7 Ways Pet Lab Bootstrapped to 9-Figures in Revenue

pet lab

A 9-figure revenue is impressive already, but the fact that this was done without any outside funding makes it even more impressive.

Meet Pet Lab, a pet supplement brand.

This is just to show what they do but how you might try to replicate what Pet Lab does.

Some context

  • Pet Lab said they had $100 million in sales in 2020.
  • They get over 320,000 monthly visitors, mostly from Facebook, which tells us Facebook Ads is probably their main acquisition channel.
  • Their best-selling product is a dog joint supplement.

The main lessons from Pet Lab

1) Google is your friend

With a simple search of “private label dog joint chews,” you can find plenty of manufacturers to work with without even needing to create your own formula.

2) Use Shopify

Even though Pet Lab has a custom front-end solution, their back-end is Shopify.

3) Branding and quality packaging are on you

Find the right people for this because this is one of the ways you can stand out.

4) Ship the product yourself at first…

…then use a third-party fulfillment center later once you start growing.

5) Advertise what your product does, and how it transforms the user

Pet Lab doesn’t talk about their “features,” they just show how dogs can benefit (or could have benefited) from their product.

PetLab knows emotions sell.

An example is below:

pet lab ads

6) Use dedicated landing pages that are not just a product page

Dedicated landing pages that aren’t just product pages allow for better targeting.

7) Increase customer LTV

It’s key for every company that sells anything.

Pet Lab increases LTV with:


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