3 Strategies to Get More E-Commerce Sales

e-commerce strategies

Everybody wants to get more sales from their e-commerce store traffic.

In this article, we have three strategies / guidelines to increase your conversion rate.

Our goal is to give you some ideas to accomplish this.

Let’s dive in.

1) Online product discovery is about elimination, not addition

The more product choice you give your customers, the more stress you’re going to cause.

They’re on your website to accomplish a task. Help them do that by showing a few selections of bestsellers.

Too big of a menu will overwhelm them.

2) Navigation

The main navigation bar is the most valuable piece of real estate on your e-commerce site.

Think of it as a brick-and-mortar store’s greeter.

Don’t put too many links in the navigation menu.

Instead, group your products by category and only include your 3-5 most popular products.

Do you want an advanced tip?

Show the images of a product when the user hovers over an item. This can drastically increase the CTR.

What about educational content?

Where should you link pages like your FAQ, “about you” page, or your blog?

Two solutions:

If your average order value (AOV) is under $50

…put your informational links in the footer of your website.

If your AOV is over $50

…include informational links in the navigation bar.

3) What are the must-haves of a product page?

What do you need to have on a product page?

Address the most common questions customers have

Fit, material, features, specs, shipping, returns, warranty.

Do this with written, visual, and interactive content.


Show them how your products differ from alternatives.


Use social proof from real customers and make sure to include less-than-perfect reviews to gain credibility and set expectations.

1-click upsells

Relevant upsells can increase order value by 15-30 percent.

Payment plans

These can make higher-value purchases more manageable for the customer so they can help you get even more upsells.


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