9 Dorm Room Business Projects That Will Inspire You

In the words of the famed American civil rights activist, “the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” The silver lining is, in the spirit of preparing for the future and the pursuit of happiness, college campuses are the best places to start. It’s a well-known fact that campuses are home to a myriad of activities besides schooling.

But what if you can divert some of those extra hours to deepen your pockets? You will be shocked to discover how easily applicable some of your skills are in the business world. Are you interested? Then here are top dorm room business projects that can inspire you and prepare you for the real world.

  1. Freelance Copywriting
  2. Graphic design
  3. Web design
  4. Photography
  5. Cleaning services
  6. Freelance makeup artists
  7. Host events
  8. Open up a food truck
  9. Create a YouTube channel

Freelance Copywriting

How good are your penning skills? Do your college essay samples tell a history of excellent essay writing? Do you have an eye that can catch the little details and errors in writing and a mind that can win hearts with the stroke of a pen? Then copywriting might just be a suitable replacement for your dull college days.

That said, even the best writers weren’t at the top of their game when they first started; as such, it’s nothing to fret over if you have average skills, as long as you can polish them. That said, the writing world is filled with diverse niches, so there’s room for an extra piece of the pie.

Graphic Design

Although graphic designing isn’t a generic acquired skill that anyone can do, it’s an excellent fit for design majors in college. More importantly, it’s a profession that heavily relies on creativity and not one’s accumulated years of experience. Nonetheless, you still need a portfolio of design projects made in the past to get started. In today’s world, where digital communication reigns supreme, a graphic designer is a very sought-after profession. Take the initiative and  start a business or enter the job market with a beautiful portfolio, and your college days will never be the same.

Web Designer

According to a recent statistic, over five thousand websites are created worldwide on a daily basis. In other words, every single one of these websites was designed by a web designer. What more proof do you need to deepen your pockets with those tedious dorm room hours?

Suppose there’s one thing that’s clear as day about modern business, it’s the fact that they are all opting for an online presence, as it presents a broader audience to their products and services. Moreover, this trend is not going away anytime soon unless something better than the internet comes along. So, are you a college student who’s skilled in web design? Then now is the time to piggyback on your design skills for a better foundation out in the real world.


Who doesn’t like photographs, especially in modern times where the likes of Instagram and Facebook have taken center stage in our lives? Fortunately for you, even high-definition smartphone cameras and the myriad of filters still can’t hold a candle to professional photography. Coincidentally, the environment on college campuses is like fertile soil for photography, given all the funfairs, birthdays, and other programs organized regularly. Brand yourself as the go-to person for all things related to photography on campus, and you’ll never look back.

Cleaning Services

It might not look like it, but cleaning services are some of the most lucrative businesses that require very little start-up capital but promise huge returns. All it takes is to get some professional cleaning appliances, a little branding, and you can make an excellent living in and out of campus while being a student. It doesn’t get any more inspirational than that.

Make-up Artist

If the statuses of the likes of Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are anything to go by, then the makeup industry is certainly worth your free time. Although there can only be one Kylie Jenner, it only takes today’s initiative to make the next you in the makeup industry.

Are you skilled in makeup artistry? Are you that one friend that everyone wants to make them up? Then why not line up your pocket while you are at it? Although the profession has become highly competitive, mainly in part due to social media, which has made it one of the most generic professions you can find out there, the work of real professionals is genuinely something to behold. So stay today on campus, polish your skills and work towards becoming a brand that others can look up to.

Host Events

Do you remember the last party or event you went to that you loved the most? Well, that was the work of an event host. Although it requires a lot of  planning, hard work, and creativity, and capital, it’s also a very lucrative venture on campus. So, do you have what it takes to plan events on campus? Then start today and embellish your skills while making a good living.

Open a Food Truck

Food is a necessity that most people can’t go without for a couple of hours in a day. Couple that with many youngsters who have an appetite for fast food, and you’ll have yourself a worthy investment. And all it’ll take is a little start-up capital. Take time and research which food will sell best, be it a burger, hotdog, etc. Then get the ball rolling, and you’ll have yourself a sizable income stream in a few short months.

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube content creation has been around for a long time now, and it’s trendy amongst millennials. In many ways, it allows you to showcase your talents for a living, be it in comedy, music, or dance, among others, with very little investment capital. Moreover, the workstation is portable, especially for smaller content creators. And it’s also convenient. In contrast to the others on this list, the only downside is that it’ll likely take close to a year before your channel gets considerable traffic. Nonetheless, it can be a worthy investment of your time and talents if you stick with it.

It’s no easy feat to couple college education with lucrative business projects. However, any of the aforementioned ones are worth the effort. The first step is always the hardest; however, you’ll get better with time. So take the initiative now.

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