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KissAnime – Watch Free Anime, Best Alternatives [2020]

KissAnime is not working? Here are Top 10 Best KissAnime Alternative Websites to Watch Free Online Cartoon Series, Animated Movies, Anime Videos and Clips in 2020.

KissAnime.ru not working anymore? You are in the right place to find a different solution to this problem. We will share some worthy alternatives to replace Kissanime as well as some working proxy and mirror sites. If you aren’t aware of what mirror sites are, these are clones of the original website. So let’s get dive into this topic!


Anime lovers say that it is such a joy to watch Anime. The fever of watching Anime has been spreading all over the world. It was initially started in Japan, then expanded to all over the world. Yet, the Japanese anime vibe has been touched so many people that they are even addicted to it. KissAnime is one of the most popular sites to watch Anime. It has alternative sites just in case the website is down. One of the KissAnime alternatives above can be your way to continue following your favorite anime episode.

If you are looking for a rundown of KissAnime alternatives to watch Anime online, you are reading the right article. In this article, we will be covering everything related to KissAnime and some worthy alternatives. Remember that these following recommended anime streaming sites can be your option when KissAnime is down. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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What is KissAnime?

Who doesn’t know KissAnime if you love Anime? This site is popular among anime lovers. You can find and stream a lot of different anime videos in various genres. This is the article that will give you information about KissAnime and KissAnime alternatives.

The official KissAnime.Com was launched in 2012 to download and stream Anime videos for free. After getting banned from the .com domain, the company has registered KissAnime.ru to continue its operations in the same way. But it ended up deleting the whole website data on 14 August 2020, about eight years of presence, when the site faced a complete shut down globally. The website of KissAnime was indeed saving millions of anime videos. The viewers here come from around the world too. It is famous for some good reasons. Here are the right reasons:

The Advantages of Watching on KissAnime

  • The site has a user-friendly, intuitive interface that provides anime enthusiasts easy access to excellent quality manga content and Anime.
  • Another distinct advantage of KissAnime is that you don’t need to spend any money, and you don’t need to sign yourself up.
  • It offers animes in different vide qualities, including from 240p to 1080p.
  • Users are not only able to stream but also download full-length episodes of their favorite anime series both on mobile devices and PC.
  • The homepage of the KissAnime website comprises a lot of useful links, neatly organized too. There are also upcoming Anime, ongoing Anime, and the videos are sorted by popularity, too.
  • It has vast animes collections across different genres, including romance, cartoons, adventure, horror, etc.
  • The KissAnime site provides anime videos both in English-dubbed and subbed versions with exceptional HD quality and sound.

KissAnime Working Proxy/Mirror Websites

Although Kissanime’s leading site has been taken down due to multiple copyright claims, various proxies and mirror websites have arisen. However, we can’t confirm whether they are from an official source or not. But still, they could be useful for some people. You may experience annoying ads while surfing those sites. Thus, it is recommended to install any good blocker.

Below is the working proxy sites by the publishing of this article. We can’t take any guarantee of how long these sites will survive. Because of these kinds of sites keep coming and going regularly. We will keep updating the list regularly.

  • Kissanime.nz
  • Kissanime.ru
  • Www.kiss-anime.ws
  • Kissanime.ru.com
  • kissanime2.ws
  • Kissanime.monster

KissAnime.ru Best Alternatives

#1 Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has been one of the most famous anime sites since 2006. The fans of Anime from a lot of countries recommended this site widely due to its varied range of anime movies and series in HD quality. Crunchyroll is accessible in almost every country worldwide due to the 100% legal content that they can download for the audience. So, if you consider yourself as a true anime lover and you support legal content, then be ready for the collections available on this site. There is more than 14000 hours’ worth of 100% licensed content of Anime. But of course, you need to pay some money.

Crunchyroll free Online Anime

The extensive Anime database will never get you bored with lots of variety available on this website. But if you don’t want to spend any money just like the KissAnime.Ru, you need to consider other alternative websites, which are mostly free. But most of them are fulfilled with annoying ads and malware attacks to your device. Remember that every premium service costs you some money to enhance the user experience, and Crunchyroll has no exception in this case. The website offers 14 days of free trials and some free video previews to test out there service without paying any money.

