The Emergence of Tech Start-Ups in Australia

Half a decade ago, if anyone pursuing a career in science was asked where they’d like to work, they would have answered Silicon Valley without hesitating for a second. And they have got plenty of valid reasons to back-up their answer: Silicon Valley is home to several high tech corporations and has had some of the most talented minds grace it with their presence! However, things are a lot different now than they were five to eight years ago. Within the last two years, several regions and countries have seen a rapid surge in the technological department and are a few steps away from leaving their mark on the tech world. One such country is Australia.

Earlier hailed as a prime location for tourism and mining, Australia is moving up the tech start-up ladder at a rapid pace. More and more Australian entrepreneurs are coming up with game-changing ideas that are capable of revolutionizing the way we use technology. Canva, one of the biggest graphic design platforms, is based in Sydney, Australia. Atlassian is another successful software development company that is based in Australia which offers an arsenal of server and cloud software.

Meet-ups such as HeadStart Australia allow for like-minded people together and put their heads together to come up with a new technology. Melbourne has several hubs such as Inspire9 and The Hub where a wide variety of workshops related to technology take place. 

The reasons behind the surge in the number of tech firms in Australia

The boom in the tech scene in Australia can be attributed to the ever increasing digitization of businesses which has helped several startups to shift their focus online, thereby reaching a wider audience. The paradigm shift in the ability for fresh start-ups to operate on a global level has allowed them to find a market for their products anywhere. Many investors have set their eyes on the Australian tech start ups and have taken a bunch of initiatives to propel them forward. With cloud-based virtualization services, it has become a lot easier for talented people to establish and manage new start ups.

Rise of indie and high budget Australian game studios

On the gaming spectrum, countless mind-blowing video games have been created by Australian developers. Hollow Knight, which is regarded as one of the best modern metroidvania games, was created by talented minds at Team Cherry, an Australian game development company. With its charming artstyle, addicting combat system and challenging platforming segments, Hollow Knight has proven that Australian indie game studios are capable of developing games that can rival the polished, high budget games created by triple A studios. Bioshock 1 and 2, the games that changed the landscape of first person single player shooters, were developed by 2K, another Australian based company. The goose that broke the internet from Untitled Goose Game was also conceived by the talented minds Down Under.

Australia has also seen a rise in the player base for both online and offline games. In fact, the online gaming community is growing larger and this can be seen on review websites such as casinoaus among others.

What the future holds for the Australian tech sector

The Covid-19 pandemic has made one thing clear – entrepreneurs who focus on providing their services through the computer screens will emerge on top! The number of successful startups paints a clear picture of the growing technological industry in Australia. As more and more start-ups receive monetary support from foreign investors, Australia is on its way to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of technological innovations!

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