricks that casino marketers employ;

The licensing announcement

The integrity of a casino house is as essential as that of the licensing company. Gamblers sometimes judge the reliability of a casino by its regional license. While licenses from some gambling commissions are held in high esteem, some are not regarded. That is why a casino must acquire a license from a reputable regulating body.

Hence, it is not uncommon to see marketers root for their brands using the license logic. They sell the integrity of their licensing commission to the gamblers as that of their brand. This trick works well as every gambler wants to play with the most reliable casino.

Welcome bonuses & payment options

Bonus is part of marketing tricks in online casinos. Casinos offer players bonuses to attract new players and also encourage active engagement in their platforms.  Welcome bonuses come with a wagering requirement. You will not be able to make a withdrawal until you meet the requirement.

Most casinos require players to deposit and wager the bonus value before the withdrawal. Else, you risk losing the bonus offer. Casino marketers can leverage a low to medium wagering requirement to promote their casinos. And if they operate a flexible and wide range of payment options, it is another factor to blow their trumpet. Why? There’s no point in a bonus you can’t withdraw.

Most casinos in UK, US & Australia are now integrating new and faster payment methods. Several Irish casinos are also adopting new methods, including Pay by SMS, crypto, and Google Pay methods. You may check out Google Pay casino for Irish players if you wish to try Google Pay payment.

Loyalty program

Loyalty programs are marketing strategies for online gambling. This program is used to reward consistent players on the platform. It allows players to accumulate points for different actions, including deposit and wager on games.

After an extended period, you can redeem the points for a reward. The reward ranges from cash prizes, bonus games, or access to casino exclusive programs. If your points qualify you for VIP status, that can earn you some benefits like extended limits, a personal account manager, and a special bonus offer.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an excellent tool in the hand of casino marketers. Content in the casino industry spans from games, write-ups to inspire gamblers and graphics/media content. Each of these contents is created to capture the gambler’s attention.

Marketers are expected to come up with write-ups capable of motivating gamblers. The graphics and media content on the website must also be alluring. Casinos also integrate some slot games with soundtracks. All of these are content strategies casino marketers use.

Near win experience

The near win experience is a psychological trick casino marketers use on gamblers. A gambler with this experience will realize he is always a symbol away from winning in slot games. It might be a number away from the winning number on table games. This experience motivates the gambler to try harder, hoping to hit next time.

The near win experience is shared in progressive slot playing. The winning symbol for a jackpot can be five combinations. A player who sees four out of the five symbols will be inspired to try out once more.

Announcement of big wins

The big win announcement strategy works wonderfully on gamblers. Some gamblers doubt the idea of hitting the jackpot; many believe it is impossible. They assume it is the strategy of casinos to keep siphoning money from players. However, when casino marketers started announcing big wins, the idea changed.

The announcement of jackpot winners from different places to the gaming community keeps other players motivated. This is not an attempt to manipulate gamblers but a psychological game in favor of casinos.

The competition in the casino industry is increasing just as the popularity. Hence the need for each brand to step up their game. Marketers of online casinos are known for different strategies. No doubt, those strategies work wonders.


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