Why Aren’t Visitors Converting From Landing Pages? 8 Tips to Improve

“Why aren’t my visitors converting from landing pages?”

Below are eight tips to help increase conversions.

Focus on one idea

This is a basic copywriting principle, but many businesses refuse to follow it. On your landing page, focus on one problem you want to address and one action you want users to take.

Focus on your user selling point and what makes you unique

Your unique selling proposition is what sets you apart from the competition. Include it on your landing page.

Place social proof elements above the fold

Also, make sure that these testimonials, ratings, awards, or quantifying factors are relevant to the user.

Remind visitors how this problem affects them in their everyday lives

We’re all dealing with problems. But we don’t go about our days thinking about them. That is why you should not simply bring up your prospects’ pain points. You must expand them and paint a picture in their heads of how these problems are affecting their lives.

Don’t be too broad

People have different wants, needs, and motivations for buying something.

For example, why do some people signup on sports betting websites?

  • Some, obviously, want to make money.
  • Some want to bet on their favorite team(s).
  • Others do it for entertainment or to be more involved in the action.
  • Some like the personal challenge or do it as a side hobby or even career.
  • Others might just want to sign up to take a look and get live access to certain features.

You ideally want to appeal to all those customers.

Build a landing page for the most specific persona possible. Then, once you start getting signups, create another landing page for a different persona.

Don’t ask too soon

Nobody will sign up without first understanding their problems, your solution, and your pricing.

Tip: Write a list of what a visitor needs to know before they will sign up. Make sure this information comes before your first CTA.

Address objections

You can create a FAQ section addressing the most common doubts at the end of the landing page. But smart marketers address objections before they even arise. The first step, however, is knowing these objections.

Know your stats

Don’t just track your landing page performance. Understand your numbers across your whole funnel.

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