The Importance of Technical Content for Online Gaming

Online gaming is one of the top sources of digital entertainment, with around 1.2 billion people actively choosing to play online games. Creating content that captures attention, correctly informs, and successfully entertains has therefore never been more important. Why? In an online market that is in demand, getting your online game onto people’s screens isn’t an easy task, since online browsers like Google, will provide hundreds of results for online games. With so much competition on the market, creating consumer brand loyalty is also vital, and while this can be achieved via game quality, it is also achieved via an organization’s ability to communicate to its customers and create a relationship.

Why online gaming differs from offline gaming stores

While accessing customers and keeping their attention is vital for any business, doing it online is extremely different from doing it in person. First of all, offline gaming stores are restricted to physical space, so it’s unlikely you’ll find hundreds of gaming stores placed next to one another. This isn’t the case for online gaming, since they are all listed, one after the other, on your internet browser.

Additionally, whereas a store has curb appeal, in-person customer service, and tangible product gratification, the online space does not have these things to rely on. Instead, it relies on screen-to-screen communication. Take casinos as an example. Physical premises have curb appeal where they can clearly see people who are displaying an interest. From there, they can reel people in via their attention towards the benefits and bonuses of the casino, which can be done via poster design or customer conversation. Yet online casino promotions heavily rely on transferring this information via online written content. While they can track interest and conversions via digital software, obtaining customer attention is much harder.  It’s all very well having daily promotions, loyalty rewards, and welcome bonuses, but without providing a link to further details, it’s difficult to engage the customer fully. This is where content strategies come into play since they enable a business to make its way onto a potential customers screen and convert them into a consumer.

Technical Content

This refers to content that is SEO compliant and aims to bolster a business’ appearance on search engines. This is vital, as an online gaming provider that appears on page 1 of Google, is likely to be more successful than one on page 5.

PR Content

Once a business has captured the attention of its customers via technical content, the editorial content is what keeps their attention. Via social media posts and blogs, this type of content allows the gaming brand to relate to their customers and thus create a relationship. This can be considered as the online customer service equivalent, offering a friendly, chatty and informative service. But it could also promote specific promotions the brand is offering such as daily casino promotions, offering details on exactly when a customer can participate, what is involved and what they can expect to gain. Sticking with casinos as the example, this could be free spins credited straight to the player’s account.

Instructional Content

It’s all well and good capturing attention and getting people engaged with the gaming brand, but online gaming also requires instructional content. After all, if you find a slot machine that has captured your attention, but you don’t know how to play it via lack of instructional content, it’s unlikely you’re going to convert someone to a customer. Hence, creating a step-by-step online guide that isn’t too long – that can scare people away – is the best way to combat this.

It’s clear that online gaming is in demand due to its rising popularity, but that doesn’t guarantee a business’ success. Thus, through a successful content strategy, gaming organizations are more likely in for a win!

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