Current Domain: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

#2 AnimeLab

If you have many collections of Anime, AnimeLab is one of the best sites to help you find them. You will no longer be dependent on KissAnime collections. The selections here are complete. It is like a virtual library for all of the things related to Anime. AnimeLab is a great site for anime lovers since the categories are various. AnimeLab is also available in multiple types of gadgets. They are including Apple TV, iOS, Xbox, Playstation, Android, and even Chromecast.

Animelab - Stream Online Animated Movies

Even though KissAnime offers many types of Anime, AnimeLab is also a lot of people’s favorite anime sites. The reason is because of its interface that I users-friendly. Whenever you move your cursor on any anime collection thumbnail on the menu, it will record your data. It will recommend the same genre of the Anime you like to watch.  The only disadvantage of AnimeLab is its restricted accessibility. It can’t be accessible or available in a lot of countries. So far, only New Zealand and Australia can open this site. Let’s hope that more nations will be accessible to visit it.

Current Domain: https://www.animelab.com/home

#3 AnimeFreak

Animefreak is another excellent anime site that offers a good collection of animes in high definition quality. There are so many streaming of Anime on Animefreak that you can start observing fast without spending money or signing up.

Anime Freak

Talking about the interface, Animefreak isn’t different from another anime site we have mentioned. The interface is like other alternative sites offer, including the most recent anime category, A-Z anime names, and others.

Current Domain: https://www.animefreak.tv/

#4 Chia-Anime

Is Kissanime down at your end? No issues. You can even now watch your most loved Anime on Chia-Anime. Have you ever experienced when KissAnime site down? How about bookmarking Chia-Anime as the KissAnime alternative?  Chia-Anime is considered a great alternative to KissAnime for some reason.

KissAnime Best Alternative

The first reason is its offering to the viewers. We can access not only incredible collections of Anime but also the movies, shows, and recordings. The second is the ease that viewers can feel when access this site. The only disadvantage is that there are so many advertisements everywhere throughout the site. But overall, it is the anime site, sweetheart.

Current Domain: http://www.chia-anime.me/

#5 GoGoAnime

This site provides all types of dubbed and subtitled anime shows. They include some classic and rare gems to find as well as the most recent and famous Anime. GoGoAnime is a fantastic alternative to KissAnime. It is perfect for anime lovers around the world. As other alternatives, it offers various Anime categories such as Action, Adventure, gaming, and many more.

Gogo Anime - KissAnime Free Alternative

The GoGoAnime lets you watch Animated web series, Movies with English subtitles. You can choose between thousands of clips available to stream online without paying any additional charges. However, we didn’t experience pop-up ads while surfing the website. But side banners were there to show ads as it is the only revenue to survive. Overall, the streaming experience is decent. You can check this out if you love to watch online animated stuff.

Current Domain: https://www15.gogoanime.io/

#6 AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is one of the most famous Anime streaming sites out there. The site is user-friendly, and it provides an extensive anime catalog in HD content that is updated every day so you will not miss out on the most recent episode of Anime that you like. One of the most precise reasons why AnimeUltima is so recommended anime site is because you can find a lot of anime contents both in English subbed and dubbed.

AnimeUltima - Free Streaming Platfrom to Replace KissAnime

Several HD quality anime contents are also accessible with other language’s subtitles and dubbing, which attract audiences from different nations. The choice of Anime that you can find on the website has been ordered by the alphabet that makes navigation easy. It also offers streams from different servers that mean you can find the Anime you want to watch on the website. The streaming is smooth, and you can download any episode you desired.

Current Domain: https://www17.animeultima.eu/

#7 Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is another good alternative to KissAnime. The site claims to be stuffed in with 45000+ legal animated movies to stream online on its services. The platform was announced back in 2001, and since then, it is offering quality content to anime lovers. The user interface of this site is great. With the while background, it begs the classic UI most of you are seeing from years.

AnimePlanet - KissAnime Alternative

It is suitable for both Anime and manga lovers with a massive collection of streaming stuff. You can also consider this service if you love to stream online animated movies. Of course, you love Anime, that is the only reason you are watching this page. The neat and clean look of Anime-Planet will attract you to use its services.

