Data Leakage: How to Cope with It at an Enterprise?

Nowadays, most companies use multi-level file processing systems – cloud storage of files, corporate networks, etc. All these systems not only transmit data but are also a reason for their possible leakage. Leakage of classified files is a process of uncontrolled disclosure of key data for a company. How to cope with and prevent leakage of corporate secrets – info about the product development technologies, intellectual property, and other details, which generate a profit for the company? Read in the post.

The Staff as a Potential Threat  

Every worker is a potential threat to data security. People often work at home – they move corporate files to their flash drives, transfer them over unsecured connection channels, and discuss it with a staff of competing companies. For example, they don’t know what software to use to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook, and this data can be intercepted by competitors.

There is always a risk of data leakage from personnel, and it cannot be completely eliminated. The security service can take measures that limit the interaction of employees with confidential files:

  1. Development of access control rules. The rules are a list of clear rights and restrictions that must be respected by each employee. Their basic principle is that each employee interacts only with the data that is required for his/her work. Thus, a sales manager will not be able to find out the secret of product development and other important data that someone wants to know.
  2. Compliance with the standards of data documenting that contains corporate secrets.
  3. Prompt identification of employees who pose a threat of data disclosure.

How to Identify an Employee Who Sells Data to Competitors?

An authorized staff or security department should be responsible for controlling the work of personnel with classified materials. Their task is to monitor the activities of workers throughout the working day and promptly identify all cases of info leakage. In practice, it is possible to detect a person leaking a commercial secret by the following signs:

  • A worker is delayed after work at one’s workplace. In this case, there is a possibility that he/she is trying to gain access to classified info at a time when there are no supervisors nearby.
  • A specialist saves too many electronic company docs to his/her personal computer or smartphone.
  • A worker unnecessarily copies papers, the info in these files is intended for official use only.
  • A person regularly violates the general security requirements when working with corporate secrets.
  • An employee was caught in contact with the staff of competing companies.

You need to pay attention to such workers and find out if their goal is to get any secret files. It is vital to start an investigation only if specific facts of leakage of corporate data have become obvious.


Frequent personnel changes, lower wages, staff layoffs – all this can be a reason for the leakage of classified files. In this case, it is important to pay close attention to the data security of the company.

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