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Different Habits Between Men and Women in Online Casinos

Different Habits Between Men and Women in Online Casinos

The online casino industry has paved the way for many new players to try different casino games from the comfort of their homes. Even though the land-based casinos always offered more glam and prestige, the online casinos made it possible for many to give these games a go without feeling out-of-place. One such group of new players are women.

The presence of women around casino games is nothing new. However, in the past, they have always been portrayed as attractive figures who sat next to a man playing the games. The role of the player always belonged to men, and that is why women who showed interest in gambling were always shy to express it. That is until online casinos provided them the perfect environment to play.

Women have become an important player base for online operators, but it became obvious that their gambling patterns differ from the ones that male players have. In this article, we’ll take a look at some differences between male and female players that became obvious on online gambling platforms.

Who Invests More Time in Gambling

Recent researches show that men try gambling earlier in life than women. According to research conducted by Gamblerzz, most male players try gambling for the first time in their twenties, while female gamblers do it in their forties. This means that men get to spend more time gambling than women. However, according to the latest surveys conducted by 888 Group PLC, the number of female online players is almost the same as the number of male ones. All studies have found that men gamble more only because it is socially acceptable for them to engage in this activity, whereas women have to do it away from prying eyes. On the other hand, online operators are creating a more women-friendly environment on their online platforms, by evading sexist messages and themes on their online casino games.

Men and Women Opt For Different Games

Nowadays, no matter which game you prefer to play, you will surely find a gambling site with games according to your taste. So, it isn’t an issue that male and female players opt for different online casino games. But it is obvious that they do. First of all, studies find that women are more likely to play casino games on their mobile phones. They are simply more comfortable with accessing gambling platforms via smartphones. But what happens when they log in to their gaming account?

Australian scientists found that most strategic and skill games like sports betting, blackjack, and poker are played by men. And on the other hand, it turned out that women enjoy games like slots, bingo, and roulette. But it is believed that women opt for these types of games because they aren’t seen as real gambling by society. Even when placing wagers, women will choose events like Oscars or Grammy Awards rather than traditional sports events.

Unlike the results of the study conducted by Australian researchers, Optimove found that an equal number of women and men enjoy skill-based games that involve complex tactics and strategies. Moreover, the study conducted by Optimove found that women are more likely to become VIP players than men.

Who Is More Loyal And Who Deposits More

Unlike women players who usually remain loyal customers and stick only with one operator., men like to explore other options on the online market. On the other hand, a great majority of female players will deposit a maximum of 10 pounds on a weekly basis, which is far less than male players do. Only 19% of female players of the 888 brand are willing to invest over 30 pounds, and more than 25% of male players invest up to 500 pounds or more. So, men are more likely to deposit more on their gaming account, but they will play simultaneously on multiple platforms.  And women deposit less but remain loyal customers to the operator that they have chosen.


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