Current Domain: https://www.anime-planet.com/

#8 9Anime

If you are not impressed by KissAnime and looking for another fantastic choice, you can try to visit 9Anim! You will download any anime that you want and watch your most favorite show on 9Anime.  This site is one of the most popular Anime streaming sites on the internet with many amazing dynamic clients. There are some reasons why 9Aime has a lot of fans, which makes it one of the most notable alternatives to KissAnime.


The first reason is the site’s interface and its massive database. This site has a database that shows almost 24,000 shows. And the best news is it is keeping open more database for the new demand. You can stay in touch with your ideal anime collections on 9Anime if you don’t locate them on the site. The site will transfer your anime collections on their server to you. Furthermore, the video nature you can watch on 9Anime is always unique.

The 9Anime’s interface is amazingly intuitive. The shows are so great, and they are arranged into different classes and types like Recently Updated, Ongoing Arrangement, Newest, etc/ In any case, the video sometimes pops up promotions, and that’s their method for getting cash for their site.

Current Domain: https://9anime.to/

#9 Anime Season

The collection of Anime in the Anime Season is useful to the point which you can put in a long time to watch them. This site includes a significant portion of the most familiar anime collection like Hunter, Alice of Zouroku, and others. The Anime Season’s web architecture is beautiful. Playing and finding practically any arrangement of Anime Season is a piece of cake. The Anime Season is an excellent name in the anime world and a worthy website to visit.

If you wonder how annoying the commercials are, you don’t need to worry because you will see just a few of them. The video quality of Anime Season is also in HD. There is an extensive rundown of anime collection that is ongoing that you can watch as the same day as the US. Additionally, there are many categories for the viewers like the Highest Rated Series, Full Series Listing, Genres/Categories, Most Recent Series, and others for you to continue watching your favorite Anime.

Current Domain: https://animeseason.com/

#10 Horriblesubs

Horriblesubs’s collections are a little bit different and unique compare to other KissAnime alternatives. The site is getting lots of attractions from its visitors due to high-quality content. You don’t need to spend any penny to watch Anime here because it’s completely free! The quality of the video on Anime Streams is in HD. It’s a pure joy to watch your favorite Anime in this type of quality.

Horrible Subs

The various categories are in the correct order. You can browse your favorite Anime easily, even though there are endless options. It brings you the latest shows daily. However, it lacks the search option, but you can check its AtoZ filter to access your favorite anime show easily. Besides, the release schedule feature could be handy for you if you want to know about upcoming shows.

Current Domain: https://horriblesubs.info/

How to Download Anime from KissAnime?

KissAnime is a streaming website that is user-friendly that you are not only able to watch Anime online but also download your favorite episodes of the Anime you are following for free! We are going to tell you the easy steps to download episodes in KissAnime. You will not worry about the confusing steps in downloading your favorite anime episodes anymore. These steps apply to you on both mobile devices and PC.

Although the official KissAnime website named KissAnme.Ru has been taken down, no meaning to tell these methods unless you found a working proxy site. Remember that these methods only apply to KissAnime’s original or mirror website, similar to the official website. To download your favorite animes from KissAnime successfully, follow the simple steps below:

  • First, you should find your favorite anime series from “Advanced search option” or “Categories.”
  • Once you have found the Anime you are looking for, click the title of that Anime that will redirect you to a page with a list of every episode with more anime titles.
  • Now, click on the episode you are looking for to download.
  • On the next screen, you will need to prove that you are not a bot by answering the captcha.
  • Once you enter the right answer, you will go to a page with a player for online streaming, scroll down until the end of the page. You will see the choice “Mobile/Download” and then click the button of saving link as.
  • After that, click on the video resolution you want and pick a location to save the file.
  • If you have installed the “Download Manager,” then right-click on the video quality you choose, then select ‘copy link address and paste it on the new download section of the download manager.
  • And that’s a wrap! Now, you can watch your desired anime episodes without buffering.

