How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is a website where users can upload videos, view them, rate them and share them. With the popularity of internet video growing exponentially – over 500 hours of video added each minute on YouTube – you can make money on YouTube by uploading interesting content or promoting your products. Video marketing attracts more viewers than traditional forms of advertising since it offers flexibility and allows people to engage through video.

Youtube is becoming more and more competitive and quality has become a huge factor in gaining and maintaining viewership. Outlays such as studios, studio equipment, production equipment, and video editing can all add up. You could think of these costs as business expenses and treat them accordingly.

Join YouTube Partner Programs

YouTube Partner Programs allow you to monetize your videos with ad insertion and gather statistics about the performance of those ads. Your viewers can see relevant ads for products that interest them as they play through your videos, and you can get paid for these ad views. Both AdSense and AdBrite support the YouTube Partner Program.

If you sign up with either of these advertising companies, be prepared to share 50 percent of your revenue generated from the ads on your videos with YouTube since it owns the site. You must still own and have full rights to all content in each video uploaded, regardless if it includes an advertisement or not. Videos provide a form of passive income as long as that particular video is online.

Sell Your Own Content/Products

You don’t have to join a YouTube Partner Program to make money from videos on the site, as you can also sell your own products or content that you created. Promote your products by inserting video links within the video. You can also put text banners at the bottom of each video with an active link leading back to a sales page for a product, book, or script that you want to sell.

For instance, if a user watches a music-related video and sees a link going directly to iTunes at the end of the clip. Here they can purchase and download songs by that artist. They can do so through iTunes’ affiliate program, which pays commissions based on what users purchase after clicking on that link.

Create Sponsored Contents

You can monetize your YouTube channel by accepting sponsorship deals. The deals pay you for every thousand views of your content. You can also promote products without having to sell any of your stuff. Accept sponsorships from advertisers who want their ads placed on your videos and make money through the YouTube Partner Program based on how many viewers view these advertisements.

The only real drawback is that some videos will not be eligible for this form of advertising. If you plan to promote products in some of the videos uploaded to your channel, you might eventually lose these particular video slots since they cannot contain advertisements. Remember that just because a company wants to purchase ad space on your channel doesn’t mean they will or are willing to pay the highest price for that ad space.

Become an Affiliate Partner

YouTube Partner Program affiliates have YouTube channels but don’t own them because they gave up their rights. This happens when they sign their channel over to someone else managing and uploading videos on that person’s behalf. This form of monetization is not recommended since the new owner of the channel has complete control over what you upload and can block you from uploading content at any given time.

Therefore, if you gave away your YouTube channel, then it would be difficult for you to make money off of it in the future unless you convince the owner to let you back on board with some partnership deal. It takes a long time to build up a fan base on YouTube if you are not already famous, so it is best to make your videos and save them in one location before trying to sell them to someone else.

Get Your Fans to Pay You Directly

Offer your viewers the option of paying for access to exclusive content that they can only get by sending in their payment within this window of time. For instance, you could offer various video clips detailing content not available on your regular YouTube channel. This will be uploaded at designated times only when someone sends in their money.

This form of monetization is pretty easy since all you have to do is send links to these exclusive videos to those who sent you the money and give them the option of downloading it or streaming it through their computer if they’re not on a mobile device.

This is one of the most straightforward ways to make money, as fans are already willing to send their money for some perks. So all you have to do is set up a payment system and start collecting funds from those who want access or extra content that you wouldn’t normally offer on YouTube.

License Your Content to the Media

You can offer licensing deals to movie studios, television show producers, YouTube channels that want to use your videos for their purposes. They don’t have to submit a DMCA Takedown Notice since you already permitted them to do so. This form of monetization is not recommended because you should only give away the rights of your videos to those who will appreciate their value.

Consider that others can take advantage of it by uploading your video on YouTube and reselling it as their content without crediting you as the original producer or creator. Media companies like Viacom or Time Warner will pay big bucks for the exclusive rights of some viral video they think has potential, but make sure it’s not something that was stolen without your permission since you are the rightful owner of that video.

Connect to Google AdSense

This is a way to make money from videos that were not produced or created by yourself but uploaded on your YouTube channel for watching purposes only. Google has its advertising system known as AdSense, which pays out small amounts of money to those who choose this form of monetization. Still, it takes a long time before you start seeing some profit. If ever so, don’t expect to become rich overnight just because someone else posted something on your YouTube Channel without paying you anything beforehand.

Use Product Placement

You can embed commercials at the beginning or end of each of your videos which will direct people towards listed merchant websites where they can choose to purchase the products shown on screen during commercial breaks. Most of the time, these advertisements are free since you only have to direct viewers towards an online store that is willing to let you use their website as part of your content for free.

Meet up With Fans in the Real World

You can meet up with your fans offline and charge them a fee before autographing anything they want you to sign, whether it’s something they already own or simply using paper and pen, so you can leave your signature behind for them either way. It all depends on what type of relationship you have with those who watch your videos regularly or know you personally.

It’s an excellent way to deliver personalized messages for every fan rather than simply saying “I love you” to everyone in the comment section since some may not take it seriously and might even troll your account afterward, which will cause you more trouble than good, so always try to be honest about how much they mean to you or send them a private message instead if don’t feel comfortable addressing them in public.


Crowdfunding involves fans who donate money to help create a new video or project that you’ve always wanted to work on. So it’s not surprising if this soon becomes one of the best ways to make more money from your videos. There are plenty of crowdfunding platforms available on the net, so even if you don’t achieve your financial goal, you can still keep what funds were given and try something else in the future.

In most cases, projects fail due to poor marketing strategies, which is why everyone must see your project as valuable before asking for their hard-earned cash. It’ll take time before people start donating whatever amount they think is reasonable enough to fund a particular project you’re working on, but at least there will be others who support you in the end.

YouTubing can become a business with a stable income. Look for the best way to fund your channel and how you can generate more money even without getting loans for the project.

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