5 Tips & Apps To Improve Your Typing Skills | Apps And Expert Tips For Improving Typing Skills

Thanks to digital technology, the era of handwritten texts is over, and more and more people have to work with the keyboard. People have to type texts every day, whether it is at school, at work, or when communicating with family or friends in messengers. Therefore, good typing skills are needed by everyone in the 21st century.

A human transcription service company claims that mastering fast typing skills will help you more comfortably perform the following tasks:

  • Writing codes for programming.
  • Writing academic texts.
  • Writing documents for work.
  • Transcription video and audio to text.
  • Description of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Writing texts at night.
  • Writing research notes and more.

As you can see, there are many advantages. Therefore, we have compiled five tips and apps to help you improve your typing skills.

Expert Tips for Improving Your Typing Skills

Are you unhappy with your typing speed? Are you looking to improve these skills but have never done any action before? Well, it’s time to fix it! The tips below will help improve typing skills, both for beginners and people with some typing knowledge.

Start Using One Keyboard

There are many keyboards, and they all differ in their function. For example, keystrokes, key positions, and custom keys can produce different sensations when pressed. Therefore, if you already have a keyboard, feel free to start improving your typing skills with it. The point is, when your hands are used to a particular keyboard, it will allow you to find the letters you want and work efficiently quickly. After you learn to understand the functions of the keyboard, you can start using another, where a wider arsenal of letters, a symbol, etc.

Explore Keyboard Buttons

Without a clear understanding of where this or that button is located, you will not master fast typing skills. However, we hasten to please you: you will not have to persistently, long, or deliberately study the positions of the buttons on the keyboard. You will receive such knowledge automatically as soon as you start typing something – visually, you will already know where the button you need is located. Therefore, train your memory as often as possible or hang the keyboard layout in front of your eyes. To do this, print the layout and hang it next to the laptop or computer screen. As a result, you will become an excellent copywriter or a writer who can skillfully handle the keyboard with his eyes closed. Take note that this skill is handy when you want to transcribe audio – you will be able to listen carefully to the recording and not get confused by the letters on the keyboard.

Use Exercise – Don’t Peep

While studying apps to improve typing skills, it is quite challenging to look at the original keyboard because they are all different. Your home keyboard may be different from the one in the app. What can you do to understand better how these buttons work or learn to type faster? If you have a desk with a keyboard niche, then leave the keyboard there. Place your hands under the table to avoid seeing the keys. Print out a keyboard layout such as yours and look at it as you exercise. Then open a text editor and turn off your monitor. Print any text. Later, turn on the screen and see what mistakes you made. Train until the text contains no mistakes.

Train Your Printing Skills Every Day

You don’t need to sit at the keyboard for hours and type texts. You need to set aside 20-25 minutes a day to improve your typing skills. Note that if you are learning to type only on the English keyboard, do not rush to learn another. First, get familiar with the buttons with letters familiar to you and then move on to the next one. Remember: you will achieve excellent results if you work hard every day.

Learn To Play A Musical Instrument

This is not a joke at all – try it! If you are stuck at the same typing speed, and daily exercise hardly improves your results, then this tip will come in handy. You can choose a keyboard or string instrument. The main thing is to master the basics and learn how to synchronize the motor skills of two hands. This works flawlessly and increases print speeds from medium to fast.

Apps To Improve Typing Skills

Below you will find applications that will teach you how to use the keyboard professionally or not look at it while working. These apps are also suitable for beginners as well as people with some knowledge of typing.


Typesy developers have created this program for people who want to hone their typing skills quickly and accurately. The app has many unique lessons, courses, and games to keep you learning. The curriculum is based on technical data that engages your muscles, memory, and psyche. In addition, there are step-by-step videos that are useful for people who are first introduced to the keyboard. Note that there are no ads here that would take your time or attention, which is why professional transcriptionists who periodically train their typing skills are so fond of it.

There is a system of discounts for educational institutions, which is beneficial for teachers who conduct computer science lessons for primary and high school students. Teachers can monitor student progress. Typesy has difficulty levels: Beginner, Build Accuracy, Build Speed, Power Speed ​​and Accuracy, Mega Speed ​​and Accuracy, Fast Dictation Typing, Master the keypad, Quick revision, and Bonus Lessons. Thus, regardless of your level of keyboard proficiency, each of you has the opportunity to improve your skills.

Animal Typing

Animal Typing is another program for people who want to learn how to type words quickly. A special feature of the application is animals. For example, the faster you type, the faster the horse, snail, and rabbit will move. The application is suitable for both adults and children who wish to learn to write blindly. The application evokes motivation to learn because hardly any of you wants to be slow, like your animal.

You can track all your achievements in Animal Typing. With these skills, you will be happily accepted into a print company such as a transcription company, copywriting company, a newspaper company, etc. In addition, you will learn to develop thoughts, because the faster you think, the better you will solve problems at work or school.

Nitro Type

The developers of Nitro Type have created a program in a game format that allows you to learn how to type letters efficiently, accurately, and quickly. Nitro Type has over 700 tests for all ages that improve your typing skills on PC or tablet keyboards. Here you can compete with rivals in mini-tests. Through various activities, you will learn the technique of blind writing. Therefore, your grammar spelling context will be the best.

Typing Master 10

Typing Master 10 is a unique course that allows you to master the best knowledge in this direction, as it is adapted to your wishes. The app has over 10 hours of individual exercises, equipped with step-by-step instructions. With this course, you will master the keyboard at a professional level. Each lesson will provide you with new information and exercises. In addition, you will be able to determine your typing level, and the program will select a course to help you develop. Thanks to the electronic keyboard, you can memorize the functions and positions of the keyboard buttons. In essence, this is a tutorial with practical tasks. Your result will depend on the frequency of studying the lessons. According to Typing Master, you will improve your typing skills 2 or 3 times more.


KeyBlaze is a virtual tutor that will teach you fast, accurate, and effective typing skills, no worse than professional human transcribers. Keyblaze teaches speed and blind typing. Keyblaze contains tutorials of varying difficulties. First, you will learn the keyboard: letter positions, button functions, punctuation marks placement, placement of characters such as%, #, ? etc. Later you will be able to listen to more challenging lessons on learning blind typing. After each lesson, you will have tasks and tests, a duration of 20 minutes, allowing you to consolidate theoretical knowledge. So, combined with tips and one of the applications, you will get the best results.

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