How Are Online Casino Games Programmed?

One of the biggest concerns online gamblers have is the fairness of the results. Who can guarantee an outcome of a casino game is not rigged?

The answer lies in the way casino games are made. Using cutting-edge technology, along with large-scale testing and verification procedures, labs put each game jump through countless hoops before it reaches the audience. Plus, even after its launch, testing labs make sure to maintain the level of trustworthiness. If you want to know how casino games are programmed, stay tuned.

From an Idea to a Math Model

One of the main things that companies developing casino games must do when they start making a game is to create a concept. The concept is not just the idea of the theme or the design of the game. It’s also a math model which includes developing pay lines, incorporating features, and designing mechanics which will yield payouts.

The algorithms standing behind the game ensure the safety of the big/small reward payouts. Of course, there must be a balance – players cannot win big prizes often, just as they should not get small wins rarely. A balance means there should be smaller wins more often, while massive wins happen more rarely. The team tasked with creating this math model needs to count in near-misses and half-wins.

RTP Versus the Edge

Once the design team creates the design and the math team comes up with a solid math model, technical teams tie everything together. At this stage, it is important to understand the house edge the game would have.

For instance, a high house edge means players have smaller chances of winning big. The house edge is the mathematical advantage of the house over the players, which shows how much a gambler stands to gain (in theory) during the session. RTP (Return to Player) is another way to see how much you can theoretically win if you play the game. It goes without saying that players love to see a high RTP (as opposed to a high edge).

Table games have a pre-determined RTP/edge rate, so the companies usually know the limitations before they start crafting the table. Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat have really low casino advantage, but they may vary depending on the game variation. On the other hand, slots have a lower RTP than tables, but they are popular because they are easier to play – and ultimately, easier to beat. Plus, they pay more, and some players have even become millionaires after one single lucky spin.

When the Companies Wrap the Game and Put a Bow on It

The RTP and the edge may be the most important part of the game, but they would not be failsafe if it weren’t for RNG. RNG, or Random Number Generator, is an algorithm that guarantees the generation of totally random number sequences which cannot be predicted. For gambling purposes, this is essential, as this means no one can cheat and set up the outcomes.

But how can we be sure the games are not rigged?

There are several ways to check if the game is fair. First, companies submit their games to testing labs who then perform endless tests on the game to see whether it’s really RNG. With the power invested in them, the testing labs either make or break the game – and if they okayed it, it’s good to go.

An important part of the puzzle is the gambling permit. Companies cannot offer games in markets they are not approved in. Licensing regulators, or gambling authorities, give out licenses to companies and online casinos. And only the best ones receive it. When you see a gambling website with two or more permits, you know it’s safe. But receiving a license is not an easy feat. In fact, the licensing procedure is long and intense, as companies must adjust and comply with a number of rules and guidelines to get it.

Should a company enter a market sans permit, chaos might ensue – and the players are the ones who could get hurt the most. That’s why it is important to play games that come from verified companies only and avoid the ones who seem shady or do not disclose licensing and fairness information. The same goes for the casinos – trust only top casinos online with multiple licenses.


The road from making a game to actually launching it is far from short and straight. Nevertheless, it is quite worth it – as tests, authentication, and checks prove the game is programmed to be safe.

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