Live streams: Your next major revenue stream?

According to the data, live streams can be a major revenue stream.

Live streams are working for B2C

Live streaming is driving the majority of today’s consumer social app spending.

Nothing beats your favorite Twitch influencers saying “thank you for the donation” in front of thousands of people.

What about B2B?

B2B is less casual and informal as B2C typically is.

But live streams and their monetization are up-and-coming in this market as well.

The platforms LinkedIn (B2B centered) and Twitter (also somewhat B2B, depending on niche) have just introduced two changes:

1) LinkedIn has introduced “LinkedIn Live Events.” This allows you to get more exposure for your live streams by sponsoring your stream in advance. You can also auto-notify more people when you go live.

2) Twitter has announced that they’ve begun testing ticketed Spaces with a select few hosts and that anyone on iOS in the US can buy tickets to listen-in.

Last time Twitter and LinkedIn tried to copy features from B2C platforms, things didn’t go over very well.

LinkedIn Stores was shut down. And Twitter shut down its Instagram Stories-like ‘Fleets’ feature.

Will things turn out differently this time?

Live streams tend to resemble webinars, which have been popular in the B2B world for a long time.

We believe that this time both LinkedIn and Twitter have a better chance of having success with these features as they learn to better monetize their platforms.

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