ESA Gaming Thrives In Italy After Partnership With Planetwin365

After collaborating with the Italian company Microgame, ESA Gaming negotiated a profitable agreement with Planetwin365, one of the best online casinos and a brand owned by the SKS365 Group. This partnership facilitates ESA and Malta’s entry into Italy’s regulated markets.

“ESA’s EasySwipeTM portfolio satisfies a unique requirement as a cross-sell product between sportsbook and casino,” stated SKS365 Online Casino Manager Kristina Lozo. “We are quite enthusiastic about the potential. We can’t wait to give our athletes the games.”

Maria Luisa Malfasi, in charge of business development at ESA Gaming, stated, “We are happy to be partnering with SKS365. Such partnerships demonstrate the quality of our products, and we are thrilled to strengthen our position in Italy.”

According to a statement from SKS365, “ESA’s revolutionary EasySwipeTM portfolio enables operators to expand their ability to cross-sell without impacting other revenue sources. 

This helps sportsbooks enhance the time a player spends on the screen and increase the lifetime value of a player while preserving the best level of game quality.”

The Partnership

The new arrangement was announced on Thursday, meaning that top content from ESA Gaming will be transported to Italy by the brand. Planetwin365 will be the first operator in the country to provide ESA Gaming’s Goal Mine World Edition game, per the conditions of the new agreement.

The new title is a special edition of the successful business title Goal Mine that has been updated. The RTP for Goal Mine World Edition is 96%, which is greater than the RTP for the original game.

The Italian operator is live with ESA’s library of ultra-lightweight games, which includes popular titles like Basketball Mine, FruitStaxx, and Fruitz & Spinz, as well as a variety of traditional casino games such as BlackJack. A pipeline of intriguing new products is on the horizon.

With the unique EasySwipeTM portfolio from ESA, operators may improve their cross-selling capabilities without jeopardizing their revenue streams. 

This helps sportsbooks enhance the time a player spends on the screen and increase the player’s lifetime value while preserving the best game quality.

ESA Gaming and Planetwin365

A group of iGaming veterans founded the independent gaming company ESA Gaming in 2009. Previously, the company focused on expanding its content aggregator and poker network until recently, when it began to function on mobile slots.

ESA Gaming’s online slots are accessible on tablets and mobile devices. The brand’s casino games all adhere to the same rule: simplicity, speed, and portability. Due to the EasySwipeTM function, each game looks fantastic in high definition, offers engaging gameplay, and is a pleasure to operate.

PlanetWin356 is a sportsbook that allows you to place wagers of any size. You can wager on a wide variety of international sports. It is an Austria-based sportsbook that also debuted in 2009. They also have a long history of online gaming, which can be accessed via the “Multiple bets” function on their website.

Sportsbook offers numerous wagering options, but live betting is the most popular. You can wager on various sports and enjoy live betting, which will provide information to help you make more informed wagers. You can place various types of wagers on the available sports, including Multi-Goals, Chance Mix, Combo, and Asian handicap wagers.

Poker players can also wager on other games and receive up to 25% of their rake back through a VIP program. The website is also compatible with mobile devices and numerous languages. The Hive Poker Network operates it, and most of its players are Italian.

Good Tidings

ESA Gaming will provide additional titles to Planetwin365, effectively expanding its EasySwipe inventory. FruitStaXX, Fruitz & Spinz, and Basketball Mine are all extremely successful and popular games. 

In addition, players on Planetwin365 would be able to play classic games from ESA Gaming, including blackjack. Additionally, the corporation stated that it would bring more gaming material to Italy’s most popular brand.

Planetwin365, on the other hand, will introduce new and enhanced games to its already-impressive library. These games will be personalized to match the demands and expectations of its clients, hence increasing the brand’s global recognition in the future.

It’s worth noting that the released ESA games are really enjoyable. They all provide gamers with unique experiences, which keeps them engaged and enthusiastic about gaming. 

The graphics on ESA Gaming slots are likewise beautiful. The colors are vibrant without overpowering, and the graphics are reminiscent of old-school casino games despite having a highly contemporary appearance.

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