FamiSafe Parental Control App: The best one-location tracker app

As the era is getting more and more digital, the concerns regarding children are also increasing. Nobody can doubt, kids are vulnerable these days so much than ever before. So it is the responsibility of parents to keep an eye on kids to avoid any worse situation. It includes monitoring their visiting schedules and the time they spend on social media platforms. The risk is confined to abduction and such activities, but online abuse is more self-damaging than anything else. So it is necessary to keep the data of activities kids are involved in, and FamiSafe parental control app has made it possible for you. The app allows you to track your child regarding both offline and online activities.

How to track the kids?

There are various apps available for tracking purposes that can work as the personal assistant and eye keeper for kids. Some are

  • FamiSafe location tracking app
  • Google Maps
  • Where’s my droid
  • Geo-tracker
  • Find my device
  • Glimpse
  • Phone tracker for iPhones (tracking people with GPS)
  • Family location-GPS tracker

All of these mobile phone tracker apps that I have mentioned above are location trackers and are free of cost. But among all of this, FamiSafe cell tracker is a leading navigation service provider platform that allows you to locate your kid at any time quickly and any place. The location tracker is a mixture of the latest technology and durable features that make it a location tracker of its kind. The procedure of tracking is a lot convenient, and you won’t end up having a headache.

Features of FamiSafe location tracking app

With the availability on both Android and IOS systems, you can easily access this mobile tracker app from any online platform, i.e., Google play or Play store app. Some extraordinary of this free tracking app features include:

  • Real-time location sharing

The GPS location tracker acts as a locator and uses the latest technology to track the kids. It will let you know about the real-location of kids where your kids are and whether they should be there or not. The feature allows you to stay aware of kids’ whole time activities, such as if they are at school or home where they should be at a particular time. If not, then ensure that your kids are not in danger by providing you data about their current location.

  • Location history tracking and checking

The location is not just confined to your kid’s current position, but it also keeps the data safe so that in case of any problem, you can use this information as evidence. History tracking has proved to be useful regarding the search of lost kids.

How to use?

The app always keeps the comfort of the user as its priority, and you have to follow these simple steps, and the rest of the work will be done by this app.

  • Register your account

Register your account on FamiSafe.

  • Install

Install the app on the device of kids and parents as well from the given links below.

  • Connect

Connect and manage all the devices through the FamiSafe dashboard.

  • Geofencing setup

The Famisafe is a family tracking app that limits the activities of your kid by placing certain boundaries around him. You can set the scale according to your wish, and the tracker app will make you alert. For example, in case a kid approaches a dangerous website, the phone tracker app will block that website and at the same time will alert you through the danger alarm.

Other useful features

  • Limits the screen time

Kids spend most of their time online, and considerable screen time can affect their physical and mental health. The FamiSafe track a cell phone keeps the data about the duration for which the kid spends screen time and confine it according to the parent’s will. You can set a timeline for kids, and FamiSafe will let you know about access time spend on digital devices.

  • Phone activity controller

The app allows you to monitor what your kids download on their tabs and mobile phones. The FamiSafe blocks the unauthentic and harmful apps such as games based on violence or gambling apps. It’s like adopting security measures before falling into any danger. It also filters the browsing websites and keeps the personality damaging content away from kids’ approach. The safes storage of browsing history lets you control the data about the history of kids.

  • Detect suspicious words

The location tracking app allows you to save a particular keyword that you don’t want to see in your kid’s search history. You have to keep that keyword in FamiSafe, and the app will alert you about the threat whenever your kid comes in contact with this word-related research.

Price plans

The app goes with your ease and you can buy any plan according to your budget. Various plans are given as

  • Monthly


  • Quarterly


  • Annual


So now all you have to do is download. Below are the links so you can download easily.

To download from Google Play Store click here

To download from the App Store click here

To download from Amazon click here


In short, the safety of kids is the first priority of parents, and when it comes to location tracking apps, FamiSafe has no alternative.


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