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No matter if you’re doing actual sports or looking for cool team names for work or school, we’ve got some good team name ideas to give you inspiration.

In this article, we’ve stacked up a list of the best team names in various categories. Whether you’re looking for something funny, good, cool, unique, creative, badass, or whatever the adjective, or something inspired from football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or hockey, we’ve got plenty of good team names to get started on finding the perfect name for your team.

How to come up with a good team name?

There are a few things to consider while choosing a perfect team name for your team. We have listed down the basic rules you can follow while coming up with your team name.

What’s the vibe of your team?

What best describes the vibe of your team? Are you guys fierce? Laidback? Trying to project power? That can help you decide what’s best for your team.

For example, while Native American iconography in sports is controversial these days, team names like Warriors, Chiefs, and Braves are designed to project power and pride.

Other team names relate to local history, such as the San Francisco 49ers as it relates to the historic California gold rush or the Pittsburgh Steelers because of the industrial history.

Some team names are inherited from another location, like the Utah Jazz (originally the New Orleans Jazz) or the Las Vegas Raiders.

Make a list of good team name options

When new sports teams have to pick a nickname or have to come up with a new one (Washington Football Team), they draft out a list of good team name candidates and go from there.

Find 5-10 goods ones and narrow from there.

Puns and play on words

Try playing with words to give yourself a funny or creative team name. Do you guys want to be badass but funny at the same time? Maybe you can be the suns of the beaches.

Pop culture references

To come up with a creative team name, try mixing up your favorite expressions. For example, are you not entertained? can be transformed into being We’re not entertained.

Use sports team names and themes

Sports is a treasure trove of inspiration for cool, creative, and good team names. Use your favorite team’s nickname or variations of it.

Good Team Names

Good team names are not easy to think of

But we’ve got this list of good team names to get you up to speed.

Big Fever
Born to Win
Brew Crew
Team Elite
Team Justice
The Best Around
The Squad
The Unstoppables


Cool Team Names

A list of cool names for your team.

When you want to be on top, there is no other way than being cool!

Big Lads
Blue Raiders
Buzzer Beaters
Charging Rams
Crispy Fried Chickens
Fidget Spinners
Giant Jets
God’s Team
Gone with the Win
History’s Best
Pros (Professionals)
Team This
The Team That Will Win


Unique Team Names

Picking out unique team name can be daunting, but with our list of names below that will help make it easier than ever.

The Motley Go-ers
Rally Challengers Warriors
SAS Troops
Maniac Mavericks
Pristine Pacers
Ragin Cajuns
Wardog Assassins
Random Access Memory (the Rams)
Uncivilized Bunch
Beatles 2.0
Rolling Rocks
Beetle Cocoons
Whompy Wheels
The Order of the Phoenix
Donut Lose
Silent But Deadly
Good Cheddar
(Your Location) Football Team


Funny Team Names

Keeping it light-hearted and fun is key when naming your team.

We’ve come up with a list of funny team names that will have the others rolling in the aisles 🙂

The Team That’s Going to Win
The Who
High on Victory
Victory Zone
Flowing On
The Backups
The A Team
The B Team
The Badasses
Big Dude Gang
Royal Army
Traitor Joes
Greek Gods
Dumb Nerds
The Dorks


Awesome Team Names

Below are a few awesome team name ideas to get you started.

Back-to-Back World War Champs
Bay Bombers
Blue Sox
Cool Kids Only
Cub Sox
Cyclone Boms
Defending Champs
Green Sox
Purple Pinecones
Silver Beetles
Sons of the Sun
The Heat
Thunder Spuds
Vulcan Rockets
We’re Here to Save the Day


Clever Team Names

Naming your team is a great way to show off the clever side of you.

We have compiled this list of clever team names for all those who are looking for inspiration when they maybe feel less than clever 🙂

99 Problems But Winning Ain’t One
From Russia with Love
Game of Loans
Golden Shadows
Island Rangers
Men of Steel
Metropolitan Yankees
Netting Knicks
Point Blanks
Tooth for a Tooth
Win or Booze
Win or Go Home



Best Team Names

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have a good team. You need something that will make waves and bring your fans together as one!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of the best team names:

Bleacher Squad
Cupcake Squad
Fools of (location)
Fouled Out
Holy Rollers
Joe and the Misfits
Mad Hens
No Collusion
Ring Lords
Score at Will
The Dinosaurs
The Jerve
Unique Team Name
Waffles and Pancakes
Who and Him
Win Direction
Wrong Turn
Yellow Sox


Creative Team Names

Creative team names can set you apart from the competition. Show your team’s creative side by considering some of these creative team names.

