Why Parking Near LAX Airport Is the Smarter Choice

One of the most recognizable airports in the world, the Los Angeles International Airport or LAX, is located near the heart of the movie industry and in one of the most diverse cities in the country. It serves as a hub for 5 major airlines and can get extremely crowded. A whole lot of passengers use it as a destination or point of departure than any other airport.

LAX is the world’s fifth busiest airport, with over 80 million passengers handled each year. It is by far California’s busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic. Surprisingly, LAX has the most number of origins and destinations, which means it is either the first or last stop for more passengers than any other airport in the world. Although Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has a higher passenger volume per year, Los Angeles International Airport serves as a hub for more airlines and serves as a gateway to the United States for several international travelers.

With the airport being 18 miles from downtown Los Angeles, taking a cab or rideshare to the airport does not seem to be a very economically viable option. Asking friends and family to drive such long distances, up and down, does not seem such a good option either. Driving your car can do seem to be the most convenient option under these circumstances. But then, you’re faced with the question – where do I park at LAX, and how can I find the best LAX parking rates?

Here’s the secret – the best parking at LAX is not at LAX, nor are the best parking rates! Surprised? The fact is that parking near LAX is by far the smarter choice than parking at LAX. This is especially true if you need to be away from Los Angeles for several days and need LAX long term parking. Let’s explain why with 5 simple arguments.

1.    You have barely any LAX parking options onsite

Yes, you read that right! For such a massive airport, LAX has just two onsite parking options – at the Central Terminal Area parking garages and the Economy Lot E. To make things worse, Economy Lot E is closed temporarily. Economy Public Parking Lot C has already been closed since April 1, 2019. Not exactly a whole lot of options to choose from, right?

2.    You’ve got only a gazillion options for parking near LAX Airport

We might be stretching it a bit there, but the truth is that once you make the decision to park near LAX Airport, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Need covered parking, hotel parking, or even valet parking? Parking lots near LAX Airport have it all. What’s more, some of them will offer add-on services like car washes, tire checks, and car detailing so that you’ll come back to a car that’s in better condition than you left it.

3.    Parking near LAX saves your wallet from pain

Like most airport parking lots, onsite LAX Airport parking rates are way higher than offsite parking rates. Currently, the Central Terminal Area Parking garages charge $40 for a day’s parking. This means that if you’re away from Los Angles for a week, you’ll end up shelling out $280 for parking! You don’t want that kind of expense on top of the usual travel expenses now, do you?  On the other hand, you’ll find parking near LAX starting for less than $10/day that too with complimentary shuttle runs!

4.    Your car will be safe and snug

There have been quite a few instances of travelers coming back to damaged cars at the Los Angeles parking lots. The last thing you want to encounter after a strenuous journey is your car with dents, scratched doors, or smashed windows. Parking lots near LAX Airport are smaller, are better monitored, have CCTV surveillance. Many of them are access controlled, and not just anyone can stroll in without being noticed.

5.    Parking near LAX is all-round more convenient

Let’s quickly run through the pros. You won’t get stuck in the infamous traffic snarls that plague onsite LAX parking lots. Most offsite parking lots near LAX Airport offer free shuttle services that will get you to the airport in less than ten minutes. You’ll have 24/7 access to your car any day, any time, with friendly lot attendants ready to help out. Do we even need to go on?

So, the next time you need to catch a flight out of Los Angeles, do the smart thing and book offsite parking near LAX Airport rather than at LAX Airport!


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