How to Find Your Missing Package | Location Coordinates with JSON Files

how to find your missing package

Are you missing your package? There’s a chance it’s been delivered to the wrong house.

Peter Cooper, a software developer, had ordered a Christmas present for his wife.

The only problem is that the present arrived at the wrong house.

The postal company sent Cooper a photo of the package, but not its actual location. Ugh.

Game on

Peter was determined to find out where his package was.

So he did what he does best. He fired up Google Chrome’s Dev Tools.

Peter tried to see whether the actual location of his package was “hidden” somewhere in those pesky Javascript files that the postal provider website had sent him.


Peter found a JSON file that listed the coordinates of the package.

He then entered them into Google Maps, and voila, the package’s actual location appeared.

It was at his neighbor’s house.

Being the good guy that he is, Peter left a (friendly) note and had his package delivered fairly quickly.

The postal provider also called Peter up and handled the situation fairly well.

Lesson learned. Don’t mess with developer’s mail packages.

If you’re missing your package, you can potentially follow the same steps as Peter to see where your package really is.

You can check out Peter’s Twitter thread here: How to Find Your Mail Package

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