How Dark Mode Can Boost Performance of Your Social Media Ads

You’re probably using dark mode on your phone and your social media platforms – about 82% of people prefer dark mode for their iPhones.

What does dark mode have to do with advertising?

Well, we’re here today with a very specific tip: If you use platform-native social proof, take screenshots of that social proof in dark mode.

For example…

If you’re running an ad on Twitter that uses a screenshot of a customer’s tweet as the creative, take a screenshot of that tweet with your Twitter in dark mode.

Why it works: Most people use dark mode. If you’re using platform-native social proof, using that creative in dark mode helps it feel more organic for the 80% of people that use dark mode. In other words, it feels less like an ad and more like a real post.

It won’t work for everyone, but it does for some – give it a shot!

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