NextDNS: An Emerging Trend in Consumer Privacy



NextDNS is a new kind of firewall that helps identify and help users avoid security threats, block ads and trackers on websites and apps, and provides a safe and supervised internet for kids.
NextDNS allows users to filter out internet trackers at the network level. NextDNS was used to block over 3 billion trackers over the past month alone.

How is NextDNS different from a VPN?

VPNs route web requests through a private server, which makes your activity anonymous.
But NextDNS can block tracking, malware, and phishing domains directly. It can also filter out ads, not only in web browsers but also within apps.
Similar network-level products (i.e., Pi-hole) require hardware (like Raspberry Pi) to run the software.
NextDNS has the advantage of having built-in hosting and doesn’t require outside hardware. As a result, its popularity is growing, with Google search queries for NextDNS up 66x since the end of 2018.

What’s next for NextDNS

NextDNS is part of the growing trend of privacy products that focus on online user safety and privacy.
According to Cisco’s Consumer Privacy Survey, half of all consumers feel they can’t adequately protect their data online.
As a result, new products that put privacy first are in increasingly high demand.
Other products that exemplify this trend include the Brave web browser and Signal messenger app.

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