How to Improve Your Copy for More Conversions | 6 Easy Tips

In this article, we’re sharing 6 quick copywriting fixes to get you more conversions from your ads and sales page, and in general, create more engaging content.

Here are the most useful ones:

Use an active voice

This results in shorter, sharper sentences. And for readers, it’s even easier to flow through the content.

Be specific

Specificity separates noise from signals. Use numbers, data, and precise statements to describe the benefits of your product. People generally don’t like buzzwords and slogans that may sound neat (or bad) but don’t convey very useful information.

Make them take action

The ultimate goal of your copy is to make people take action. Each sentence should be designed to make the prospect move to the next step, be it reading the next sentence or buying your product.

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Build your copy around your prospects’ emotions and desires

People tend to buy with emotion and justify with logic. This is a very common fact in the marketing community. Still, many companies want to use logical facts and information to get them to buy. Build upon their emotions, deep desires, and pain points.

Give more examples

These help your prospects understand how your product works and can benefit their life. If appropriate, tell stories.

Talk like your prospects

Use their words, their tone of voice, their common expressions. Study how they communicate and communicate the same way they do.

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