Potential Fantasy Football MVPs

Fantasy football is one of the best things that sports fans love to talk about on a week-to-week basis. These games are only played once a week based on matchups.

Some Fantasy football teams are doing great and on their way to winning a championship, and there are some Fantasy football teams that are extremely bad, and they are regretting their picks. The World Cup Odds are out for the upcoming World Cup. Who are some of the potential Fantasy Football MVPs for this year in the NFL?

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills 

Josh Allen was one of the top players in fantasy football last season and is on his way to leading some teams to another Fantasy football championship this season. Allen is always throwing around 300 yards and three touchdowns every single week because he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. 

The Buffalo Bills offense has a ton of weapons, and that is why Allen is such a good week in and week out. Stefan Diggs, Gabriel Davis, Isaiah McKenzie, Devin Singletary, and Dawson Knox are some of those players. It doesn’t matter who Josh Allen gets it to, you know he will do it, and he also gets some yardage on the ground as well.

Tyreek Hill, Wide Receiver, Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins is one of the reasons why Miami is in a position for a playoff spot. He is helping out Tua Tagovailoa, or whoever else plays the quarterback position on that football team. The 2022 World Cup will feature players as fast as Tyreek Hill.

Hill always has a chance to catch eight passes for 100 yards receiving and at least one or two touchdowns every single week. A lot of people thought he was not going to be as good without Patrick Mahomes, but that is not the case at all. Tyreek Hill still puts up numbers on a week-to-week basis as well.

Saquon Barkley, Running Back, New York Giants

Some of the running backs have been a major disappointment this season in fantasy, but Saquon Barkley has not been one of them. World Cup Soccer 2022 will be just as fascinating as watching Barkley run with the football. Barkley could be a fantasy football MVP because of his stunning play this season. He has stayed healthy for the New York Giants.

Saquon Barkley is the sole offense for the New York Giants this season but running with the football and catching with the football. He is going to win a lot of fantasy league championships for fantasy football players. That is going to go without question for a lot of people this season. Saquon Barkley can rush for 95 yards and one touchdown and catch three passes for 33 yards and one touchdown in the same game every single week. 

Jalen Hurts, Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles is in the MVP conversation, and he can very well be a fantasy football MVP for a ton of people this season as well. Hurts has taken a step up from his game this season. He can run with the football and can also pass with the football.

Hurts has A.J. Brown, Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert, DeVonta Smith, and Quez Watkins around him in order to succeed. The Philadelphia Eagles have a chance to be the number seed in the NFC, and they can also very well have a shot to go undefeated because of him. Jalen Hurts can throw for 250 yards and two TDs and rush for 80 yards and one touchdown in the same game. 

Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are on their way to another AFC West title. Patrick Mahomes can lead others to fantasy football championships and doesn’t have to rely on the same player each week to get it done. Mahomes can throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns each week, and Travis Kelce is one of his top receivers at the tight end position every single week.


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