Profitable Business Ideas You Won’t Find by Searching on Google

“How to make money online”

Many success stories started with this search on Google. However, if you’re looking for profitable business ideas on Google now, you’ll get a lot of basic and unoriginal stuff. YouTube is the same way. Those videos get lots of views, so there are lots of people doing them, but there’s a lot of the same.

Create a clothing line. Start a dropshipping store. Sell a course.

Helpful? Not really.

Below is a list of ideas that actually make sense, not to mention have some serious earning potential too.

Profitable business ideas

Whether you are starting from zero or trying to add another income stream or passive income, here are some interesting ideas you’re unlikely to see anywhere else:

Zapier expert

Automation is everything today. Many entrepreneurs are too lazy, too inexperienced, or just don’t view it as an important enought priority to implement automation tasks in their business.

You can get paid good money to do it for them. You’re saving them time and, in many cases, money as well.

Influencer agency specializing in connecting college athletes with brands

This sounds interesting, especially considering that a new NCAA rule now allows Division I college athletes to make outside endorsements.

Grow an Instagram account to 50k

Quality photos are everything on Instagram, then ensuring you have to right keywords and hash tags to attract your target audience.

Then you have many options to monetize it, including product drops, DTC brand, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and so on.

Etsy aggregator

There is high competition on Amazon with entrepreneurs buying different Amazon businesses to consolidate them. You could follow this same model on Etsy.

Buy a website and improve it

You can buy a website on marketplaces like Flippa that use Google AdSense as a monetization source. Websites often sell for around 30x-36x monthly profit.

So, for example, if a site is making $1,000 in AdSense revenue, it might realistically sell for $30k or somewhat above. And $1,000 in AdSense revenue is often a lot of traffic. Organic traffic is most reliable and stable over time.

Then, replace AdSense with premium advertising networks – e.g., Ezoic, MediaVine, Adthrive – to make higher commissions.

Now instead of making $1,000 per month you might make $1,500 per month with the switch.

You could also go one step further to aid your monetization efforts by:

  • creating more content to help you earn more
  • building an email list
  • doing affiliate marketing, or
  • using the traffic to launch your own brand with its own products and services

Lead generation in your neighborhood

You can generate leads in your town or city for any service you prefer, and then sell the leads to a related company.

Scale non-scalable companies

There are many company owners that essentially own a job rather than a scalable business.

For example, if you’re a freelance writer, you have only so many hours to write and won’t be able to squeeze any more words out past a point. You can charge more and only take on higher-value assignments, but your income becomes limited past a point.

Generally, all are professional service providers. You can invest in them. Bring in a new ops team, help them scale, use technology and automation, and make a profit in the process.

Final word

We are sure you got some ideas out of this list.

Now, the most important thing is to get started.

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