Top 6 Reasons to Outsource Video Editing in 2022

At least 84% of people said they were convinced to buy a product after watching a video. Visual content, especially when it’s animated, slowly conquers the world. Yes, it is perfect for sales.

Typically, you would spend several hours recording and editing your video. That’s a timely process! Now imagine how many tasks you could complete if someone did the editing for you. You’ll save a lot of time by outsourcing the whole job.

The benefits of outsourcing

Let us suppose that you have an in-house professional video editing team. The specialists are probably loaded with multiple tasks, making them irreplaceable employees. If they are working on an important project, it is likely that you won’t have the chance to get their help. That’s when outsourcing saves the day!

Some benefits of outsourcing video editing are:

  • Reduced load on the in-house team;
  • Lower expenses thanks to special offers and discounts;
  • Access to a variety of skills;
  • Immense flexibility, and more.

You’ll find a detailed explanation for each point a bit further in this article. Meanwhile, just keep the uplisted advantages in your mind.

Videography is always in demand

It is expected that the demand for video editors and camera operators will grow by 18% in the next decade. That’s quite reasonable, with 85% of Americans watching videos online. In addition, people adore this type of content, so it’s useful to invest in quality editing.

Outsourcing this job is especially in demand. You don’t need a physical presence to edit a shot, so getting a remote specialist for assistance is always possible. It’s a great solution to reduce the load on your in-house team. Additionally, if the cut requires multilingual support, you could find some who knows those languages for the job. Thus, it’s a win-win situation.

You can edit videos manually

In case you have enough time, you don’t have to outsource video editing. Simple and medium-level tasks can be easily done when the right software is applied. Also, many applications can boast features like templates, trimming, merging, and many others.

You could try out Clipchamp, Fastreel or another online video editor. This software is web-based, meaning that there’s no need to install any programs. Instead, just open the website, upload the materials, and apply any changes. It’s even easier than you think!

However, keep in mind that professional editing is always the better choice. While the costs are enormous, the result buys off in no time. It’s the right choice for promotional and brand content that represents the face of your company. So, if the budget allows, it is recommended that you work with a professional video editing company.

6 reasons to outsource video editing

Now it is time to check out the benefits of outsourcing video editing. Here are covered the most important reasons – trust us, there are many others as well!

1) Task delegation for better focus

The primary advantage is task delegation. For example, different specialists like copywriters or marketers are also asked to edit videos. This content isn’t their specialization, so they would spend more time doing it. So we get the most reasonable option – delegation.

Getting an outsourcer to do the task would reduce load and bring even higher results. But, at the same time, the specialists at your company can focus on their profile tasks. This means that everyone gets to apply their best skills.

You should also understand that task delegation prevents job burnout. Video editing isn’t a suitable assignment for all people, so it could be very stressful for other specialists who aren’t involved in the industry. Also, it helps videographers get rid of small tasks that block their efficiency. Thus, everyone wins from delegation.

2) Save time and money

Having an in-house video editing team might prove to be highly costly. The average video editor usually gets a compensation of around $62,000 annually. It’s a considerable sum for any company.

Besides, the job specification doesn’t always mean that the specialist works during all the worktime. Editors can remain idle for the whole day and get a last-moment task that forces them to get an extended shift.

If you have a reliable outsourcer, dealing with such tasks is cheaper, faster, and easier. You can choose to pay in different formats like per video or per minute. It depends on the specialist. They often provide discounts too!

Outsource videographers are also professionals in their job. As a result, they complete any assignment much faster than amateur editors. So, you save time and money.

3) An all-included service

An outsource video editor usually provides an all-included service. This means that the specialist supports the project during all the stages, from the blank starting point to publication. In such a way, you get a complete video with proper cuts, great sound, and perfect edits.

If you were to work on a project manually without being a pro, it would probably take a while before the final result. This is because you’d have to work separately on trimming, cutting, voice editing, choosing the music, and many details. It takes months or even years to hone the skills.

Outsourcers usually cover all these steps on their own, letting you focus on other activities. This brings videos of better quality, leading to powerful results.

4) Thousands of experts

When you decide to change an in-house specialist, this always leads to a ton of problems. First, it’s much harder to find a substitution. Also, there are additional issues with labor law that is different in every state or country. 

If we speak of remote video editors, then you’ll find thousands of specialists ready to start working immediately. Freelancers are the cheapest and most accessible specialists. You can easily find them on Upwork or Fiverr.

Outsourcers work similarly, but it’s better to find them on social media and LinkedIn. A good specialist will be even more dedicated than an average in-house employee. The reason is the way they get paid. It’s usually a per-result basis that motivates them to complete all assignments ASAP. This will help you take your blog to the next level with top-level video content.

5) A variety of backgrounds

If you work with different industries, it is always best to find an editor with a related background. For example, someone who specializes in linguistics is unlikely to understand the important parts of pharmacy.

A videographer with experience in any area knows which points must be highlighted and which shouldn’t. It’s simple. Every specialist is an expert in a certain industry, making them irreplaceable for certain tasks.

Outsourcing lets you get a wide variety of experts to choose from. This results in you having perfect edits and appropriate content for every topic. People will see your expertise, understanding that they can trust you. This grows sales and reputation – just what you need!

6) Multilingual support

The final advantage is multilingual support. Let us imagine preparing a video for the Chinese market while your whole department is English-speaking. This would be a challenge like no other. You’d have to find a voice actor for the target language, which is often “mission impossible.”

If you collaborate with an outsource video editing company, this burden isn’t a problem at all. Many agencies cover all kinds of languages as they have access to specialists from all around the world. Some can even help you tweak the whole marketing concept to cover the right mentality.

As a result, you get a video that is prepared specifically for the target country. It is voiced by a native speaker, the actors don’t look like strangers, and the text makes sense. This is a win-win situation for your income and reputation.

Start outsourcing video editing now

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual YouTuber or a company that requires promotional videos. Outsourcing the whole task can bring you many benefits:

  • Reduced expenses;
  • A wide pool of skills;
  • Fast results, and more.

It’s time to take your content to the next level. Let a professional video editor do the task while you focus on other matters – the result is definitely with it.

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