How to Make Your Blog Posts More Entertaining

What if your blog posts were able to reach thousands of people and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The key is in copywriting and content marketing fundamentals. Here are a few tips to kick up a blog post’s entertainment value:

Keep the skimmers hooked

Some people will go through each sentence of your post.

Others will just skim through it. Create content for both.

Use bucket brigades often

Hear me out. Here’s the thing. But that’s not all. You might be thinking. You’re probably wondering.

These small sentences keep the reader hooked. Just don’t overuse them.

Build up the pain early on

Use the first paragraph of the post to describe the pain you’re going to solve for the reader and help establish credibility.

Speak with certainty

Don’t water down your opinion if it’s not necessary.

Use power words and strive to maintain authority in each sentence.

Step away from a one-to-one voice occasionally

It’s important to mix up your content with third-party quotes, stories, data, and anecdotes. It builds credibility.

Break the 4th wall every now and then

This means stepping down from the narrator’s voice and interacting straight with the reader.

Make them feel something

You must be compelling. Both to the head and mind of the reader.

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