How do Popular Apps Use Artificial Intelligence?

A potential goldmine- AI deals with the application of human-like judgment in computers. While sci-fi movies talk about how these machines will develop a free will and decide to control humanity, AI systems are not built that way- at least not in the present. AI-based apps and software result in work optimization on all fronts. This helps in error reduction and increasing accuracy.

There is another use for AI-based solutions – to provide online customer care support. The lack of emotions allows for a better-unbiased judgment compared to humans. It may surprise you, but AI use in online gaming is not uncommon.

Here is a list of all the ways AI is used in the popular apps that we use:

AI as Virtual Assistant

Remember Siri from Apple? Or Cortana by Microsoft? How about the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? All of these virtual assistant apps are powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Each of the above apps uses voice queries and a natural language UI to perform functions asked by the user. In addition to making calls or sending text messages, the apps can also be used for task management (calendars, note-keeping, and more). The UI is able to learn and perform more difficult tasks as time progresses. The advanced Google Assistant app is available through 10000 different devices across 1000 brands.

AI as a Spoken English Guide

Looking for a teacher to improve your spoken English? Have you tried ELSA Speak?

ELSA Speak helps users to speak English with the correct grammar and pronunciation. The app promotes interactive learning and provides short dialogues that are meant to be spoken aloud. Using speech recognition, the AI provides instant feedback to the user. According to the developers, there are more than 3.6 million users in 101 countries.

AI as a self-study assistant

A popular app in Google Play Store, Socratic is ideal for high-school students who prefer self-studying.

The app allows the user to upload mathematical problems using the smartphone camera. The app then displays the solution on the screen. Other than mathematics, the currently available subjects are physics, chemistry, biology, and literature.

AI as an Emotional Health Assistant

AI and Emotions. Contrary to the bizarre ideas that may roam inside your head, AI-powered mental health apps are not uncommon. Apps like Youper help users to destress, in addition to providing mood assessment and monitoring symptoms. The app provides something that is lacking in the fast-paced modern world- empathy.

AI in Online Gaming

AI is used for online customer care support by several online games. However, the main reasons for AI usage in online gaming are the prevention of fraud and cheating addiction. AI can be used to enhance the actual game experience of popular games like Roulette.

AI-based VR gaming will be available in the not-too-distant future. Once available, the entire online experience will be elevated to the next level. Artificial intelligence is here to stay. With worldwide data growing 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025, we need no less.

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