Big Tomatoes
Black Mambas
Blood Brothers
Elite Robots
Goal Diggers
Golden Bees
Golden Warriors
Kings Pins
Laser Minds
Queen of Kings
Real Slim Shadies
Red Pythons
Rotten Lettuce
The First World
We’re Twisted
Win or Snooze


Baseball Team Names

What’s your favorite baseball team name?

We’ve got some ideas:

Ace of Bases
Beauty Ballers
Big Birds
Blue Hawks
Eyes on the Ball
Friendly Innings
Homeruns Only
Monster Mash
No Hit Sherlock
Pitch Masters
Pitching Out Loud
Son of a Pitches
Stop Pitching
Strikers Arena
Touch Them All
Vulcan Defenders


Football Team Names

If you need a super cool team name for your football squad, here’s how we do it:

We first start by brainstorming as many names that can be found in our imaginations and then narrow them into one of three categories:

  • standard phrases (e.g., The Buffalo Bills)
  • common words with an interesting meaning like “goal” or “touchdown”
  • or original combinations such as: “The Jumpin’ Jacks”

Next thing you know the whole town will know us.

Blue Badgers
Crushing Amigos
Bengal Tigers
Flying Squirrels
Flying Crusaders
Ragin Cajuns
Lady Hawks
(City) Football Team


Basketball Team Names

Looking for something basketball inspired?

Do you need a cool team name?

We’ve got a list of basketball team names to get the ideas flowing.

Slam Dunkers
Hoops I did it again
Swish Swish
Shooting Balls
Basket Junkies
Red Blazers
Young Michael Jordans
Six Foot 2’s
Shaquille Nomeal


Soccer Team Names

Here’s a compilation of the best soccer team names just for you.

Basquets and Gravy
Citizen Kane
Don’t Messi With Us
Dukes of Saves
Goals Aloud
Hakuna Juan Mata
Los Blancos
New Peles
New Trafford
Ney Mariota
Real (location)
Red Devils
Ronal Doughnuts
Rooney Tunes
The Wizard of Ozil
Two’s Kompany
Zinedine Acid


Volleyball Team Names

Here’s a compilation of the best volleyball team names.

10,000 Hours of Volley
Ball Hitters
Beach Balls
Bumping Ugos
Free Ballin’
Go Net it
Hard Hits
Jolly Volleys
Jump and Hit
Kiss My Ace
Ms. Volley
Notorious D.I.G
Serving Legends
Showed up and Scored
Sneak Attacks
Sore Hands
Spiked Punches
You Got Served


Team Names for Girls

Do you need a super cool team name for your all-female squad?

Here is our list of great girl team names.

Canoodling Cats
Clash with the babes
Comet’s Tail
Cupcake Express
Femme Fatale
Heels from Hell
Huggable Kittens
Kawaii Kats
Lady Bears
Lady Gangsters
Ladybug Army
Mad Mammals
Most Valuable Players
Pink Fury
Pink Squirrels
Pixie Dixies
Space Angels
Sugar and Spice


How to Come Up With Original Team Names

Want to think of your own?

Below are some tips on how to come up with original team names from scratch.

Choose an animal or a strong mascot

Lots of sports teams are named after an animal or a mascot that projects power and pride.

Pick a strong, fierce, or even lovable animal (e.g., bulldogs) or someone who undertakes something valiant, such as a warrior, knight, crusader, etc.

Choose an adjective (optional)

The most common adjectives are colors, but you can also use adverbs or adjectives, such as fighting, raging, mighty, and so on.

For example, Golden Knights, Red Sox, Crimson Tide, Fighting Irish, Ragin’ Cajuns, and Mighty Ducks are popular.

Use a play on words

If there’s an inside joke you want to use, go for it.

Or come up with a play on words by choosing a normal name and then changing one of the words into a funny word.

Create Your Own Names

The table below lists descriptive words for teams.

Choose one (or more) of these, then pair it with one of the words from the second table, which lists common mascots used by schools across the US.

Descriptive Words: Choose One or Two

Gold Brawling Rough
Black Fighting Brave
Red Charging Mighty
Crimson Roaring Fiery
Scarlet Flying Bold

Mascots: Choose One

Braves Eagles Panthers
Broncos Falcons Tigers
Cats Knights Trojans
Cougars Marauders Warriors
Ducks Mountaineers Wolverines


  • Red Wolverines
  • Fighting Trojans
  • Charging Marauders
  • Flying Knights

Of course, feel free to come up with your very own descriptions and mascots as well!



If you’re stuck on coming up with a name for your sports league or group, we hope this list is helpful as inspiration for creating your own.

Who wouldn’t want to cheer for or be apart of a team with an awesome name?

Be it football, baseball, basketball, or whatever activity you’re a part of, a good name is a big part of a team’s identity.

This comprehensive list has the best team names — from funny to cool and clever. There are also some more traditional powerful team names.

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