The Importance of NLP For Data Analytics and Business

natural language processing

It is crazy to think about how the world has changed over the past few years. There was a time wherein we are not still sure about what is happening on the other side of the world. We can already see all of it in real-time, and there is no limit to what we can do with this knowledge.

Meanwhile, many aspects of our lives from home, work, and school have changed drastically. Even in the middle of a pandemic, the world goes on easier than the last one we have experienced according to the Washington Post.

We are not saying that the coronavirus was not devastating, as it has negatively affected many countries. Many people lost their lives, while millions also lost their way of life. Joblessness, recession, and other economic problems arose within just a few months, and we are still trying to recover from it.

However, technology became more needed than ever, and with it came a few significant changes. We were once told that this generation is more internet-dependent than ever, and it is more of a fact now.

Speech Conversion

One of the significant advancements of computers back then is its ability to process words and turn them into other stuff. It is the digital version of the typewriter, and it was a huge deal back then. Nowadays, this is the norm for any device so that it can process information. It is such an essential part of almost anything related to the internet that it can be challenging to replace it. However, technology is now moving towards a better option.

You may already be familiar with speech-to-text functions when it comes to gadgets. It is implemented first in computers like Apple and smartphones. Now, many new devices are being introduced in many people’s lives, like home assistants. Google Home, Apple Home Pod, and Amazon Echo are some of the more popular options these days. These companies target the devices to become a necessity for every home in the future.

On the other hand, some technologies are mainly focused on business. For example, you are trying to gather more information from your employees. The traditional way of doing it is through surveys, usually done through pen-and-paper or apps like Google Sheets. However, as you can learn more here, there are several ways to make it even easier. Through NLP or natural language processing, it is a way for humans to communicate effectively with machines.

As you all know, computers have a different language than we do. It is made of numbers that we barely understand because of its seemingly random order. However, NLP bridges the gap between human and machine speech. As it processes our language, it will also use it to reply to us in the same way. It also happens the other way; they can communicate with us through the language we use. This concept is what makes those speech-powered assistants possible.

Why Use NLP


One of the main benefits of NLP is its faster rate of processing data. Due to its nature, it needs to catch-up with real-time commands such as our speech. Older computers cannot do this since they need typing commands before they can follow through with it. With NLP, all you need to do is speak, and the machine will perform depending on its capabilities. As it is now, computers can even tell us if they cannot do the commanded function.

As it is a form of artificial intelligence, it can also retain data and see any patterns within your commands or speech. For example, they might keep your data if you want to use the machine to search for something online. Once you have done so, it will “remember” that search and will tailor your needs through that information. There are some questionable outcomes with this function, but it effectively is an assistant for you.

NLP is the reason you need to step up your game, especially if you are employing SEO strategies. As more people become dependent on these assistants, you also need to adjust your content. Make sure that your website also caters to speech-based data, and you will see the results already. This is the future of SEO, and you need to take that a soon as possible.

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