7 Simple Tactics to Grow Your Newsletter


Newsletters are very popular for online businesses. They can be the business itself, monetized through advertising or affiliate. Or they can be a supplement that help introduce your products and services to your readers.

Here are 7 useful tactics to help you grow your newsletter.

+ Delay your welcome email by 45 minutes: Have you ever signed up for something then immediately deleted the predictable welcome email?

People reflexively ignore welcome emails given the mechanical nature of them and this delay might bypass the reflex.

This is definitely something worth testing, and it works in most cases. However, if you promise something like an e-book download, send that immediately.

+ Send the welcome email from a real person: People prefer to interact with people rather than auto-sent emails. So, sending at least your first email as a real person might help you get the next newsletter opened.

Even so, you should still use the same email address, because reputation is saved all the way to address level.

+ Give people control over the frequency of emails: This allows you to please the different tastes of your subscribers. Some people want weekly messages, others monthly, some even want daily. Give them the chance to choose.

But be careful here, because this also means adjusting the content. Depending on the topics you write about, you might have to slightly adjust the content based on the frequency.

+ Show a sample issue on the signup page, to give visitors a taste of the highly valuable content you’ll send them. On your website, you can offer a “Past Newsletters” button where people can sample the newsletter before subscribing. This can help boost conversion on your landing page.

+ Give your readers a dopamine hit: Your emails must be entertaining, not just informative. You can achieve this by adding memes, jokes, or interesting links. (Brainteasers and humorous or off-the-wall news can help accomplish this.)

+ At the end of each issue, remind the reader that they can refer to others if they’re enjoying your work. And consider rewards to stimulate refers. A good referral program can account for more than 20% of subscribers.

+ If you use Twitter to grow followers, you can try to cut a thread and tell your followers to subscribe to read the rest. This does work, but don’t abuse the practice. Teasers that force the reader to click elsewhere can do more harm than good.

Depending on where you’re at, these little tweaks might cause marginal growth. Obviously, if your newsletter stands at 200 subscribers, delaying your welcome email won’t make that much of a difference, and it’s probably better to focus on the acquisition engine.

Pick and choose what can help based on your situation.


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