The Best Free Apps for Watching Sports

With lockdown still at large in many places around the globe, and sports bars shut to the public, never has there been a time where so many people have looked to alternatives for watching sports. You can pay for subscriptions to TV providers for a sports package to watch your favorite events, but they can be costly.

Amazon Prime is a cheaper option since they don’t charge extra for the sports coverage they’ve begun showing over the last year or so. But again, it does come with a cost.

But there are plenty of free apps out there, that allow you to watch sports as well. It’s just a case of knowing where to look. So let’s have a quick peek at some free apps that you can download, to get your sporting fix.

Betting Apps

So this isn’t one particular app, they’re a whole group of apps, and you may not even realize how many services they offer. Of course, betting apps are great if you want to check some of the available free picks for the current NBA season, but they’re also great for watching sporting events too.

From football to amateur MMA, they have a wide assortment of events you can watch. They’re not normally the big headliners, so you won’t be able to watch the latest UFC on this app, or something like Liverpool vs Manchester United, but there will be plenty on offer to watch. The only drawback on some apps is that in order to watch, you may need to make a bet, but it’s normally the minimum which could be a few pennies. Nothing compared to the price of a sports subscription to a cable or satellite provider.


Another free app, available on android, ios and windows is the ESPN app. It’s full of all sorts of sports programming and entertainment, from exclusive interviews to event highlights and more. You can even sometimes get events free on there too, but it’s normal if it’s a special promotion of some sort.

Still, it’s an app that is worth getting because as well as the video coverage, it’s also a great place for all the latest sports news as well. Making it a very handy app indeed to keep up-to-date on all the latest sporting events.

Live Sports TV

This is another free app, available only on Android as far as we’re aware. Unlike the betting apps, it will have all the big events you can no longer watch down the local pub as well. Although, their sources much like IPTV services may not be the most legitimate, so do be a little wary.

If that doesn’t bother you though, you can get everything from boxing to cricket and more. They offer numerous streams for each event, more often than not with multiple languages available, as the streams are sourced from around the world. But they’re good quality, and I’ve never had an issue before with it going down.

What’s ideal is, playing this on your phone, you can stream to your Smart TV. Now it won’t be in some beautiful 4K glory, it’ll look a little rough. But after a few beers you won’t even notice and at least you didn’t have to miss the game and got to watch it on the big screen.


You may be surprised, but YouTube often shows some sports events for free too. More commonly they’ll be smaller events from around the globe, but BT Sport have aired the Champions League final there for multiple years now, bringing free coverage to millions around the world. And this time, it is available in 4K if your computer is capable of displaying it.

But, they don’t just show events. If you miss them, they also have all the highlights you could ever want from every broadcaster around the world. This is simply because every broadcaster and club will upload to their own YouTube channel since it is free, and will earn them revenue from advertisements, so it’s in their best interest.

What do you use?

You’ve seen some of the apps we use, but what about you guys? What apps do you use for watching sports? Why not let us know in the comments below or on social media, and who knows, maybe your suggestions may make our next list.

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