NFL Teams Want Later Trade Deadline

Making NFL picks for the final 10 weeks of the season is going to look much different than it did during the first eight weeks. That’s because the NFL Trade Deadline has come and gone, and the rosters for several teams are now looking much different. 

The 2022 NFL Trade Deadline was one of the busiest of all time as teams are starting to get more brave and more open about improving their rosters. This also generated a ton of excitement and drama for the league, and that’s something that is always good.

NFL teams are now hoping to continue that trend in the future, and they want more time to evaluate their rosters before making a decision about a trade. Several NFL teams have reached out to the league office in hopes of getting the Trade Deadline pushed back to a later date in the season. 

General managers are hoping that the league office will consider pushing back the Trade Deadline to after Week 12, but they would even be okay if Week 10 was the new date. This will be discussed at the next general manager’s meeting and then could be presented to the owners for a vote later in the year. 

Moving the Trade Deadline back would give teams more roster flexibility, and it would also allow teams to know where they stand before making decisions. The league office has not commented on the request from the general managers yet, but this will be something to watch in the future.

Even though the 2022 Trade Deadline was one of the busiest of all time, some teams still weren’t able to get the moves made that they needed. If the Trade Deadline were pushed back a few weeks, then teams would have more time to have talks with other teams. 

Packers Couldn’t Make a Move

The NFL expert predictions prior to the season had the Green Bay Packers as the favorites to win the NFC North Division. This wasn’t exactly going out on a limb, as the Packers have controlled that division since Aaron Rodgers took over at quarterback. 

Green Bay went just 3-5 through their first eight games, and a lack of offense was a major issue. The Packers were looking to make some moves at the Trade Deadline in the hope of landing some new talent at the wide receiver position. 

The Trade Deadline passed, and the Packers weren’t able to land any new players, but it wasn’t for lack of trying by the Packers front office. According to league sources, wide receiver Chase Claypool and tight end Darren Waller were the top two targets of the team. 

Green Bay woke up on the morning of the Trade Deadline and believed that there was a trade in place with the Pittsburgh Steelers for Claypool, but the Chicago Bears swooped in and landed him. That gave the Packers very little time to shift their attention to Darren Waller.

The Packers had an interest in Waller in the offseason as well, but they were not willing to give the Raiders enough compensation to land the Pro Bowl tight end. Green Bay is instead hoping that quarterback Aaron Rodgers is going to be good enough to turn the season around for the Packers. 

Rams Get Burned By the Panthers

Plenty of NFL predictions had the Los Angeles Rams as a repeat Super Bowl champion in 2022, as the roster was loaded coming into the season. The Rams did not get off to a fast start during the 2022 season, though, and that front office was looking to make a big move.

The Carolina Panthers basically announced that they were punting on the 2022 season and that they were open for business. Los Angeles came calling to the Panthers in hopes of landing at least one of two players, but they were shut out each time.

Christian McCaffrey was the big target of the Rams, but nearly all of the NFL was calling on the same player. In the end, it was the San Francisco 49ers that landed the star running back, which was a double-whammy for the Rams. 

Los Angeles also offered a trade for Brian Burns, but the Panthers were not willing to move the star pass rusher.

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