Popular Categories 

KissAnime site is one of the most significant sources of cartoon shows, series, anime movies, and more; from horror to romance, it has almost everything in which you can be addicted to it. here is the list of some of the popular categories on KissAnime:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Cars
  • Cartoon
  • Comedy
  • Demons
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Kids
  • Magic
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Samurai
  • Sports
  • Supernatural
  • Thriller
  • Vampire

Unfortunately, KissAnime’s site over the last few years has become unstable. It happened several times when the site’s servers went down because of some technical errors. That’s why it is a great idea to check out other KissAnime alternatives where you can still watch your favorite videos of Anime.

KissAnime FAQ

What happened to KissAnime?

KissAnime’s all the data has been deleted by the Japanese authorities after getting copyright claims from the original creators. Using unlicensed data is illegal in most of the countries. As you already know, KissAnime delivered most of its data free of cost without paying royalty fees to content producers. That became a significant reason behind the takedown of KissAnime.ru, which was the only official remaining website of KissAnime.

What is the KissAnime official website?

KissAnime started its services in 2012 with KissAnime.Com. But it’s most recent official DomainDomain was KissAnime.ru, which has been blocked previously. Most of the KissAnime kind of sites keep changing their domains from time to time, and nobody knows what would be its next official DomainDomain. Instead of calling it KissAnime official website, you can call it proxy or mirror websites as it is just mirroring the old data.

Is KissAnime Safe?

Until this site was working, it was safe to use for most of the users. However, it was showing some annoying ads that were easily disabled by using AdBlocker. Otherwise, everything else was working fine. In most of the countries, streaming free content is legal unless you are not downloading it.

Is KissAnime down?

Yes, it is entirely down as of now. All the data has been taken down, but domain KissAnime.ru is still working without any problem.

Is the KissAnime website optimized for mobile?

Yes, the website was working fine until it gets banned in several parts of the world. Most of the T2 and T3 countries users were surfing this website from there mobiles. So, it had a massive list of mobile users.

How to watch One Punch Man Season 2 on Kissanime?

As the leading site is not working anymore, you need to rely on proxy and mirror websites. But, still, it’s tough to find One-Punch Man episodes. In that situation, try to find alternative websites with specific terms.

How to watch Steven Universe on KissAnime?

Well, Steven Universe is available on some of the KissAnime proxy sites as the leading site’s data has been deleted entirely. You can search on any of the proxy sites or visit this link: https://kimcartoon.to/Search/Cartoon. You just need to search “Steven Universe: The Movie” if you are interested in the movie or only “Steven Universe” If you want to watch TV series. To avoid annoying ads, use Adblocker, or VPN.

Is it legal to watch videos on KissAnime?

Most of the countries do not allow to watch copyright material on any platform. The KissAnime website was publishing copyright content without taking permission from its owner. That is why its data has been deleted. If somehow, you find a working proxy and watch its content, you may face legal actions. So, it is always advisable to use VPN while using these kinds of websites.

What is the best alternative to KissAnime.ru?

As we have published a long list of Kissanime alternates, you can pick any of those. If you talk about the free alternatives, there are 9Anime, Chia-Anime, AnimeFreak, AnimeLab, etc. But if you love to enjoy the ad-free experience by affording some money, then no better option then Crunchyroll.

Why was the KissAnime website banned?

As we have mentioned earlier, the KissAnime website was breaking the copyright law in several countries. The govt authorities have taken appropriate action by deleting the whole data of this website. It was heartbreaking for some people who were enjoying free content on this website. But at the same time, it was a happy moment for creators who were creating content by putting lots of effort. But still, there is a possibility of proxy and mirror websites, as we have seen with similar content providing sites in the past.

Bottom Lines

You need to know all the advantages why KissAnime is very popular among anime lovers around the world, especially if you are still new in this anime world. But, KissAnime alternatives are there for you too, just in case, the server goes down. Some of the websites above are available for you to watch your favorite anime series and movies.

There are more and more KissAnime alternatives on the way since the anime lovers around the world have been increasing, and they are looking for some great websites to fulfill their wish to keep continue watching their favorite Anime. Good luck!

Disclaimer: TME.NET does not verify the legality or legitimacy of any of the services mentioned on this page. We solely do not promote, host, or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and stringently advise our readers to avoid it. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content available in the Public Domain.



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