How to Grow Your Career [Same as Growing a Company]

We talk a lot here about growth marketing. But today we’re going to talk about how to grow your career. It won’t be very different, though, given how to grow your career follows many of the same strategies you would follow to grow a product.

Start with retention and engagement

  • Retention and progression in a company drive acquisition: Achieving progression in the same company can often be more valuable than progressing by switching companies. When you get promoted, you show the ability to grow and evolve.
  • Retention drives monetization: Progressing in a company allows you to demand higher compensation.

Brand and positioning

  • Brand: Define your career positioning and narrative, and take control of it. The narrative is not about the roles you covered, but the experiences you had that make you a good fit for the next position.

Acquisition loops

When you build your professional brand, you’ll have more opportunities. But you must build a self-reinforcing loop to grow over time. These are the three basics of a loop:

  • Value generation: These are your current and past experiences, including education and how you acquire skills.
  • Value distribution: Starting a blog, speaking/podcast, a YouTube channel. These are some of the ways you can use to distribute your value.
  • Value receiver: You’ll build credibility within the individuals that receive your value. This brings more opportunities and more value.


  • What: What value do you provide? You must know the unique value you add to the company.
  • How: This is how you’re going to monetize your value. It can be contracting, freelancing, advising, consulting, speaking, and more. Once you know your “what” make sure to have an optimal “how.”
  • When: Focus the monetization strategy on the usage and outcome for those receiving it.
  • Amount: This is the price you charge for your what, how, and when.

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