SkyCity Online Casino And Gambling Laws: The Intersection

New Zealanders are not left out when it comes to entertainment and fun. A number of casinos and entertainment centers are available to complement this. SkyCity Entertainment Group represents one of the largest names for several entertainments in the region.

The business runs casinos, hotels, and other facilities while offering New Zealanders the opportunity to have the most fun. Graeme Stephens (CEO), Rob Hamilton (CFO) are co-owners of Skycity Entertainment Group and remain the business’s key individuals.

This business’s size and offerings reveal that you’re bound to find the thrill you’re searching for in every branch of SkyCity. In order to play, you must be 20 years old or older and have a valid identifying form. But as the internet continues to expand, it’s only fair that casinos are also on the network. The SkyCity Entertainment Community noticed this opportunity, and they took full advantage of it.

Sky City Online Casino is now available in New Zealand as a new casino for people in the region. It is all about going digital in SkyCity now. In Auckland, the Sky City Casino, the last casino ever in Auckland for now, is virtual or online. Players now have a greater choice of what game they want to play and how they want to play.

The appearance of Online Casino

In mid-2019, SkyCity opted to go digital. The aim of digitization was to allow customers to enjoy most of the usual online casino games. There are still no online casinos in New Zealand, but it is no secret that New Zealanders are still playing at international casinos.

SkyCity has agreements with Gaming Innovation Group (GIG), a Malta-based game developer, to provide its customers with a wider variety of opportunities and content.

SkyCity’s first online casino, the only one for the group, was born as a result of this collaboration. The casino was constructed using GIG’s online gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Some of the games available on the new platform include the following:

  • Progressive jackpots
  • Pokies
  • Live casino
  • Bingo
  • Video poker

As a result of the GIG collaboration, players will play several other casino games. These other games come from the top manufacturers of games and from major studios.

The list of gaming giants includes NetEnt, Amaya, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playson, and more.

There are no links between the physical and the online casino. Therefore, wins and balances cannot be moved or transferred between both platforms. They both operate independently of each other.

As it stands, though, there is not yet a smartphone app in the online casino. The explanation is that the online casino remains inaccessible for players worldwide.

 It is available only for the citizens of New Zealand. You must be in New Zealand and have a valid means of identification in order to play the online casino.

Warning About Gambling Laws Violation

It is officially forbidden to play casino games online in New Zealand. This is in compliance with the 2003 Gambling Act. First, all forms of gambling are unlawful per the Act unless expressly allowed. However, if the service provider operates in foreign countries, the legislation does not forbid and Kiwi players can join new casinos in New Zealand anytime and without breaking the rules.

If you play at an online casino located in New Zealand (or on a website in New Zealand), the Gambling Act could be breached.

It’s no infringement if you play an online casino outside New Zealand (or on a website outside of New Zealand). SkyCity appears to have taken this into account when they decided to use GIG’s online gaming license. In New Zealand, online gaming is currently not regulated as in the new Swedish regulation.

In March 2020, SkyCity violated the Gambling Act by sending emails to its customers informing them of an online casino’s regular operation. After an inquiry, DIA issued a formal alert.

Promoting gambling abroad is an offence, but Chris Thornborough, a department spokesman, said the company did not deliberately mean to violate the Act.

“So an official warning is necessary and appropriate,” he said.

“We anticipate SkyCity to demonstrate a high degree of caution in future to prevent breaching the Act. “adding that “The department will take any potential breaches seriously.”

A spokesman for SkyCity denied that he had breached the law.

According to the spokesperson, “It was intended that the email notified the client of the overall effect on the activities of SkyCity of the Covid 19 pandemic, and SkyCity claims it did not contravene the Gambling Act. “SkyCity values the view of the department nevertheless and will take into consideration the feedback received.”

By the amount of fun they give and their patronizers’ enjoyment in physical areas, it is only reasonable to extend SkyCity casino and allow them more entertainment. However, all expansions are to be done legally.

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