How to convert NEF to JPG? The easy, free and online way


Are you a proud owner of a Nikon camera that has problems with sharing travel photographs with your crew after every fun holiday? If the answer to this question is positive, then we have good news for you – that’s right, we are talking about the easiest way to make your NEFs available on every device. All you have to do is to convert NEF to JPG.

The first thing that pops into your mind after convert NEF to JPG part is the big how question. There are a few different ways to convert files, but this time we’re talking about the easy, free, and online one. After spending some time searching for the best online converter, we finally found the one. It goes by the name Nefconverter and converts every NEF to JPG in just a few moments.

nef converter

This online NEF converter has a simple three-step set of instructions that enables you to convert files with ease. For starters, you have to upload your NEF file by using a ‘drag and drop’ method. Next, it’s conversion time. You will convert your NEF to JPG a few seconds after clicking the ‘Convert’ button. After the conversion is done, download a brand new JPG by pressing the ‘Download’ button. And that’s it!

In case you don’t believe us, here is the proof:

Now, that you are aware of how easy and fast it is to convert NEF to JPG, here some extra features NEF converter has. If you are worried about the safety of uploaded files, you’ll be glad to hear that all uploaded files are automatically deleted within an hour of form conversion. It means that no third party will ever get a hold of your files.

Plus, every conversion ensures a minimal effect on image quality, and that is kind of a big deal to every true photography enthusiast. Besides, the NEF converter is functional on every device regardless of the OS device has. However, you will need a stable internet connection to use this free tool, which makes sense. After all, it is an online converter.

So, you know how to convert NEF to JPG and which tool is the best one for it. And now we’re about to tell you why you shouldn’t convert files from NEF to JPG.

Why you should’t convert NEF to JPG?

You might be shocked by this, but there is a reason why you shouldn’t convert files from NEF to JPG. Let us remind you that the NEF file format contains a raw image taken directly from the camera sensor. It has all lens and camera data, as well as information about contrast, white balance, sharpness, etc. Why is that important?

Well, it is a well-known thing that photographs are often edited, and that’s when you need raw image files. Every change you make on a raw photo is reversible, plus the image quality stays almost untouched. So, if you need to make some changes to photographs taken by your Nikon camera, leave them in NEF format, and after you’re done with the editing process, export them as JPGs. Or save them in NEF format and use the NEF converter later.

Why should you convert NEF to JPG?

There are a few ‘problems’ when it comes to NEF files. The first and maybe the most important one to users is the lack of compatibility with different devices and editing programs. Another is the fact that NEF files are quite big and take a lot of storage space, which makes them hard to transfer. Also, they are the wrong choice for a place everybody loves – social media.

So, if you want to transfer images taken by your Nikon camera to friends and family, you should probably convert every NEF to JPG. If you want to save some storage space, convert NEF to JPG, or even do a quick transfer from NEF to ZIP or RAR. If you are trying to upload your memories online, you’ve guessed it – convert NEF to JPG.


In the end, let’s sum up. For every image editing, use raw files, NEF file format to be precise. For every other purpose, use JPG – it’s universal, widely-known, supported by different platforms, programs, and apps. If your Nikon camera has the option to take pictures in both NEF and JPG, you’re all good. But if it hasn’t, take photos in NEF file format, and then convert every NEF to JPG later. For conversion, you should use the best online tool known as

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